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Understanding The GPU Requirements For Gaming

Understanding The GPU Requirements For Gaming

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Budget and ‘best’ never goes together but the budget and smart can always do. In the modern age of advancement, technology is upgrading every day and so you cannot label something among best and outdated. Gaming is an interest, fashion, cult and a community in itself. Being a gamer, you must have thought about finding the good graphic cards within your budget. Though the gaming requirements demand a stable GPU, heavy system configurations and effective handling and maintenance of computer parts, it often becomes difficult to select the best one in your budget.

When I bought my first gaming graphics card, I didn’t know much about the configurations and technical parameters. So I took the help of a friend who is recognized as a hardcore gamer in our gaming community. He explained me how various factors run hand in hand to constitute a strong gaming platform. He showed me how just a gaming card is not enough to enhance the visual appearance and lag free gaming performance.

So, I bought a 1GB card and invested rest of the amount in upgrading other parts of the CPU such as a compatible motherboard, heavy RAM and multi player game discs. I even upgraded my windows operating system to the latest version. The graphic card constitutes clock speed, memory size, bus memory, pixel aspect ratio, processing units, directx and other such components.

The graphic card is composed of memory that uses the memory bus speed. The graphics cards with memory bus speed of 128 bits or more is stable enough to handle most of the latest games. You can even consume 384 bits graphic card to boost the performance. Memory bandwidth has a role of calculating the GPU speed. Texture mapping which is a process during graphic rendering is handled by texture mapping units.

Almost every other game requires the direct X support. The directX version vary from game to game and it is suggested to go for the graphic card that supports the directX. Also, you can install the latest version of directX in your operating system to prevent the compatibility issues.

Clock speed of any graphic card is the actual speed at which it can function. It is recommended to go for the graphic card with 750+ Mhz clock speed so that it can perform smoothly with even the latest games configurations.

Along with it, RAM above 8gb is usually recommended. The operating system should be compatible with the gaming configurations or in simple words, you should always check the operating system configurations while purchasing the one. Sometimes, even the motherboards does not have the compatible port for graphic card. You need to purchase a new motherboard that supports the graphic card.

An overview of purchasing the graphic card includes the 4 simple configurations that needs to be checked. These come under the system compatibility requirements  and are known as CPU match, RAM match, Screen size and GPU upgrade. If these four coincides with a game, it will run lag free and smoothly.

Mindblowing Diet: 6 Foods For Easier Brainstorming

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The constant feeling of sickness and weakness, headaches, which last for days and the near-fainting experience have been haunting you for weeks? Look up these 5 foods, which can put Migraines and Fainting experiences behind. From restless nights to the prevention of Alzheimer’s, these simple foods will drastically prolong your life for years.

Mindblowing Diet: 6 Foods For Easier Brainstorming

  1. Yogurt

This particular type of dairy is highly rich in magnesium, protein, and probiotics, which can help you boost up your oh-so-needed brain power. While magnesium is useful for migraine prevention, probiotics increase cognitive responsiveness. They also help to promote the development of neurons and positively impact your memory, simultaneously improving your mood. Protein does the same by raising levels of dopamine and norepinephrine.

  1. Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts)

Rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids, nuts help reduce chances of age-related cognitive decline and memory loss, as well as lessen the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. Implementing nuts as a regular snack in your diet can help you slow down the aging process and protect your brain from damage caused by free radicals – unattached oxygen molecules, which kill off the cells of your body by attacking their proteins and membranes. Unfortunately, these radicals are unavoidable and occur naturally as a result of stress, insomnia, pollution, low levels of radiation, and unhealthy diet; thus, the only way to combat their harmful effects is to munch out on foods with high content of antioxidants, binding free radicals.

  1. Dark Chocolate And Coffee

Both these products also have antioxidant properties, as well as contain high levels of caffeine, which is considered to be one of the most powerful stimulants, affecting the abilities to concentrate and boosting up body’s energy. Chocolate is a powerful source of anandamide, theobromine, and phenylethylamine, which help the production of endorphins, and therefore improve your mood and reduce stress hormone levels along with Migraines and Fainting. Another component – various flavonoids – increases blood flow to the brain; thus, improves and preserves your memory.

  1. Coconut And Olive Oils

Consisting of medium-chain triglycerides, coconut oil increases cholesterol levels, which does not sound very healthy, but is extremely beneficial for your brain. You ask why? The answer is rather simple – your brain has higher cholesterol content than any other part of your body. Low cholesterol levels are generally damaging to your mental stability and can result in depression, early dementia and brain aging, anxiety, ADHD, memory loss, and even suicidal tendencies.

Just like nuts and chocolate, olive oil is high in natural antioxidants and vitamin E, helping prevent mental decline associated with aging. Other useful components – vitamin K and proteins – increase cognitive functions, boost your memory and help to prevent Alzheimer’s while decreasing stress levels. Moreover, just like coconut oil, olive oil can contribute to reducing depression.

  1. Fish

Just like many other aforementioned products, fish eases depression and helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’ disease, even despite the high mercury levels. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, fish can help to improve both – your memory and your mood. Thus, continuous consumption of fish with higher fat levels, such as salmon or tuna, positively impacts on the quality of your everyday life by combating lingering stress.

  1. Green Tea

Containing our favorite antioxidants as well as flavonoids green tea is believed to protect brain health. It lessens the possibility of mental decline and dementia and treats existing cognitive impairments in both – young and elderly. L-theanine – the amino acid contained in green tea – helps you to relax without a feeling of drowsiness while maintaining focus at the same time.

By upping the intake of these foods, you can easily get rid of most cognitive-related problems and ensure yourself a healthy disease-free future!

There are more tips

Call Routing – A Best Way To Manage Calls

Call Routing – A Best Way To Manage Calls

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It can be defined as a mechanism that helps in routing the calls to a discrete representative on the grounds of pre-set principles at any time of the day when a caller person dials a business support number. Call Routing can also be called as Automatic Call Distributor (ACD). Over a period of time, this system became a solution to hardware. These days, large number of these engines are fragments of CTI i.e. Computer Telephony Integration System. It allows the users to regulate the routing calls. The team of LCR can occasionally opt from various carrier destinations around the world. No support of Information Technology is taken to allow routing process. Routing the engines goes under many segments. The calls that are established on a particular advertising module can consequently merge with the ACD to find a solution for this process.


According to the various types of sales people, intelligentcall routing can be of particular types, which is used for creating a connection between various inbound callers. Following are the types of Call Routing:

  • Skill Based Routing: It is a process in which skilled and most efficient routing is provided, and the call is routed to a specific set of candidates. There are various ways in which we can make out about to what extent product knowledge is required. They should focus on the speciality of the product. These firms who have multiple number of offerings to make should even have a specialist who deals with these products. They will help in selling the product and the various offers in a much more effective manner. With the assistance of skill based routing, the calls can effectively be routed to a product specialist.
  • Time Based Routing: These calls are suppose to be taking place according to the time of the day. These types of calls are forwarded to the agent so that they can take care of such calls. This process provides round to the clock services to its customers. For instance, the organizations that have their offices all over the world can swipe work like a companies whose working hours are late can be switched over by other companies who are working during that time and work can be completed.
  • Round Robin Routing: Few issues normally faced by the organizations are those calls that are disproportionately dispersed among the agents. There are few candidates who receive the calls in large number whereas few hardly do. This kind of unbalanced calls distribution can lead to a large number of problems. Therefore, Round Robin Routing helps in equal distribution of calls among the representative, so that there is parity among them.

Advantages that comes along with Call Routing

There are n number of advantages that comes along with intelligent call routing, this process can be effective in case of shaping HR expenses and managing the representatives efficiently. The main purpose of this process is that the calls received should be made accessible to the agents who are in range so that the calls do not get missed or are sent to the voicemail. It will help in reducing the cost of the calls missed out.  This process also helps in increasing the rate of conversion so that the callers have great experience while handling calls.  Call Routing helps in making the call losses come down.  The policy followed by some organization for working through out the day helps in elevating the growth in terms of revenue.

Hire Trakmats For Convenience

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Trakmats have become an integral part of construction work, used specifically for creating a safe and strong surface. Their use is becoming more and more common these days, thanks to the functionality and ease they provide.The mats are used extensively for making temporary roadways and walkways. Mentioned below are the prime reasons which make it a good option to hire trakmats.

  • Before the widespread use of trakmats, people used plywood panels. However, the grip and durability offered by latter was quite low as compared to strong and sturdy trakmats.

  • The material used for producing trakmats is chosen carefully; thus making these mats highly tough and long lasting. Besides this, the mats are rot proof as well.

  • Using mats made from inferior quality material can cause severe damage to the environment. Conversely, good quality trakmats can serve your purpose without posing any danger to the surroundings.

  • Safety of workers is equally important as safeguarding the environment. Well manufactured trakmats can help to create a safe working environment for people working at the site, as well as the visitors.

  • Due to their unique design and manageable size, the trakmats are very easy to handle. This is the reason laying out the mats and stacking them once the work is done is considerably simple.

The above mentioned qualities make trakmats an ideal choice for construction work and creating work pads. Whether it is grass or sand, placing trakmats makes it easy for the heavy weight trucks to cross without causing any harm to the ground. The trakmats are lightweight, but their strength is not compromised. Their strong nature makes them ideal to bear immense weight without posing any problem. As mentioned above, their unique design makes handling them easier. Moreover, they do not absorb water. They are quite flexible as well, which means that the risk of breakage is not there.

8 Amazing Blogging Lessons from Albert Einstein

Presence of connector holes makes it highly convenient to connect and place them as desired. It means these mats can be laid out and connected in plenty of ways. Accumulation of mud is one common problem that you might have to face when using ordinary mats. However, this problem gets eliminated due to the surface profiles. Due to the grip they provide, the mud does not get dispelled when vehicles move to and fro. This helps to provide proper traction to trucks and other vehicles, without causing slippage.

Landscaping, sports facilities, digging and flat roofing are some other common areas where the use of trakmats can be seen. The right size and type of trakmats should be selected keeping in mind the purpose. In order to find the most suitable trakmats, it is suggested to get in touch with a professional and renowned service provider. Many companies offer the convenience to hire trakmats for whatever purpose you have in mind. Make sure to search for a good company which is renowned in the local area and can deliver quality trakmats whenever you require. Such companies assure timely delivery of trakmats in a variety of sizes, making your life convenient and easy.

“Writing a post a day for a month” A Brilliant Deception? Here’s Why?

“Writing a post a day for a month” A Brilliant Deception? Here’s Why?

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So you’ve started a new blog? Excited and curious to discover all that is there to offer and earn tons of money? It is easier said than done. As a budding blogger, your first priority is to establish a good reader base so as to maximise your profits and become successful. For that you must invest considerable time, effort and hard work gradually moving up the scale instead of resorting to shortcuts.

But sometimes even after applying all those banners and ruthlessly advertising your blog you don’t get the desired results. It results in the newbie being vulnerable and gullible to the various lures and dangerous traps that are available online that might lead to a dead end in their blogging career even before it starts up properly. The reason behind this is that the basic purpose of the blog is copied and not original. A blog must be a way of self-expression and innovation not an outsourced idea.

One such trap is the misconception that inviting guest bloggers or making guest posts on other blogs is a sure shot way to increase your reader base. This is a sham for it just makes you a one hit wonder. Moreover your identity remains anonymous so the reader doesn’t know it’s you. It will not contribute to your popularity.

The blog trap that we’ll be talking about today is the apparently easy “writing a post per day for a month.” Sounds easy? Right? It’s a sham. A lie! It is one of the most dangerous goal/idea that you can possibly adopt for it is impossible to write quality content regularly and also maintain the reader base! No one has ever got it right! The biggest problem with this idea is the choice of a topic that has to be vast enough to provide interesting content for 30 articles.

Also because of this the blogger might lose his focus, become frustrated and end up deleting his blog. We live in a world where there is a lot of aggressive competition, and being a newbie isn’t an easy feat! You have to be really passionate and innovative about your content to get the attention of the reader. There are millions of bloggers out there who are much better at their work but using shortcuts is not the way you can achieve success. For it may give you temporary profits but ultimately will lead to your loss.

Limiting your blog to a particular time frame is also not healthy for the growth of the newbie for he is under immense pressure to perform. He concentrates solely on quantity and not quality of his content. This leads to a stunted growth of the budding blogger as he is providing huge bulk of content at the cost of his creativity. He loses his ability to think outside the box.

Blogging becomes a tiresome job to him rather than something that he can enjoy. And this is one of the biggest drawbacks of this idea. Initially the blogger might be super excited and thrilled about it but gradually it becomes cumbersome for him. The quality of his content decreases day by day.

Even if the blogger is passionate about his content, it is impossible to fit in all his knowledge in 30 posts! As a budding blogger you must beware of such shams and traps disguised as innovative and profitable ideas. The conventional way of starting small and gradually making your way up the scale is the best if you want to make it big in the blogging world. After all, slow and steady always wins the race!

Regain your lost hair and confidence with hair transplant

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Hair fall is a very common problem that almost everyone has to face these days at some point of their life. At times the rate of hair fall is so high that it leads to partial or complete baldness. This can be a result of stressful lifestyle accompanied by poor diet, climatic conditions etc. Some illnesses like cancer and thyroid disorder can also be responsible for increased hair fall. Nowadays the different treatments that are available for fighting baldness include medicines, both topical and oral, pigmentation, hair transplant etc. In Hair transplant, which is performed by a dermatological surgeon, hair follicles are removed from one portion of the body and are implanted on the bald spots.


Who can undergo hair transplant?

Capillary transplant is most suitable for men who are suffering from pattern baldness as well as women who have acute hair fall. Moreover, people who have lost a portion of their hair due to any scalp injury can opt for this procedure to restore their lost hair. However, if the hair loss is due to the side of any medicine like chemotherapy then this process is not advisable. People who are prone to form thick scars after surgery must stay away from hair transplant.

Procedure of hair transplant:

The process of transplante capilar starts with a complete cleanup of the scalp. After that the portion of the head where the surgery will be performed is numbed with the help of local anaesthesia. A round portion of the scalp covered with hair is removed and that portion is separated into small sections with the help of magnifying lenses and sharp surgical knife. After that tiny pores are made on the part that will receive hair transplant and the hair will be placed in these pores. In one session the surgeon transplants more than hundreds of strands of hair and takes at least four hours.

Results of hair transplant:

After undergoing hair transplant one might feel more confident and younger as the hair that was lost once is regained again. The transplanted hair might fall out two or three weeks after the surgery paving the way of growth of new hair in their place.

Types of hair transplant:

There are different types of hair transplant procedure such as:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction: in this procedure individual hair strands are removed from the donor part and are planted in the recipient part of the body.

  • Follicular Unit Transplant: First the hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and are separated into grafts and implanted into the balding areas of the scalp.

  • Eyebrow transplant: eyebrows have a significant effect on the facial features. Eye brow transplant naturally thickens the eyebrows and enhances the overall appearance.

  • Beard transplant: This type of transplant is helpful for raising the amount of facial hair.

  • Body hair transplant: In this procedure hair from one part of the body is transferred to another part or to the balding areas of the scalp. 

Side effects and risks involved

There are some minor side effects of hair transplant which can be cured within a short period. Some of the side effects are infection, bleeding, inflammation of the scalp and itching in the treated areas.

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Periodontal Problems

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Periodontal Problems

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Gum disease is the most dreaded of oral health problems because, once it develops past a certain point, it is usually irreversible and takes surgical intervention to treat. If gum disease is left untreated it can spread and deepen, resulting in tooth loss and other serious health problems. Periodontal health issues affect the structural integrity of underlying structures supporting the teeth. The jaw bone loses density and becomes incapable of anchoring dental roots and supporting teeth. Severe periodontal health issues can also increase the risk of cardiac problems and diabetes.

The best way to tackle periodontal disease is to prevent it from happening in the first place. A combination of excellent oral hygiene and timely remedial measures help detect and treat gum problems. Regular professional cleanings and dental checkups are essential. Schedule biannual dental checkups to help your dentist spot decay and gum issues in time to prevent them from advancing. You will be referred to a Phoenix periodontist by your dentist if he spots any problems.

5 Easy Ways To Prevent Periodontal Problems

Here are a few things that you can do to prevent and address periodontal problems.

1) Good Oral Health Habits Are Key

Good oral health habits are the best means of preventing gum problems. Brush at least twice every day and make flossing a daily habit.

Remember that your food habits should also enable good oral hygiene. Late night snacking and munching on sticky treats should be avoided. Colas and sugar-loaded beverages wreak havoc on dental well being. Also, excessive red wine, sports drinks and alcohol do considerable damage to teeth. Sugars are the biggest enemy of teeth and are the favorite food of harmful bacteria. Adopting healthy hygiene habits and following a good lifestyle can ensure that periodontal disease does not destroy your dental health.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide Is Smile-Friendly

Hydrogen peroxide can be used to reduce and remove bacteria from the mouth and keep it healthy. The anti-bacterial properties of hydrogen peroxide are useful in reducing plaque buildup and protecting gums. Peroxide also acts as a whitening agent to restore the shine and beauty of your pearly whites.

Hydrogen peroxide is not for daily use and you should be careful to use the right concentration. Hydrogen peroxide mouth rinses are available with instructions regarding their dosage. It can also be mixed with baking soda to make homemade toothpaste that can be used for gentle brushing of the gums and teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide not only destroys bacteria in the mouth but also inhibits its growth.

3) Follow a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is one of the best means of achieving healthy teeth.

Crunchy and fibrous fruits and veggies help remove food debris lodged in between teeth. They also dislodge stubborn plaque and stem bacterial activity.

Multi-hued fruits and vegetables contain plentiful anti-oxidants that bolster the immune system and natural anti-bacterial powers of the body. The increased immune powers of the body protect the gums from inflammation and bleeding.

Fruits like kiwi are rich in Vitamin C that strengthens the collagen in gums. A stronger collagen network protects the gums from the action of bacteria, helps anchor teeth in place, and reduces tooth loss.

Crunchy veggies like celery and carrots aid in protecting your teeth and gums. They require extra chewing which produces more saliva in the mouth. Saliva washes away harmful bacteria from the mouth and keeps your teeth and gums healthy. Also, these veggies have abrasive properties that help massage teeth and gums, remove hardened plaque buildup and increase blood circulation in the gums.

So the next time you consider a sugary snack, opt instead for crunchy salads that will not only help your skin glow but will also help keep your smile beautiful.

4) Stay Hydrated

Water is another unexpected aide in helping you achieve oral health and well being. It not only hydrates the body, but also stimulates saliva production. Saliva is your mouth’s first line of defense against harmful bacteria. Water also helps wash away food remnants and sticky sugars from the mouth. A dry mouth is a suitable environment for bacteria to multiply and grow, leading to extensive decay.

5) Quit Smoking

Lifestyle habits like smoking have an adverse effect on your dental health as well as your overall health. Studies show that smokers are six times as more likely to contract periodontal disease compared to non-smokers. Gum tissues swell and bleed easily, giving rise to deep periodontal pockets. Even after treatment, those who continue smoking see very little healing, and complete recovery is almost impossible.

The nicotine present in tobacco constricts blood vessels and decreases the blood supply to the gums and jaw bone, thereby reducing sensation in smokers. This makes it hard to spot gum disease and infections on time, and also reduces immunity. Nicotine also causes saliva to thicken to mucus, which does not have the protective properties of normal ‘serous’ saliva, and as a result increases your chances of tooth decay.


Periodontal problems are very serious and require professional intervention to be cured. But if you are careful with your dental well being and are scrupulous with your hygiene habits, then you can keep gum disease at bay. Healthy food and careful oral hygiene are necessary for oral well being.

Investment In Residential Properties, Making Your Money Grow Rapidly

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Although investment in real estate has given varied returns, sometimes showing a frenzied growth, and sometimes surrendering to markets that are calmer at times. But in recent times, residential property investment has experienced a steep rise in returns for those who have been able to sell out their property at the right time.

Investment In Residential Properties, Making Your Money Grow Rapidly

Holding Period

Although property consultants may suggest a minimum of three years for holding on to a residential property, in order to get the best returns, it would be prudent to opine that there can be no fixed time for holding any residential property. This is due to the ups and downs in the real estate market, and if you are closely monitoring the prevailing market while having made an investment in residential property, you can really make hay while the sun shines. Investors get multiple opportunities when investing in the real estate sector, which include buying a residential property and giving it out on rent. While there may be few risks in renting out residential properties, when the tenants may not be up to your expectation, there can be times when you can get regular returns through rental income, especially if your property is located at prime places. Although there may be a hassle in seeking good tenants, and realizing rent on a monthly basis, and maintaining a healthy relationship with them, you can avoid the hassle if you entrust your property management to professional property management services. Another avenue of getting high returns on your residential property investment is to buy a residential property on mortgage and rent out to earn just the amount that covers the cost of mortgage, taxes and maintenance. This could be done till the expiry of the mortgage period, when the value of your property gets appreciated.

How Property Management Services can help you

You will find, on searching the internet, property consultants and property management services offering professional and expert advice to help you get maximum return on your investment in residential property. These property management groups are highly experienced in each and every aspect of real estate business and investment ideas that also include residential properties, and will help you with valuable advice to make the right deal and the right time for selling out or in renting out the property. The services they offer include:

Different Investment Property consultation services

Buyer as well as Seller representation

Comparative market analysis, also known as CMA

Proven marketing strategies

Effective property management

Different home staging advice

Complete team support for real estate deals and much more.

You can rely upon these professional service providers and get unexpected returns on your residential property investment. These real estate investment service providers will help you with the management of your properties, maintenance, advertising for rent, collection of rent and other issues that may arise from time to time. They can also help you in interviewing tenants and selecting them on your behalf. Having them by your side can help you reap high returns on your investment in real estate.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Saliva Drug Testing Kits

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What is a Saliva Drug Test?

The saliva drug test is a simple and easy drug detection test in which the presence or absence of drug is detected by collecting with the help of saliva sample. The saliva drug testing is commonly referred by many organizations for checking their employees at the time of hiring process or after any emergency incident. The parents across the world also use saliva drug testing kits in order to verify the presence or absence of drug traces in their children. The saliva drug testing kits are highly convenient to use and provides instant yet accurate results.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Saliva Drug Testing Kits

How to use the Drug Testing Kits?

The drug testing kits are quite simple to use. They are designed in a user-friendly way and can easily be used in the homes as well. A small piece of cotton swab is gently places inside the mouth of the suspects for 2 minutes in order to get the results. After 2 minutes, if a colored line appears then it reflects the presence of drug substances in the saliva. On the other hand if no colored line is found after 2 minutes then it means that there are no traces of drug in the saliva of the suspect. This is a very quick testing method which can provide instant, effective and accurate results. No pain, longer or complex testing procedure and tools are involved in the saliva drug test.

Which Type of Drugs can be Tested through Saliva Drug Tests?

The saliva drug testing kits can detect a number of prohibited drugs with due accuracy and efficiency. Alcohol, marijuana, opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, amphetamines, phencyclidine and other numerous narcotics can instantly be detected via drug testing kits. The saliva drug test can provide instant and accurate results. But for getting accurate results the suspects should remain silent while collecting the sample.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About Saliva Drug Testing Kits

What are the benefits of using Saliva Drug Testing Kits?

The drug testing kits are non-invasive, cost effective, instant and highly accurate to use. Furthermore they can be used easily without any technical knowledge and complicated sample collecting techniques which are required in other types of drug identification tests. The individuals can easily buy saliva testing kits in order to get accurate drug identification results. Many online as well as physical medical stores and pharmacies offer high quality of saliva drug testing kits in affordable rates.

Common Medication Errors Made by Medical Professionals and Ways To Avoid Them

Common Medication Errors Made by Medical Professionals and Ways To Avoid Them

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Medicines can save lives, but they can be life threatening, as well. The wrong dose, wrong drug, or the wrong combination can do more harm than good. Medication errors affect the lives of 1.5 million people every year, according to the Institute of Medicine.

Medication errors are defined as any preventable event that may cause or result in an inappropriate medication use or harm to the patient. ADEs (adverse drug events) account for more than 700,000 emergency department visits and 100,000 hospitalizations every year.

Advancements in the medical field have undoubtedly improved the health of patients, but they have also resulted in increased risks. Clinicians have access to a plethora of prescription medication, and about one-third of the U.S adults take five or more medications. Many of them might not be aware of the fact that preventable medical errors are considered to be the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

Medication errors might sound harmless, but they can be fatal. Think of a situation where a doctor prescribes 10.0mg of Colchicine (by mistake), when he or she should have prescribed 1.0mg. It might seem that it is a mere decimal error, but the results can be disastrous.

Higher dose of Colchicine results in poisoning similar to arsenic poisoning, with a burning sensation in mouth and throat. It would be followed by extreme abdominal pain, and finally, the internal organs would melt and cause death within 24 to 72 hours. Shocking!

Common Medication Errors Made by Medical Professionals and Ways To Avoid Them

In a similar medical malpractice case, a family in Missouri was awarded nearly $3 million in a case against a Kansas doctor and pain clinic. If you have been a victim of medication error or medical malpractice, Kansas City medication error attorneys can help you get justice.

About 1.5 million people are severely injured or sickened every year in the U.S due to similar medication mistakes, and almost 100,000 people die, according to Institute of Medicine. So how will you protect yourself from medication errors and make sure that you don’t succumb to injuries caused by medication errors? The best way is to educate yourself and your loved ones with the most common types of medication errors, and know how to protect yourselves. To learn more, keep reading.

Most Common Types of Medication Errors

It is always better to be doubly sure before consuming any prescription drug. Talk to your doctor – ask him or her about the drug, the right dosage, the kind of side-effects it might have, ways to prevent them, etc. Here are some of the most common types of medication errors that you must be aware of:

1. Confusion Between Medications with Similar Names

The national Medication Error Reporting Program reveals, ‘confusion caused by similar drug names accounts for up to 25 percent of all reported errors.’ Most pharmacies shelve drugs in an alphabetical order, which means that drugs with similar names are stacked at the same place. So there are high chances that the staff can grab the wrong medicine. Oftentimes, the doctor’s handwriting is so unclear that it becomes tough to read what has been prescribed, or careless pharmacy staff might enter the wrong name into the computer.

In order to avoid confusion, you must ask your doctor about the name of the drug and the dosage. Make sure that you check the name of the drug when picking up the prescription from the pharmacy.

2. Buying the Wrong Alternative Medicines

It is always best to ask your doctor to prescribe alternative drugs. It might happen that the pharmacy runs out of stock and asks you to take alternative drugs. Instead of trusting the pharmacist, it is always best to ask the doctor. Oftentimes, drugs with almost similar compositions have different usage and dosages; so to prevent any type of adverse situation, you must always ask the doctor before taking any alternative medicine.

3. Wrong Route of Administration

A report by the FDA cited that, “16 percent of medication errors involve using the wrong route of administration.’ The doctors must explicitly mention the route of administration of the drug, and the patient must strictly follow it. Oftentimes, a drug that was supposed to be taken sub-lingually, is swallowed at once, or a liquid intended for injection is administered orally.

It is essential that you ask your doctor about the route of administration, and follow the instructions on the label. Ask questions (to the doctor and not any pharmacist) if you’re not sure. This is much more important if you are care-giving for a family member or close relative.

4. Wrong Dosage

Drugs are prescribed in various units, and a small mistake can become fatal. A mistake in a decimal point can become life-threatening (as the example mentioned toward the beginning of this article); many times, people mistake milligrams with micrograms, which means a dose becomes 1,000 times stronger.

In 2015, 32.4 deaths from drug overdose per 100,000 inhabitants were reported in state of West Virginia. The number of deaths by overdose of prescription drugs is growing at an alarming rate.

Common Medication Errors Made by Medical Professionals and Ways To Avoid Them

So you must ensure that the dosage is clearly mentioned on the original prescription. The doctor’s handwriting must also be clear enough. When you pick up the prescription from the pharmacy, ask the pharmacist to check the dosage; and you must check it for yourself to be  sure. Never hesitate to ask questions, if you think that you are being prescribed (by the doctor), or given (from the pharmacy), the wrong medicine.

Final Thought

Medication errors happen not only due to the mistakes of medical professionals, but also due to the negligence of the patients themselves. It is necessary that both the doctor and patient take enough precautions to avoid any kind of bad consequence.

So, never hesitate to ask questions or discuss potential dangers with your doctor, healthcare provider, or pharmacist. No doubt, you can take help from medication error attorneys, in case you become a victim of medication errors, but you must always remember that ‘precaution is better than cure.

Talk Like Your Customers – Get More Customers!

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In the age of cut-throat competition, all the business to business sales follow a generic pattern of sermonizing their brand. They have a product that can simplify the tasks at their customers’ end, but do they have to go overboard in pushing the message. The solution to this perennial problem lies in understanding the customer requirement and breaking the clutter to make a mark in an already overcrowded space.

The world of SaaS has become more competitive with many players vying for their share of the customer’s wallet. The challenge here is to pick on the right positioning and be consistent in your messaging. When it comes to CRM, Email Marketing or Marketing Automation software, the competition becomes a close-knitted fare with everyone unleashing their bundle of features to keep themselves abreast with the market dynamics. If you quickly turn to the Google Adwords platform to buy keywords such as ‘marketing automation software’, they can cost you close to $25 per click. So, the quest is on to find other alternatives.

A quick chat with your customers can get you do the right things. If your target group is small and medium businesses, utmost care has to put on gathering user voice. Most of them may not be happy with the behemoths in that space and could be looking for lightweight CRM and Marketing Automation tools that offer value for their money. Also they may not use all the features bundled with an automation tool. It’s time to stay away from your typical tagline for a B2B company and come closer to your customer.

Keep the tagline simple and more customer-friendly. This honest approach will get you more trial sign-ups than those of overblown ones offering instant results. Something like ‘Understanding the needs of small businesses’, ‘Built with love for small business’ will instantly click with your prospective buyers.

Don’t worry about your team size and marketing efforts you’re putting in to increase your revenue. Even in the competitive space of SaaS, you can make the cut to emerge as a David pitted against Goliaths of CRM and Marketing Automation. That’s not all. You can scale up greater heights without any outside funding. Bootstrapping can be a key to your success.

A small change in your approach by striking honest and informal conversations with your customers will help you take a big leap in the SaaS market.

Here are few tips for the small B2B players that aid them to sail through any competitive waters. Don’t worry David is bound to take over Goliath.

Concision is the key, but play this card wisely

If you’re designing the homepage of your website or landing pages for your software, the norm is to keep the message concise with only the relevant information. This gets you more signups from the busy bees who are looking at crisp content that straightly hits the core. Something like Bitly does with its simplistic message “Shorten.Share.Measure”. The note sharing app, Evernote, also takes the same route to “Remember Everything”.

But don’t the lost in the stream of ‘short sells like hot cakes’. If your message needs more words, go for it. Sometimes, you have to think beyond conventional wisdom to help your leads understand how you are different from others, and it may take few paragraphs to put across your value proposition.

Don’t forget to run A/B testing to test whether long-form product pages work for your product or not. Optimize your website with easy to use testing tools such as Optimizely and VWO. Give your content writers a free hand to explain the product in detail and see how this version performs the test. More often, if a prospect is really interested to buy your product, the long or short of messaging won’t kill the intent.

Know what your customer has to say about you

When in doubt embrace tools such as Google Forms and SurveyMonkey to collect feedback and information related to survey.

A quick question to start-off the process can be “What was so interesting / surprising about using our product?”

This seemingly simple question will get your marketing activity rolling.

At times, you tend to overlook promoting couple of features, but your customers feel them to be surprising offerings. This activity helps you to note down all of them and follow-up with enhancements as a mark of listening to your customers that translates into effective customer engagement. Next time, you will ensure to add this feature in your collaterals – white papers, case studies, brochures and others.

A common practice is to compile the product testimonials from all the channels and host them on your website. It doesn’t stop there. A little tweak to their written feedback can transcend into a hard-hitting blog headline.

Stick to your core areas

Don’t make any false claims to your customers. This will tarnish your brand image in the long run. If you are in the business of CRM and Marketing Automation, float your message around the key features of your product, but not on all the possible areas it can venture in the future. Being innovative and futuristic in your approach is a good approach, but, in this process, don’t make far-fetched statements that may put your in a fix. Tell your customers about any hidden costs and ensure that transparency is maintained across all the stages of the customer life cycle. The message is clear. Surface your core competence and stick to it.

With your market, ponder the drawbacks that make clients come to your from your competitors for a plausible solution. Speak to them and get to know their likes and dislikes about their situation and how effectively you can offer them better solutions. Now, if you are unsure about your USP, then it’s time to think beyond the ordinary and ganer few more insights.

Getting your message straight can be hard at times. Businesses have to step into the customer’s shoes for better engagement. Show them how you are different and how can you make a change in their lives with your quality offerings. After a thorough analysis of what they like to read and how they want the communication to be, align your content strategy accordingly. A happy customer can keep the magical word-of-mouth flowing around. And nothing can beat this best marketing activity that works wonder for you SaaS product.

9 Heart Rate Monitors For A Good Run

9 Heart Rate Monitors For A Good Run

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Very soon, a new summer sport season will start. During exercise in the fresh air, it is very useful to monitor your heart rate. In this article, we will tell you about the devices it is best use when running.

9 Heart Rate Monitors For A Good Run

A set of a Cardio sensor and a receiver by Runtastic

A set containing a chest strap, a receiver, which is inserted into the headphone jack, and the Runtastic app. The Cardio sensor synchronizes with the receiver through its own protocol. Data on the pulse rate combined with additional data about speed, pace, altitude, distance, a workout duration are displayed in the form of informative charts on your smartphone.

Unlike many other fitness accessories, the device can be used not only for running: thanks to the application by Runtastic, this Cardio sensor will also come in handy when cycling. As for the compatibility, the device can be connected to almost any modern HTC cellphones, Samsung smartphones and so on and so forth. It is compatible with Android 2.1 and above, Windows 7.5 and above, iPhone 4s and above.

Cielo WT010

The gadget by a Chinese company is a simple sports watch with a heart rate monitor on a belt that can be synchronized. The watch, in addition to showing you the time, is able to show the duration of your training (working as a timer), control the calories consumption and your heart rate. Moreover, if you remove the heart monitor – you will still have a nice watch at a good price.

Alcatel OneTouch Watch

These is a smart watch from a well-known brand. The device can be placed on a silicon or metal bracelet, which will let you wear it with any clothes. The watch features a moisture protection of the IP67 standard. In addition to a heart rate, OneTouch Watch tracks the number of steps, calories as well as sleep time. And, it can also send you notifications from your smartphone (supports Android version 4.1 and above, and iOS).

Samsung Gear S2

This is a real wrist computer. A dual-core Exynos 3250 processor, 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of internal memory, and 1.2-inch ultra-bright AMOLED-display – all these great things are enclosed in a stainless steel casing and run on Tizen OS. However, there is also a fly in the ointment: The Samsung Gear S2 interacts only with smartphones on Android 4.x. But it’s worth it: you can use Google maps and listen to music directly from the watch, track the progress of training and much more. In case your smartphone does not support Android 4.x but you still want to use the watch, you might want to find some more info on smartphone price and get upgrade your current device.

The pulse oximeter iHealth PO 3

This gadget is designed for real athletes, who aim at results but not fashion. The wireless Pulse Oximeter iHealth PO 3 is attached to your shoulder; it works with the iPhone, iPod and iPad and is designed to record your heart rate and the blood oxygen saturation level. The measurement results can be viewed on your own gadget’s screen.

Tekken Is Heading To PC This Fall And Rumours About It's VR Debut

Tekken Is Heading To PC This Fall And Rumours About It’s VR Debut

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Tekken has always been geared towards consoles. The fighting game was launched in  1994 by Namco (later Bandai Namco Entertainment) being the first fighting title series introducing 3D animation to the gaming industry. Since then, the sequels have shot up with fans across the globe eager to grab their copies as soon as the launch date strikes.  The series has never been known to pay attention to the PC domain. But according to PC Gamer, reports of Bandai Namco considering the possibility or releasing Tekken 7 for PCs by this fall is doing the rounds in the internet forums.

A Bandai survey has been spotted going around gamer forums attempting to dig in about a planned PC version of Tekken 7—yet to make its way to the West on any platform. Taking a cue from the previous attempt at launching a PC variant- Street Fighter X Tekken, which turned out to be a disappointment to the gaming franchise, we are yet to see if the plans will really go through.

It’s unsure whether the PC port is the ‘Tekken 7’ or the newer variant ‘Tekken 7: Fated Retribution’ though we hope they port it to Windows in the coming months. The rumours suggest that Bandai Namco intends to compete with “Street Fighter” and other third person fighter games in the big leagues- the Personal Computer space where it is yet to open a front.

We have learnt that the Unreal 4 game engine which powers the core has enabled Bandai Namco to leverage its resources and help channel the game into a new pipeline- the PC. Besides the happy news about the launch to a whole new league of PC gamers, we have also come to learn about certain aspects of the storyline which can include spoilers.

Apparently Jun, the mother of Kazuya makes a return to the franchise. According to the teaser, despite Kazuya swearing to punish Heihachi’s acts of violence to Kazumi our sources say she might not be dead after all. Despite the 19 year long gap (in the tekken universe)  between Tekken 2 and Tekken 3, Harada claims that the head ogre is holding isn’t Jun. That’s odd since most of the characters in Tekken 2 was killed by Ogre, one whom was presumably supposed to be Jun. Since rumours suggest her return in Tekken 7 is almost but confirmed, we believe things are bound to get interesting.

Meanwhile speculations are rife about Tekken heading to Virtual Reality which the Bandai Namco was quick to turn down. Senior game designer, Michael Murray clarified that it’s not as easy as fans expect. “Our announcement of attempts to utilise VR for tekken was met with “Oh, really? So now are we going to be playing in first person hitting each other. That sounds lame”. He further added that the first generation Virtual reality technology isn’t capable of handling the features and awe of Tekken and could be considered in a later phase as the technology further matures.

As for the core of Tekken 7, without leaking hints about the PC launch, he added that popular characters such as Lucky Chloe will be playable and the customization of the characters in the game have been amped up.

Unfortunately Bandai Namco is keeping mum about the official launch dates for the PC versions, so we’ll keep you posted on additional information.

Lose Weight For A Stunning Look!

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Fat and Weight:

            Every person has a particular level of weight which he can carry without much difficulty. There are many people who are not exactly of the right weight in what they should be and some are quite heavy for their height and the others are much lighter than they should be. Not everyone is ever bothered about the underweight people as this is considered a blessing in these decades.  It is the overweight individuals who get the attention much as they hate to get it. Weight is an indication of excess amounts of fat in the human body accumulated over years and has become a part of the body due to many reasons one of which is an inactive lifestyle. When you want to lose weight for your own benefit, it is much better to address the issue right away. The problem of fat accumulation is not an issue only with the lethargic or the slow ones but the issue can be witnessed even with athletes who have years and years of exercise and training.

The Product:

            Since weight loss takes time and effort, it is regarded as a very tiring activity and many find it very hard to achieve the expected weight loss which they find it very discouraging. The weight loss process has to be addressed from three points of attack such as exercise, diet control which were already recommended by the doctors. The third dimension to this is the use of supplements that will enhance the process making it possible to achieve in a shorter duration. One of such a supplement is called as winstrol. It has been used by the athletes for many decades now. They use a winstrol only cycle which is effective in fat cutting as the process is called in the athletic arena.

Lose Weight For A Stunning Look!

It is Effective:

            Taking a winstrol cycle has many benefits which can be realised by the heavy intensity athletes such as the body builders and weight lifters as they have to be rid of the fat and have to express their muscles in a pleasing way to the judges especially in the body building competitions. The supplement is very effective as it speeds up the fat cutting process and with the duration of a month you are able to see the results very significantly. The fat is metabolised and taken out of the system and the most noticeable aspect of this is that the muscles underneath the fat get exposed and they get toned and get the right size and shape.

It is Legal:

            The product is available to be purchased online and since it is a legal product, there is no need for the prescription from a physician though the doctors would suggest the right dosage which is effective for men and women.  This is of course considered safe for women if taken in a limited dosage level. The suggested dosage for men is twenty five to fifty milligrams for men for a period of eight weeks. The dosage for women is five milligrams per day for five weeks. After the intake of the supplement is over, then it is suggested that the athlete leaves a gap of days where you do not use the medication.


            The product is considered safe for women as well and there is negligible mainly symptoms if kept to the dosage point. Though overuse in men sometimes causes the appearance women like features such as chest enlargement. The product is very well sought after and a winstrol only cycle is considered much safer than a combination. 

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening Strips

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Many people are becoming more and more interested in teeth whitening strips as they are very easy to use, does not require any guesswork or mixing with any other ingredients. As the search for a more youthful and beautiful appearance is becoming more popular with age-defying this and that promoted everywhere, a bright smile is quite easy, and do-it-yourself improvements are now made a lot easier with the development of teeth whitening strips.

What You Should Know About Teeth Whitening Strips

When bleaching and teeth whitening first came to vogue through cosmetic dentistry; it was where people went from dental bonding to whitening of their own teeth. Cosmetic dentists have been charging anywhere from 100 USD per sitting up to 2000 USD for a custom fitted bleach tray for home use. Some of the dental methods also involved applying a gel and using a laser light that would activate the gel. Whereas the oxidizing agent that is used by cosmetic dentists are more concentrated and offer quick results, it is very much possible to get similar results at home with teeth whitening strips, at a fraction of the cost, even if the outcomes are not quite as quick.

As bleaching or teeth whitening generally only lasts several months after the treatment, it needs to be done regularly, specially if the personal is a smoker, coffee drinker, as these tend to stain the porous enamel and give their smile a darkened effect. With the best teeth whitening strips, it is very much possible to do this all at home, as required, without the need of a regular trip to the dentist, and as it can be easily done at home, you can do it when you feel that your smile is fading slightly, so it is not as noticeable and dramatic of a change in color all at once. Check out this review by Dr. Lamblord when looking for the best teeth whitening strips for yourself.

In case of highly sensitive teeth or gum disease, you may want to consult a cosmetic dentist, as the peroxide can make your teeth become more sensitive and the chemical and lead to some discomfort due to oxidation on diseased or receding gums.

When you are considering several home teeth whitening techniques, the latest teeth whitening strips tend to be affordable, most convenient and an easy approach by far. We all want to have a beautiful smile. However, not every one of us is naturally blessed with white teeth. Therefore, to enjoy a bright white smile, you should opt for teeth whitening strips that would work best for you and your lifestyle.

Understanding The Risk Of Surgical Errors For American Patients

Understanding The Risk Of Surgical Errors For American Patients

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There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to medical malpractice suits. The legal liability claims are credited with driving up the costs of healthcare, yet according to statistics, medical negligence and compensation claims account for only 3% of the $2.2 trillion-dollar annual healthcare cost in the United States. Conversely, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that medical errors (which can be prevented) account for $29 billion dollars of healthcare spending every year.

As important changes transition the American healthcare system, including digital records and electronic health information exchange, reducing the amount of medical malpractice and preventable medical errors should be an important discussion. The potential to save lives and avoid patient complications, as well as to save the financial burden of medical error on the health system warrant focus and action.

Understanding The Risk Of Surgical Errors For American Patients

What Kind of Surgical Errors Are Most Common?

In 2014, at the Patient Safety Movement, Science & Technology Summit, California Senator Barbara Boxer revealed the top nine persistent medical errors in the United States. The Senator had met with Joe Kiani, the founder of the Patient Safety Movement, and revealed that she was surprised to learn how common and frequent medical errors were. The Patient Safety Movement is a non-profit organization committed to helping the American healthcare industry achieve ‘Zero Preventable Deaths by 2020.”

The top nine most common surgical errors are:

1. Adverse drug events. This includes the dispensation of incorrect medications, or the wrong dose of medication. Adverse drug events can also be caused by drug interaction illness or death, with contraindicated prescription medications.

2. Catheter Associated urinary tract infection. A condition that involves the use of unsterile catheters, which creates a painful infection.

3. Central line-associated bloodstream infection. This condition is caused by the use of unsterile, or cross infected intravenous hardware during blood transfusions or medication administration through an IV.

4. Fall injuries, which occur when patients are improperly secured into beds with protection rails, and trip and fall injuries that result from bathing or bathroom activities.

5. Obstetrical adverse events. Since 1996, the United States has experienced an increase in maternal or infant death during pregnancy or childbirth.  In 2013, 18.5 mothers per 100,000 delivery cases resulted in morbidity.

6. Bed sores and pressure ulcers, which can become infected and painful for patients. This typically results from lack of position change, massage and skin care in hospitals and in geriatric care facilities.

7. Surgical site infections, which involve bacterial infection at the incision site during post-operative care.

8. Venous thrombosis (blood clots), a life threatening condition that can lead to a heart attack or stroke for post-operative patients. Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS) can also cause swelling and painful ulcers in the legs, as clots obstruct blood flow through arteries and veins impacted by post surgical inflammation.

9. Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP). This is particularly common for patients who have a blunt-force injury, such as a head laceration. The open airway allows for the introduction of the pneumonia virus, and symptoms such as fever and phlegm are harder to detect for individuals who are unconscious on a respirator.

The most concern medical error is classified as a “Never Event.” This describes the most upsetting and preventable medical errors that result in death, or in life threatening situations. Examples of a “Never Event” include air bubbles in IV catheters, sponges, wipes or scissors being left inside a patient’s body after surgery, operating on the wrong body part or an erroneous surgical procedure that was not required (due to patient chart mix up). They are named a “Never Event” because they should never happen, but when they do, they are traumatic, life threatening and potentially lethal.

What Kind of Surgical Error Qualifies for a Medical Malpractice Case?

There are two important factors that determine whether a patient has the ability to file suit for medical malpractice. First, that the doctor or another licensed medical professional made the error, and second, that the patient (you) were measurably harmed by that error.

Consulting with a medical malpractice attorney is usually the first step for patients who are certain that they have been the victim of a surgical error, but the process of gathering evidence can be a long and costly procedure. The conclusive evidence that a negligent error occurred in difficult in many cases, as health complications can impact any patient during a surgical or medical procedure, and those complications can, even through the due diligence of medical staff, cause additional harm, loss or discomfort.

The Myth of the Multimillion Dollar Malpractice Suit

With very few exceptions, a medical malpractice suit is not guaranteed to return a large sum award to the plaintiff. In most cases, the awarded sum is allocated based on the patient’s medical needs, or compensation for additional medical expenses incurred as a result of the surgical error. Awarded cases seek to provide compensation for the at-fault expenses, or provide income for ongoing postoperative care, therapies, medications and any loss of income as a result of the malpractice action. Damages awarded through a malpractice or medical error suit fall into categories, when determining the sum of compensation for the plaintiff. Most states in the U.S. now have a cap in place for medical error and malpractice suits of approximately $250,000.

Exact Calculation Damages refer to lost earnings, health benefits, medical bills and other financial loss. The present value of income and earning is used to create a base compensation, which may be calculated by an economic expert in your case, to predict long-term income loss and inflation.

Non-Exact Calculation Damages refer to pain and suffering, and other emotional loss considerations that are difficult to put a dollar value on. This aspect of a medical error or malpractice suit is entirely contingent on the judge and jury to deliberate on, and may include reflection on the plaintiff’s past criminal record (if any), previous malpractice claims and other criteria

The Federal Government and health administration, private insurers and medical associations have many educational initiatives geared at reducing the instances of medical or surgical error in the United States. Not only are medical errors preventable in virtually all cases, but the tremendous cost of $29 billion dollars per year to the U.S. healthcare system can be allocated elsewhere, rather than correcting errors that should not have occurred to begin with.