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Why The UK Is Investing In Solar Energy

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Representing two radically different forms of energy, renewable and fossil respectively, solar and coal can be viewed as being the Yin and the Yang of the energy spectrum. While certainly, they are very different, there can be no denying that they are in direct competition with each other in terms of the modern energy market.

Specifically, there has been a distinctly noticeable increase in solar output in the United Kingdom in recent times. This has come at the expense of the coal industry, which was once considered to be the mainstay of the UK’s power resources. The amount of energy being produced by means of solar began to surpass that of traditional fossil fuels in early May and since then it has only increased its market share. As of July 2016, solar power production exceeded that of coal energy production by a margin of 64%.

Why Has Solar Output in the UK Increased So Much?

During the summer months of May through July, solar generated 6% of the UK’s electricity, compared to coal’s tally which was just shy of 4%. It has been estimated that 1.273 (GWh) of power was generated by solar during the month of July.

That said, we can view additional factors which helped to accelerate the margin of increase between solar power and coal. July 2016 has been recorded as one of the hottest months on record in London – as this area has embraced the use of solar panel technology, even going as far as to create solar powered bus shelters, it is only natural that solar energy production would increase during this sun heavy period. July had an average daily temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, with highs of as much as 27 degrees. Such temperatures would do no harm for solar’s overall monthly energy tally.

Another factor which has contributed to the recent rise of solar energy use in the UK is the rate at which solar panels are reducing in cost. This encourages new consumers to invest in what was once seen as a very expensive luxury item. Part of the reason for the reduced cost of solar panels is due to the fact that many of the materials which are used in their construction are now being imported cheaply from China. This has gone a long way to making photovoltaic (PV) technology that little bit more competitive as far as pricing is concerned.

Reduced costs will broaden the range of applications of solar power in the UK. Different types of photovoltaic panels could be used on all sorts of building facades and public spaces, while less costly energy storage technologies can allow it to be facilitated more in off-grid situations and also for mobile power.

When the UK government made a decision to lift a 5MW cap on the size of projects eligible for subsiding in the Feed-in-Tariff, it created an impact as it increased the rate of usage of solar systems throughout the UK. The continued development of photovoltaic and related technologies will also help the eco-system by reducing the emission of carbon into the air, which affects the ozone layer. Such environmental concerns are deemed particularly important by the generation known as Millennials. As this generation matures to the point where they now look after their own energy needs, they are increasingly turning to renewable sources, with solar being chief among them.

An Evaluation Of A Media Literacy Program Training Workshop

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In the recent study, it examined the efficacy of a media literacy education, component abuse prevention training workshop for a former elementary school teacher.. Educators who took an interest in the workshop reported more grounded convictions in the significance of and recognition with this instruction and scored higher on an immediate appraisal of this deconstruction ability than instructors in the control bunch. Educators reported positive project evaluation appraisals. This randomized controlled trial gives prove that a one-day educator preparing workshop on this instruction is viable at enhancing instructors’ convictions and information about media proficiency that are important for effective understudy results.

Current Practices in Media Literacy Education for Teachers

In spite of the endeavors at joining media proficiency instruction into course destinations, educators have been left, generally, with the duty of meeting these rules all alone. Educators regularly make and consolidate this instruction into their classes without having had any formal preparing in them and without using proof based projects or educational program. Theschools of Education don’t normally list courses for degree prerequisites. Subsequently, there is as of now a hole between best practice suggestions to utilize proof based projects, the destinations that educators are required to meet as illustrated in instructive measures, and the genuine educational program and preparing open doors accessible.

Benefits of Media Literacy Instruction for Youth

Numerous overseers and teachers would concur that one of the primary objectives of instruction is to help youth create basic deduction capacities. The pedagogical practices empowered in media proficiency training are firmly adjusted to the practices suggested for creating basic speculation abilities in that they furnish youth with a more dynamic channel to process the pictures and messages. One particular arrangement of basic deduction abilities that is stressed in Learning Program Workshop includes separating media messages, keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend their fundamental enticing components and is known as media deconstruction aptitudes. These studies give convincing proof that media education is a basic part of a substance misuse counteractive action arrangement.

Methods in Media Detective Teacher Training Workshop

With a specific end goal to get ready instructors to actualize the MD program, all mediation educators took an interest in an eight-hour in-individual preparing Learning Program Workshop guided by utilization of a printed manual made by the system engineers. The manual furnished the instructor mentors with objectives, targets, and exercises intended to expand general learning of the topic content information, curricular information, and pedagogical learning.

  • Media Literacy Theory

·         Program Mechanics

·         Competence

·         Fidelity

The Procedure Follows

Intercession and control instructors were furnished with the self-controlled pretest poll and requested that mail the survey back to the analysts utilizing a self-tended to stamped envelope. Intercession instructors then took an interest in the preparation workshop; control educators did not. The self-managed posttest survey was appropriated to intercession instructors as they were leaving the finished workshop. An exploration right hand gave the control bunch educators with the posttest poll roughly two weeks after instructors finished the pretest survey. Both intercession and control instructors were requested that mail back the posttest survey in a self-tended to stamped envelope.

8 Ways To Improve Productivity and Efficiency In Your Company

8 Ways To Improve Productivity and Efficiency In Your Company

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As a business owner or as a manager it is your job to improve the performance of your company or of your branch. So, you need to make sure your workers are motivated and that they appreciate their working environment and respect their co-workers.

There are various ways that you can do this, and these methods largely depend on the type of business you are in, some are effective if you have an office, and others are more effective for door-to-door salesman. The following article will give you some suggestions on how to improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce. Here are eight ways to improve productivity and efficiency in your company.

Improve Working Atmosphere

8 Ways To Improve Productivity and Efficiency In Your Company

The first thing you need to do is enhance the quality of an overall working atmosphere in your company. You can do this by making sure everything looks good, that your office is clean and has enough fresh air. You can install good air-conditioning system to keep the place pleasant during the summer, and floor heating to keep the place warm during winter.

It is essential that your employees have quality equipment as well, and that everything functions smoothly. Remember to balance out the degree of seriousness and friendliness in the office. It needs to be inviting and positive, but it also needs to have a dose of seriousness and professionalism, in order to maintain the level of productivity.

Team Building Exercise

To allow your employees to get to know each other, and to give them some time off, you need to use team building exercises. This is an opportunity to unwind, have fun, become friends, and to see how people behave outside of the office. There are various team building exercises you can use, and each of them has their own benefits.

You can organize your workers to play paintball. It’s an amazing and really fun team activity, and you get to see just how your workers act when they are out of their comfort zone. Paintball requires agility, quick thinking, and tactical precision. Moreover it requires that your employees cooperate and to rely on one another.

Another really good form of team building exercise are escape rooms. These started to pop up all over the world recently. The exercise itself is lots of fun, and also you get to see which one of your workers are leader, which one are problems solver, who is a good team player and who wants to be  a show off etc. You and your employees are locked in a room and in order to get out you must solve a series of puzzles. The catch is that you really need to work together if you are to pull it off.

You can also have team building activities during breaks, for example you can play pool, or darts or video games depending on which one you want to get for the office. This is really good, because not only do your workers have a chance to bond, but they will also love the workplace that has a game room. If they have such a room and love their jobs, they will work harder in order to keep advancing and to solidify their position in the company.

Use Better Tools

8 Ways To Improve Productivity and Efficiency In Your Company

People love when everything is organized and optimized, especially if you use technology to help you out. Many companies use all sorts of software to help them with customer service, sales, financial management etc. If you are running a big company, then you can really benefit from enterprise software, since they are specially tailored to meet these demands.

The only problem is that there are many different providers, and some of these tools do not have a user interface that you can easily navigate. It would be for the best to go over reviews of enterprise software, and find the one that other users liked the most. Alternatively, you can try any software with free trial period, and see which one you personally prefer, but on the downside this can be very time-consuming,

With these tools you can manage your workers, you can have a more efficient task distribution, perform some of more complex calculations etc. As mentioned, a lot of business, both big and small, use these tools, so if you haven’t made the switch yet, you should do it as soon as possible.

Employee Based Incentives

There is nothing that motivates people more than a reward, which is why employee incentive programs still exist and are one of the most efficient tools for increasing productivity. You can use different methods to motivate your workers.

For example, you can create a point system that allows them to gather points that they can later cash in for a price or money, you can allow them to pool the points together, or to accumulate them over time, but make sure the points are only received if they put in extra work.

In other words, you need to calculate what a daily contribution should be, and then anyone who exceeds this daily limit is entitled to the points. It is also important that prizes themselves are inspiring and motivating, like a new TV or new suit, or a travel arrangements etc. Something that people would buy in the first place if they had extra money.

Celebrate your Victories

It’s crucial that your workers feel good about themselves and their achievements. You need to use positive reinforcement in form of a small celebration. So, whenever you reach a particular milestone this will show them that you respect them as a team, and they will be motivated to reach new heights. Moreover, whenever a new milestone is nearby, everyone will work a bit harder just to get there sooner and celebrate.

Cut Down on the Unnecessary Business Meetings

Business meetings are very useful, but at some point they become redundant. So, when this happen you can skip some of the mandatory meetings, because there is nothing useful to discuss; they only reduce the time that could be otherwise used for work, or for team building. If something unexpected comes up, you can always have an emergency meeting. In other words, cut down on unnecessary practices in general, because at one point you achieve optimal efficiency that shouldn’t be messed with.

Block Certain Websites

8 Ways To Improve Productivity and Efficiency In Your Company

Lastly, you need to reduce the number of potential distractions like Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest etc. These sites might be essential for some types of business (social media marketing agency), but as far as other businesses are concerned they can only be a waste of time. So, you can easily block these sites, and no one will even complain because they weren’t supposed to be on social networks in the first place. It is true that we are all grown-ups and that we can manage our impulses but, when it comes to social networks people easily give in, and say –“I’ll just look at it for one minute” which very often becomes 10 or even 15 min. All things considered you should block these sites.

There you have it, eight ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Some of these tips are universal, others can only be applied in the office, and again you can use those that you think will resonate the most with your employees.