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Home Improvement Ideas That Increase Home Value

Home Improvement Ideas That Increase Home Value

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How much do you have to spend to renovate your home and what will it get in return? Is it worth to spend a fortune on ultra-luxury finishes to get a better ROI? What are the best features and updates that will appeal to the widest range of home buyers when you decide to sell?

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and because of this, any update in this room pays off. Paint is relatively cheap and fresh paint in some interesting, yet relaxing colors can change the look of your cooking area immediately. For more eco-friendly kitchen look, you can consider using low-VOC paint. Think about replacing your old kitchen appliances with energy-efficient models. It is well-known that energy star appliances are energy efficient, saving you a fortune in the kitchen. Potential buyers are looking for ways to save money when looking for a new house. Remember, they are not looking for fancy home that will be expensive for remodeling a few years later, so don’t make your home fancier than the other houses in the neighborhood.

Extra Bathroom

If you have only one bathroom in your house, you can recoup 80%-130% of your investment by adding another one. Take a look at any underutilized spaces or extra rooms. You can also think about turning the area under the stairs or the large closet into a small, yet useful bathroom. You will need 30 sq ft for a full bath with a stand-up shower. If you want to include a bathtub, you will need at least 35 sq ft. For half-bath you will need at least 18 sq ft. The costs will depend largely on the additions and accessories you want to use. To save some money check Home Depot and Lowe’s – they often reduces prices.

Reinventing a Room

Adding a new room to your house can be an incredibly expensive project. Although you can recoup 50%-83% of your investment, the costs can spin out of control. You’ve probably watched on of the home remodeling TV shows where projects that start off with a budget of $15,000 quickly turn into $30,000. If you don’t want to into unexpected problems, you can reinvent the existing space in your home and save some money. You can convert the attic to a bedroom or finish a basement. You can also turn the garage into a beautiful outdoor kitchen or into a room that can be rent out later by the new owners.

Before you demolish walls, think about ways the new buyers can use the space:

  • Basements frequently work well as game rooms or living rooms. Many homeowners also turn this space into a comfy, small apartment for their old parents.
  • Attic spaces with high ceilings often work well for game rooms and craft rooms.
  • If you have kids, you can create a cool play room where they can entertain.

You can save a lot of money by doing the work yourself.

Basic Updates.

Replace the electric wiring and wood that rots, fix the roof when it leaks, replace the plumbing and keep the paint fresh. These types of chores will increase the value of your home and will also keep your home from deteriorating over time. Plus, home buyers are looking for a solid, safe and healthy house.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate?

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Real Estate?

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Thinking of diving into the world of real estate? If you do your due diligence in research, have the capital, and are well prepared, you can have a long and successful undertaking in this kind of investment. As with all things, you want to weigh the risks vs. the rewards. There are certainly many benefits to investing in real estate. Read on for a glimpse into what these are.

Value Appreciation

The general rule of thumb is that while the loan is being paid down, the value of your real estate purchase will go up. The only thing about this is that you have to be in it for the long haul, as you’ll surely need to ride out some recessions here and there. If you panic and sell right away, you’re not likely to see any significant returns. If you remain calm in all markets, however, you’ll surely see your property appreciate in value.

You Can Rely on Your Knowledge

If you’re confident in your ability to invest with success, the nice thing about real estate is you are your own boss. You can research your financial advisor’s ad nauseum, but there will always be that hint of doubt in the back of your mind that they are investing your hard-earned money in the right way. With real estate, you can count on your own ability to hustle. You can talk with other investors, do a ton of market research, and join investment groups which will likely give you a leg up on other potential investors. In other words, you do you, and if this is your M.O. anyway, this will be a great fit. And if you’re a DIY person who can handle remodels and repairs as well as decorating your property on your own, you’ll be even more well off.

This is the very reason Frontier Properties CEO Nick Evans got into real estate. He knew he had a knack for flipping houses and investing money, so he was able to parlay his passion into an extremely well-run and successful business.

Inflation Will Help You

Just the word “inflation” makes the average person cringe. With real estate investors, however, this is often a welcome trend. Along with everything else, inflation will push up rent prices while fixed-rate mortgage payments will remain the same. It’s simple math at that point, and you’ll reap the benefits. And as long as you or whoever you’ve hired to handle the property treats tenants well and handles home maintenance, these people are likely to stick with you despite an increase in rent.

You’ll Get Tax Breaks

As everyone knows, owning real estate means tax breaks, but what you might not realize is how significant your tax breaks will be if you rent out your property. As VIP Contributor Brandon Turner notes, “Not only is the cash flow received from your rentals not subject to self-employment tax, the government offers tax benefits including depreciation and significantly lower tax-rates for long-term profits.” Talk about a win/win.

These Investments Enhance Your Portfolio

You’ve likely heard of the need to diversify your portfolio, and real estate investment will do just that. As Investopedia Contributor Ian Woychuk, CFA, notes, “Real estate returns have relatively low correlations with other asset classes (traditional investment vehicles such as stocks and bonds), which adds to the diversification of your portfolio.” It also yields higher returns for you than other investments in relation to risk.

The Cold, Hard Cash

Whether this is a side gig or has the potential to be your full-time pursuit, a huge benefit to real estate investing is that it’ll give you some liquid to work with. The extra cash you have after the bills are paid every month can be reinvested in real estate or other investments, saved, or used to support your current lifestyle. Either way, it’ll be nice to have some cash flow.

If you’re thinking about investing in real estate, you’ll want to weigh any risks versus the benefits listed here. If you decided that the rewards are greater than any negatives of investing, you’ll be on your way to an exciting pursuit.

How Beneficial Has Budget 2017 Proven To Be?

How Beneficial Has Budget 2017 Proven To Be?

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These days the real market has opened up to many new investors and also has faced a lot of changes. These changes have majorly been experienced after the budget announcements of 2017. The Indian economy has undergone major changes especially after the demonetization, which was introduced to fight back the corruption. Followed by the demonetization, the budget 2017 has brought a lot of changes in the real estate sector which has proven to be beneficial for new investors.

The groundwork for a Home Loan and Home Loan market was laid a couple of years ago when the government introduced “Housing for All”. Under the “Housing for All”, the government aims to have every Indian citizen own a house till the year 2022. For which the price of real estate has been brought down, wherein, you can use 30 sq. meter and 60 sq. meter as the carpet area. However, previously the limit of 30 sq. meter and 60 sq. meter was for a built-up area. The budget 2017 has brought in a series of policies which will benefit the investors as well as the developers. Especially, the infrastructure status which has reduced the cost of funding for property builders.

The budget 2017 will also benefit you if you are willing to sell an occupied property. Earlier the captain tax period was three years which has reduced to 2 years which means you have to pay less captain tax. Also, the nation tax on an unsold but ready property will be charged after one year as well as the landholder has only to pay tax once the property is fully constructed. These policies have not only increased the number of investors but have also increased the supply of the property.

After the introduction of demonetization, Home Loans have become quite economical. The Home Loan interest rates offered now, are quite low than the previous years. These low rates are one of the reasons why investors are looking forward to allocating their funds in real estate sector. The outline of budget 2017 has enhanced the experience of Home Loan buyers by introducing more schemes and policies adding on the low-interest rates. After the demonetization, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has cut down the repo rates which has thus, dropped down the interest rates on all loans as well as investments. Furthermore, this low rate of interest has added on to the affordable housing schemes.

Besides this, the government has also added on to the “Housing for All” by discounting the interest rates by 3% for a Home Loan up to INR 12 lakhs in an urban area and 4% for the rural area who are borrowing a loan up to INR 9 lakhs. Also, these Home Loan rates are applicable for the ones who wish to borrow a loan for renovating their house.

Apart from budget related to Home Loans, there are several other benefits:

  • The National Housing Banks (NHB) is to refinance loans up to INR 20,000 crore.
  • Aiming to create one crore rural houses till 2019.
  • Introduction of new FDI policies.
  • A cash transaction above three lakhs will be not permitted.
  • Indra Awaas Yojana will be extended to 600 districts.
  • INR 64,000 crores allocated for National Highway.

If you are looking for a property investment, then this can be a favourable time to do so. As the demonetization has brought in the cut down of repo rates, wherein, the introduction of budget 2017 has enhanced the process of buying Home Loans by launching various schemes and policies. The budget on real estate has benefited the investors as well as the developers.

Unravel Your Travel by Fixed Deposit Investment

Unravel Your Travel by Fixed Deposit Investment

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It is a fact that no matter what we have, we are never satisfied. The more we get, the more we desire. However, just relying on our monthly salaries is not enough to fulfil all our needs. While we spend most of our times in earning, we somehow neglect the importance of managing our finances and saving for plans. You never know what may happen and when you run out of cash. Such uncertainties lead to a lot of difficulties and render us ineffective to manage the money. Hence it is very important to understand your present needs and future goals. Well, investments can help us manage things and bring us closer to our dreams.

Investment is not a one-day thing. One should develop a habit of investing to get adapted to the nature of an investment. Let us consider a simple thing like travelling.

Travelling is fun only if you have money in your pocket. We have compromised on so many trips to beautiful places because of the financial barrier. While we are living to earn, when will we earn to live?

Well, if you have ever made plans to travel, you might have thought about minimising expenses as far as possible. Some of the smart ways to finance your travel are:

  • Take a loan ( personal loan for travel)
  • Use a credit card
  • Loan against mutual funds or stocks
  • Open a Fixed Deposit (FD)

Let us see which option stands out as the best. Taking a loan is advisable only when you are really in need of money. The loan amount can finance your travel, but what about the EMIs. Moreover, a personal loan is an unsecured loan with a very high-interest rate as compared to other secured loans. You can manage your travel finances easily. However, there will always be a burden to return the amount you borrowed. If you think of using your credit card, think of that credit limit. You can use a credit card for certain expenses related to your travel, but that will ultimately reduce your credit limit and increase the debt. A loan against mutual funds can be availed only if you have sufficient investments to be used as collateral. Last but not the least, opening a FD is a form of investment. While this will not provide you immediate returns, it can save you from debts related to personal loans and credit cards. Let us see how.

Travelling and Fixed Deposit Investment:

It is true that we cannot predict what may happen, but we can surely start preparing. Investing can avoid all uncertainties while providing a financial relief. However, it needs planning and a comparison between different options. While Investing in PPF, mutual funds, equity shares can give high returns; these are relatively risky. So, why not opt for FD investment to finance a planned or emergency trip?

Here is what an FD can do for you:

  • High-interest rates: Investing in FD grants high-interest rates and increases the interest amount you earn on the deposit. Use an FD calculator on NBFC websites like Bajaj Finance to understand the impact of high-interest rates on the amount you will avail at the end of the tenure and plan how much to invest for your goals.
  • Premature withdrawal: In case of any emergency, you can withdraw the deposited amount.
  • Loan provision: This is one of the best features of an FD. In case you need some money for a particular purpose, you can avail loan on the deposited amount. As you have already invested some money, you can easily pay off the loan amount.

So stop cancelling, start planning and don’t let finances bother your dreams.

How Can Making The Move To Digital Signage Improve Your Brand? 

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One of the biggest concerns you have as a business owner is how to improve your brand. This involves much more than just the strength of your inventory and the fairness of your prices. Your brand is the sum total of a whole mass of intangibles. Your visibility on the world wide web leads to the level of public recognition that you enjoy. But tied to this is the strength of your public reputation. All of these factors lead to the success or failure of your brand and your survival or lack thereof in the world of business. This means that you need to keep it as strong as possible.

If You Want to Improve Your Brand, You’ll Need to Improve Your Store

One of the very best ways to improve your brand is to improve the quality of your physical location. All of the best advertising techniques in the world won’t keep you in business if your customer service is not up to par. If you want to improve this crucial aspect of your dealings with the public, you need to start in the place where you meet them every day. This means improving the shopping experience for customers in your store. One of the best ways to achieve this important goal is to improve the quality of signage that helps customers navigate all around your store.

Switching to Digital Signage Improves the Quality of Your Customer Service

Making the move to digital signage will vastly improve the quality of your customer service. Instead of being confused by a bunch of paper or metal signs in bad quality that may be showing them a whole lot of outdated info, you can use digital signage to give them a much easier shopping experience. Digital signage is strictly uniform, meaning that customers won’t be confused by seeing a plethora of signs in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and physical condition. You can program your digital signs to make them aware of sales, special items, emergency exits, and all kinds of upcoming events.

You Never Have to Keep Ordering Digital Signs for One Time Use

One of the very best features associated with digital signage is the fact that you never have to throw them away after a single use. When a digital sign has served its purpose in advertising a sale or other event, you don’t have to discard it and order another one. All you need to do is reprogram it to reflect a new state of affairs in your store. You can use them time and time again for a thousand different purposes without ever having to worry about them wearing out. This convenience is a comfort to business owners who are wary of having signage costs eat into their profits.

Digital Signage Improves Your Credibility as a Modern Business Owner

Perhaps the most profound effect that making the move to digital signage will have on the strength of your brand is the credibility it will give you. Your customers expect a streamlined shopping experience. They want to navigate quickly and easily around your store with a minimum of wasted effort. They desire to find the goods they need quickly so that they can get on with the rest of their day. Digital signage is the tool you need to give them this quick shopping experience. It’s a move you need to make to place yourself above your competitors.

The Time to Make the Move to Digital Signage is Now

There is no time like the present to make the move to digital signage. The comfort and safety of your customers is paramount to your interests as a business owner. Since your customers expect you to be up to speed on all of the latest modern technological developments, you owe it to yourself to satisfy their wishes. This is one area in which it is very unwise to lag behind your competitors. It’s a move that you can make quickly and easily for a price that your budget will able to absorb. If you are interested in making this important move, the time is now. Click here for more info.