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Foursquare’s Favourites: 8 Breakfast Places In New York

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When visiting New York, you will be shocked by the number of wonderful cafes that it’s often very difficult to choose where to have a tasty and nice breakfast. The local restaurant market is so large that you can make a mistake when choosing the right establishment, and spending a Saturday breakfast on tasteless food is not the most pleasant experience.

Well, according to the reviews of thousands of Foursquare’s visitors, we’ve selected the most favorite places of travelers for breakfast and brunch, focusing on the beautiful serving, the interior and the availability of good coffee. Also, for your convenience we have specified the exact addresses of the establishments, so you will easily get to them by using car rental in New York


The Chalait Egg Sandwich | CHALAIT  Cured salmon, cucumber, egg salad, dill butter, and sea salt on seven grain toast. Paired it with their Matcha Latte w/almond milk on this wet, wintry morning.  #notsponsored

(photo by tom chang)

ChalaIt is a light coffee house in the heart of Greenwich Village, which serves the most delicious variations of matcha tea and coffee. In addition, they make an insanely beautiful presentation of toasts and breakfasts – it’s recommended to order the avocado toast and toast with smoked elk and a poached egg. If you are a fan of the matcha, then the matcha-latte will please you, as well as white tea. By the way, this is one of the trendiest breakfast destinations among New York’s Instagrammers.

Address: 299 W Houston St, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am-5pm

Stonefruit Espresso + Kitchen

This is a spacious cafe situated in Brooklyn’s district of Bedford. Salad with apricots, avocado toast with poached eggs, chia pudding, first-class cappuccino and organic tea from Bellocq tea atelier will make the beginning of your morning excellent. The interior features a lot of greenery, fashion magazines, plates decorated with stunning images and an unrealistically beautiful counter where you can buy minimalist handmade bouquets from local craftsmen. In general, there’s everything for an ideal photo for Instagram and a leisurely delicious breakfast!

Address: 1058 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 7.30am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 8.30am-6pm

Two Hands

Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella Sub

Two Hands is an atmospheric cafe specialized in Australian cuisine and offering a huge selection of salads and breakfasts. For example, you can try there Acai Bowl – a toast with ricotta and cranberry, sandwich with mozzarella and prosciutto, quinoa salad, spinach and yogurt, pudding with chia seeds and granola, and of course, the right coffee. It’s better to visit Two Hands early in the morning, since you’ll have to wait in line.

Address: 164 Mott St, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-5pm

Milk and Roses

Beautiful sunny cafe day

(photo by Johanna Beyenbach)

It’s a favorite place of New Yorkers for breakfast in Greenpoint area, Brooklyn. Red sofas, a stylish bar and a piano, where live music is played in the evenings create a unique setting for your breakfast. In summer, a cute wooden backyard opens, which is excellent for evening cocktails. Speaking of the menu, a Portuguese octopus on the grill and delicious waffles with cream and seasonal fruits and are among top recommended delicacies.

Address: 1110 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-12am, Friday and Saturday 10am-1am, Sunday 10am-11pm



The establishment is famous for its Greek yogurt, which is made on an eco-farm in the suburbs of New York. This yogurt with muesli and honey is just a culinary masterpiece, and Greek salad is served with the correct cheese and olives with a lot of olive oil, whole grain bread in a clay pot. In addition, there’s an insanely cozy back yard with massive wooden tables and delicious to-go smoothies.

Address: 379 Broome St, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-8pm


Last breakfast with Tomo at Reynards, Brooklyn. Such an intense weekend :)

(photo by Spanish Hipster)

This aristocratic restaurant is located on the first floor of Wythe design hotel. Burger complemented with red wine will definitely win your heart. This is one of those places where you want to return regardless of the occasion. While visiting Reynard, it’s recommended to try the asparagus in pistachio sauce and carrot puree with almonds and Bulgarian feta cheese.

Address: 80 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-11pm, Saturday-Sunday 7am-12am

Bluestone Lane

Family coffee at Bluestone Lane

Bluestone Lane features an Australian cuisine in West Village, a large cozy terrace and a huge selection of toast and multiple variations of omelets. Toast with smoked salmon and toast with avocado are local favorites. Since initially Bluestone Lane is the ownership of coffee masters from Melbourne, then there’s no reason to doubt about coffee quality in this place.

Address: 55 Greenwich Ave, New York

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm


Poached eggs, hash brown, mushrooms and asparagus at St Ali South

Freemans offers an amazingly cozy courtyard where you can have breakfast by enjoying asparagus with poached eggs and mozzarella – it’s just an incredible combination that will please your taste buds. In addition, the establishment has a large wine and cocktail list. Unfortunately, there’s so good in the evening that there’s always a queue. Since the booking is not available there, it’s better to come in advance, put the name into the lists and stroll around while you wait.

Address: Freeman Alley, New York

Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11am-11pm, Friday and Saturday 11am-2am

Chennai Colonial Building

What to See in India – Visa Documents, Destinations and Cities not to be missed

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What to see in India? It seems a good question, especially considering that the country is very old and hosts innumerable attractions. On what to see in India you could write hundreds of books, and even those would be enough. During its thousand-year history, India has been influenced by many cultures and traditions, among which the Chinese, the Arab and even the Christian ones, developed during the years of British occupation. India has given birth to many illustrious personalities such as Mahatma Gandhi (who was, in fact, celebrated as the great Indian soul).

Today, different cultural and religious traditions coexist peacefully. Most of the inhabitants of India it is of Hindu religion. However, broadly speaking, Indian citizens are divided into the various religious cults they attend according to their caste or religious convictions. Islam is represented to a lesser extent in the Indian state: it is predominant only in some regions.

Finally, among the mass religions known all over the globe present in India, the last places are occupied by Protestant Christianity (Anglican Church) and Buddhism. Depending on what you are looking for, you could draw different rankings on what to see in India. For example, lovers of silence and calm could venture into the Indian jungle as night falls, where time passes in complete solitude and union with the surrounding nature.

All those who, instead, love to be in the city centers among many other people could consider the idea of ​​going to the big Indian cities, to admire the architecture and urban development. However, even before leaving to discover India, one must know what documents to prepare.

First of all, you have to go to the Indian consulate in Rome (or see if there is a branch in your city of residence) and apply for a tourist visa. Generally, the Indian authorities take about 2 months to carry out their research and confirm the accuracy of the data entered in the scroll to request a tourist visa to enter India.

The cost of the document is really poor. There is talk of about 71 Euros, which could rise slightly due to some strictly bureaucratic issues.

Once you have arrived at your destination, how to choose what to see in India? Almost all the tourist manuals strongly recommend starting from the city of Bangalore (or Bengaluru). It is a real San Francisco Indian, surrounded by lots of cars and neon lights almost everywhere.

However, it is better not to be deceived by appearances. Although from the outside Bangalore may seem a very lively and dynamic urban center, from the inside it is, instead, a calm and relaxed city. All thanks to its technological boom, which drives many Indian programmers and computer experts to stay home and work on new technologies in the IT sphere.

 In Bangalore there are various places where you can taste excellent local beer. Instead, if you get tired of the city and traffic, you might consider visiting the historic city center. There are several very interesting buildings, dating back to the colonial era. All around, however, there is the jungle. Why not take time to visit it? And after Bangalore it is advisable to stop in Delhi.

In the city is hosted the largest mosque in the region, the Jama Masjid. Delhi is one of the largest cities, and it is no coincidence that it is the capital, both cultural and administrative, of India. Unlike Bangalore, Delhi is a very dynamic and eventful city.

Jama Masjid, Delhi

To get around the streets of the capital you must often nudge to reach a destination. We recommend visiting the ancient bazaar in the historical center of Delhi and also seeing the Bahai temple, whose natural area is entirely dedicated to meditation in the midst of nature. In India we also recommend visiting the city of Chennai, well known for its dense traffic. In the old urban center you can also see the colonial buildings built by the English between the 19th and 20th centuries. To see in Chennai are absolutely the temple towers, so majestic that even the tallest buildings are darkened.

Chennai Colonial Building

About what to see in India could still be written a lot, but one must never forget Hyderabad, a city hosting an immense historical center. The city mosque, Masjid, is considered as a real mecca by many Muslims. And if a part of the city is linked to religious traditions and its history, the other area is in something similar to hyper-technological Tokyo.

Finally, among the cities to visit you should not forget Jaipur, described by many as the pink city of India (Exploring through luxury train give you memorable experience). In Jaipur you should definitely visit the Jal Mahal, a huge building that seems to float on the water, and the Govind Dev Ji, a temple dedicated to Krishna.

Jal Mahal

When Should You Visit A Counselor

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It’s not shameful or weird at all. Visit a counselor and get help from

In all possible ways, you or your partner try to calm down the situation, but it does not improve. You realize that your marriage is ruined, but you do not want to get divorced, because you still love and feel that your marriage is helpful, but you just do not know how to save your marriage. That is why it is the right time to seek the help of a marriage counselor to help you make a clearer view of the situation, objectively decide what would be best done without the bad emotions and bitterness you feel. And in order to visit a marital counselor, your partner should also.

What is Marital Counseling?

Marriage counseling helps couples try to solve the causes of their quarrels and disagreements that jeopardize their relationship. Psychotherapists in a marital counseling clinic will give you tips on how to learn to communicate better, but also to solve the problem jointly without major debates and quarrels. Of course, there will be conflicts and disagreements during marriage, but a marriage counseling can help you learn to get out of the quarrel and take advantage of the best things through which you will build a happier relationship or marriage. Counseling will help you even when you do not have major problems because an experienced and good marriage counselor will teach you to strengthen your relationship and understand you better before you plan. In the west, it is recommended that if you just want to get married, visit a counseling center, because you will see the difference between you and your partner through a conversation with a counselor. Before your marriage, you will learn how to deal with problems when the passion and initial love fall out.

Why should I go to a Marital Counseling?

When you notice that there are no exits, do not ignore the problems and let them solve them by themselves. If you do nothing, it’s unconnected that your relationship will become even worse, and such marriages usually end in divorce. The problems that you have with your partner, who are not being solved, are already accumulating, can violate non-mental health and can lead to serious mental or physical disorders. The most common diseases in these situations are depression, problems with stomach nerves that can cause stomach ulcers. Your personal problems, whether you want it or not, begin to affect your business, so they make the thing even worse. You are losing interest in business, you cannot concentrate on what you do, and because of this, the argument spreads to friends and a wider family. Because of your quarrels, children are the most starved. Marital counselors will help you learn to solve the problem calmly and calmly. They will teach you to deal with problems and share them with your partner, because only in this way will your marriage succeed.

YellowPages and FourSquare is where you can find us.

Things To Consider When Selecting An Assault Lawyer

Things To Consider When Selecting An Assault Lawyer

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Whenever you are searching for the best assault lawyer out there, you will have to start your research online so you can find the perfect option for yourself. Make sure that you are going through every single detail that will help you come up with a great solution. It is always necessary for you to pay close attention to the things that will allow you to choose the right assault lawyer. There are plenty of important things that you need to focus on so you can find the best assault lawyer. Most of the time, people forget to pay close attention to the things that will help you in the right way.

If you are considering all the important factors, then you will be able to choose the best assault lawyer out there. We will be discussing few important things that you will have to focus on so you can choose the perfect assault lawyer. Let’s have a look at how you can find the best assault lawyer out there.

Choose a lawyer with a great reputation

First of all, you will have to look for a lawyer with an excellent reputation. If you are not checking the reputation of the assault lawyer, then you won’t be able to get the desired outcome. It is always necessary for you to pay close attention to the things that matter the most. Make sure that you are checking the reputation of the lawyer that you are about to choose. You should also check out Assault Lawyer Vancouver to get a better idea of how you can find the best assault lawyer.

Know your case

The next thing that you will have to pay close attention to is to study your case. Make sure that you are always focusing on the things that matter the most. It is the best way to proceed so you can avoid all the issues in the long run. If you are focusing on your case, then you will be able to understand things properly. It is the best way to proceed so you can select the right lawyer.

Consider all possibilities

Make sure that you are always considering all the possibilities. If you are checking all of your possibilities, then you will be able to choose the best assault lawyer. It is necessary for you to consider all the possibilities so you can come up with a great solution.

Applying Early Psychological Concepts: A Case Study

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The history of psychology reveals many schools of thoughts and many different approaches to therapy. Each type of therapy is unique in its own way, but all therapy has the same goal: to relieve the patient of their troubles. This can be approached by modifying troubling behavior, gaining insight into a person’s unconscious feelings, or by helping the patient to become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. This paper will explore some of the psychological concepts which can be applied when treating a patient and the therapies of three major psychological orientations.


The following case study will be on a 27 year old man by the name of Max who seems to be suffering from some sort of delusional thinking. Max’s troubles begin to arise shortly after high school. He was working as an employee at a grocery store when he began having irrational thoughts about being under surveillance. The suspicious thoughts about being watched were also accompanied by voices that only Max could hear. He claims that the voices tell him that he is evil and he has a hard time shutting them out. Max’s paranoia surrounding being watched was taken to another level when he began to feel as if the FBI were following him. As a result, Max has grown rather agitated and confused. At the tail end of his six month stint at the grocery store Max quit his job after having a confrontation with his employer. His complaint was that he couldn’t work under the pressure of being continuously watched on monitors. He is unable to function as an adult in society and has found himself hospitalized for his condition.

In order for Max to shed the confusion, agitation, and anxiety brought on by his irrational thoughts he will need to undergo some type of treatment. The treatment should focus on explaining and dispelling the irrational thoughts and ideas that Max is plagued with. By addressing the underlying reasons for the onset of his condition, Max will have a better understanding of exactly what is happening to him. This will open up some new doors for Max and he will be better equipped to deal with these thoughts of paranoia. While it may not be possible to completely rid his mind of these notions all together, a better understanding of the source and nature of them may aid Max in learning new coping skills. These skills, when applied correctly will surely provide Max with some relief. The ultimate goal of treatment for Max will be to help him arrive to a point where he can re-enter the work force and function in society without becoming agitated or paranoid.


Before ultimately deciding on which route to pursue in regards to Max’s treatment, it would be a good idea to take a look at how some of the concepts from early to modern day psychology could be applied to this case. By looking at the whole picture, the therapist is better equipped to choose which path to take in treating Max. It could be a case in which multiple forms of methods of therapy could be applied, so it is important to cover all the bases before beginning treatment.

Taking cues from structuralism, Max’s issues can be broken down into simpler mental processes. Structuralism focuses on breaking down these mental processes into their simplest of forms (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). Titchener’s structuralism places a lot of focus on the act of introspection. It may be possible for Max to use this method to take a deep look at his experiences and the sum of those experiences. By looking at his own thoughts Max will be then able to apply the elements of consciousness to his condition. After careful introspection, the next logical action would be to take these newly found conscious thoughts and determine how they are associated with one another and with Max’s mindset as a whole (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). By connecting each mental process or irrational thought it is possible to not only see the link between each one, but to pinpoint the origin of them.

The functionalist approach can also be applied to the troubles that Max has been suffering from. Similar to structuralism in the sense that the focus is on the mental processes, functionalism is a more organized and systematic way of accomplishing the same thing. Instead of just focusing on the elements of or each of Max’s irrational thoughts, the functionalist approach would be to examine the purpose of the paranoid thoughts. Max could be instructed to examine himself closely to see if he can understand exactly why he has these types of delusions. It is possible that he has some underlying concern or issue that he is not aware of. The irrational thoughts may be Max’s way of dealing with this issue or concern.

Some ideas derived from phenomenology may also be used to treat and assess Max. Phenomenology is an approach that in a sense sheds the ideas of the deep consciousness and past experiences. Instead it focuses on the here and the now (Schultz amp; Schultz, 2008). By taking a phenomenological approach to Max’s troubles, the therapy would center around his immediate experiences as they occur. Max could be instructed to stop each time his irrational thoughts arise and take note of the what is going on at the exact moment. In a sense he would be doing some introspection, but in this case it would be more of a surface type introspection. The goal would be to gain a better understanding of these troubling voices and experiences which would aid Max and the therapist in being able to communicate on the subject better.

Now it has been established that there are many ideas and concepts which can be applied to the treatment of Max, it is time to take three major psychological movements into consideration and evaluate how each can be used to help him. The three methods of therapy which will be examined and applied to Max’s case study will be behaviorism, gestalt, and psychoanalysis. After carefully going over each method of treatment, it will then be decided which will work best to treat Max.


Using a behaviorist approach to therapy Max will be taught how to self-modify his own behavior. The goal of this behaviorist therapy will be to change Max’s behavior in reaction to his paranoid thoughts. Instead of becoming agitated and confused Max will learn to find new ways to cope. These new coping methods will replace Max’s outbursts and agitation. By eliminating the unwanted behavior Max should be able to successfully deal with the voices and paranoia in a more positive and healthy manner. It is also important to note that with this behavioral therapy Max will not just be undergoing behavior modification, but also learning the skills to partake in self-modification of his behavior.

The very first step will be to identify the problem behavior (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.). This will be accomplished by sitting down with Max and talking about his issues. The process of discussing the problematic behaviors is also going to be beneficial to Max in the sense that it may open his eyes up to some things he didn’t realize were problems for him. In this case the problematic behavior is the manner in which Max has been dealing with his troubling thoughts. His agitation has led him to act irritable and have angry outbursts. It is important that Max understands just how these behaviors are problematic. It should be pointed out that this type of behavior is holding Max back from living a productive life. By doing things like yelling at his boss or accusing customers of spying on him, he is not a likely candidate for employment.

After going over the many problematic behaviors, Max will then be asked to decide which one causes him the most trouble. The one problematic behavior that will be worked on first should be a very specific problem. Instead of just coming to the conclusion that the irrational thoughts make him angry, Max will be encouraged to phrase it in a more specific and concrete manner. So, the problem would be stated as, “the thoughts of being under surveillance make me mad and I yell at people”. By avoiding a generalization of the problem, Max will have more of a goal to tackle when modifying the behavior (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.).

Now that Max has been taught how to identify his specific problem he will be working on, it is time to state the goal. A good suggestion would be something along the lines of, “I will not let my thoughts of being watched lead me to becoming angry” (“The Behaviorist Approach,” n.d.). The next step to take would be to identify some actions to take to help Max attain his goal of not becoming angry and agitated by the thoughts and voices he experiences. These actions or steps Max will take towards reaching his goal must be realistic. An example would be to pause and take a few deep breaths when troubling thoughts arise. By doing this Max will be taking time to reflect on what he his thinking and refrain from having outbursts. The ultimate goal of this type of treatment is to aid Max in replacing his outbursts with more positive behaviors. With practice and commitment, it is very possible that Max’s behavior can be modified and he can return to work.


Switching gears a bit and straying from the behaviorist approach, Max is now going to see if he can benefit from a gestalt approach to therapy. Instead of focusing on his behavior, Max is going to be encouraged to take a look at his problem from a “here and now” type of treatment. The main focus of Gestalt therapy is self-awareness by stressing more of the process of healing, or what is happening at the moment rather than the content, or what is being discussed. As a result, emphasis is put on what is being thought or felt at the moment rather than what was or what could be (Yontef, 1993).

Gestalt therapy with Max would begin with him explaining how he is feeling at the exact moment. Max will be asked if anything is presently bothering him. If something is then the therapist and Max would spend some time talking about that. It would be beneficial to ask Max questions pertaining to his present feelings to encourage him to open up. If Max were to start thinking of the past or about things that could happen due to his irrational thoughts, he would be encouraged to instead focus on the present. By placing more emphasis on what is going on inside at the exact moment Max will become more self aware of his feelings (Yontef, 1993).

The empty chair technique is also a method used in Gestalt therapy. For this technique, Max will be sat facing an empty chair. A good idea would be to have Max pretend the chair is occupied by someone who he has issues with. Since Max’s irrational thoughts center around being watched, it may be necessary to “fill” the chair with someone who Max believes is responsible for watching him. Max would be instructed to confront the person and to let all of this thoughts just come out. If it would be beneficial for Max to yell at the empty chair, then he will be instructed to do so. The goal of this empty chair technique is for Max to be able to get some things off his chest that involve the person he chose to fill the chair.

Since Max’s issues obviously leave him feeling a bit alienated it also may be a good idea to try some group therapy. Max could attend a group with a few other people. They all would meet and discuss their problems. It would be nice if the group had some people in it who also suffered from troubling or irrational thoughts. By discussing their problems together Max and the others in the group would be able to see that they are not alone. They can learn from one another by talking about their coping methods. The ideal group would be led by a therapist who encourages the group to focus on what they are feeling at the time (Yontef, 1993).


The final approach to therapy with Max will be psychoanalysis. People are naturally unaware of factors that determine their thoughts and behaviors. Psychoanalysis attempts to make the client or patient aware of these unconscious factors that create turmoil in their lives (“About Psychoanalysis,” n.d.) These unconscious factors sometime arise in the form of symptoms that are recognizable, but also arise in the form of troubling personality traits. In the case of Max there must be some underlying factors that contribute to his irrational thoughts of being under surveillance.

Psychoanalysis can thought of to be a sort of partnership between the patient and the therapist. The patients job it to talk about their experiences and thoughts. The therapists job is to listen and to understand. Max’s first session of psychoanalytical treatment would involve him taking a comfortable seat and being encouraged to talk freely about whatever is on his mind. This could be anything from home life, to what he wants to do later in the day. As Max becomes more comfortable with the therapist, he will begin to open up more and speak about not just mundane day to day things, but about issues he has in relationships and things that weigh heavy on his mind.

Psychoanalytical therapy is usually conducted frequently. Max should undergo therapy 3-4 days a week. As Max begins to open up more, the therapist will start to better understand him and notice patterns or feelings that seem to be missing from important situations. Since Max’s problems seem to center around his delusions and the feelings those create for him, he will be encouraged to talk about this often. The main job of the therapist will be to listen, but it is also beneficial to lead Max in certain directions with the therapy. By asking him questions like “how did that make you feel,” the therapist will be helping Max to get in touch with feelings that he otherwise would have never dealt with. It is important that the therapist always remain neutral in regards to Max’s feelings or conflicts. The method of free association may also help Max to gain a better understanding of the nature and impact of his issues (“About Psychoanalysis,” n.d.).


Now that these three approaches to therapy have been discussed and it is clear as how to apply each on to Max’s case it is time to choose which would be most effective. While they all three seem like they could be beneficial to Max in some form or another, there must be one that will do him the most good. Given the nature of Max’s problem and the history he has of acting out when troubled by this thoughts, the behaviorist approach appears to be the one that Max would get the most from. His thoughts of being watched lead him to act out in ways that are not socially acceptable. The results of his behavior has left him unemployed and still residing in his parent’s home. The key word here is behavior. Max’s behavior needs to be addressed and changed. Therefore by taking a behaviorist approach to treating Max he can undergo behavior modification sessions. Not only will Max benefit from these sessions, but he will also learn how to self-modify his behavior. This is a skill that he can then apply to other problems that pop up for him in the future.


As a psychology student and mother I can easily say that I identify with the behaviorist approach. I have seen firsthand how modification of behavior can help to solve problems. I often reward my children for doing a good job on things like cleaning up following directions. There was a time when my soon to be four year old son would destroy his bedroom in a matter of minutes. The messy bedroom resulted in my son becoming irritable and bored. This was something that we needed to work on. So I made a simple chart and he was to do a little clean up every day. Each day that he cleaned up he received a sticker, and once a row of stickers was complete he would get to choose a paper out of my “fun bag”. Each paper had some sort of fun activity written on it like go to the park. This proved rather effective in helping him not only overcome his messy behaviors, but also made him happy in the long run. His clean room proved to also improve is mood and cut back on the boredom.

While I do admit that I favor behaviorism, I can’t fully discredit the other approaches that I have covered in this paper. I can see how each type of therapy could be beneficial in different cases. This fact leads me to believe that a patient should be encouraged to experiment with different types of therapy before choosing which one to undergo. Everyone is different and it may be that different approaches work better for different people.

Gastric Bypass Surgery Abroad – Spend Less And Enjoy More!

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Gastric bypass procedure can be a life-saving option for all those obese people out there who have not been able to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle on their own. Obesity has become one of the biggest health issues in most countries including the USA on top. In the US alone obesity has touched epidemic proportions. Weight loss treatments such as bariatric surgery is extremely costly in the US and are not covered under insurance, whereas other weight loss procedures like lap band, the gastric band procedures are now being offered for relatively fewer prices in Europe and South-Asia.  Providing affordable surgical weight-loss options will help more and more people get the surgery so that they can get back to a healthier lifestyle.

Insurance companies do not include weight-loss procedures such as Roux-en-Y surgeries and utilizing a discounted price at a quality, certified healthcare centers with experienced and board-certified bariatric surgeons in Europe can offer budget-minded individuals with relatively a low-cost alternatives. Similar quality care is usually available for one-third to one-half of the cost! The point is how much does gastric bypass in Europe cost? The prices can vary anywhere from $8,000 to $11,000 depending on the type of procedural surgery option selected.

Gastric Bypass Abroad – Learn About The Most Affordable Gastric Bypass Options

If you have been considering having a weight loss surgery and are looking to save big, you must consider Gastric Bypass Abroad options before you make a final decision.

  • Confidence in Healthcare – Medical tourism services help find the same level of quality care abroad and other locations in Europe as it is offered in the USA or other countries.
  • Cost – You will be receiving superior quality care at a heavily discounted rate and this is why a large number of obese clients are considering having Gastric Bypass Abroad
  • Convenience – Traveling to Europe is generally inexpensive and quick, specially from the states. You can promptly travel to Europe, which adds more to convenience.
  • Play and Care – Having the gastric bypass surgery abroad at discounted rates perhaps offer you with considerable savings to have a mini-vacation and enjoy traveling Europe prior to your surgery.
  • Weight loss Procedure Options – Gastric bypass abroad happens to be one of the several weight-loss options in Europe that are offered. Sleeve and lap band methods are some of the other alternatives.

Opting For The Right Weight-Loss Surgery

There are several health risks related to being considerably overweight with type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, high blood pressure, and a certain type of cancers topping the list. Gastric bypass surgery abroad can certainly help you lose an excess amount of weight, eventually changing your life for the good.

Tips for Fashion Shopping online

Tips for Fashion Shopping online

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There are times when we look for things to be parts of our life during shopping. Fact of the matter is that, while doing shopping it always comes to our minds if, I could buy all the necessary stuffs for me. Holiday shopping could be like a boon for you. While having holidays you could see that, there are lots stuffs placed in front of you.  You could check your mind during holidays that how could you get all things together? but, most important stuffs which you mostly look in autumn, as well as winter season, are jackets as well as sweaters.

Beautiful well designed velour colour block sweater

This sweater seems to look like we are going to use it near winter. When winter comes near, this sweater supports you from little coldness. Particularly, this could be utilized near semi-winter. Shade of this sweater seems to like this belongs to the perspective of modernism. Sometimes it becomes an issue for you near the winter that, you feel cold and you need sweater to protect you from little coldness. This sweater helps you to create your safe side.

Fine looking fleece colour block Sweater

This sweater seems to look nice and comfortable for you. During winter or near the winter we could easily use this sweater and it will protect us from coldness. This sweat actually works as a protector for you. One must have this sweat to be smart and young. Fact of the matter is that, this sweater actually creates a kind of safe mode for you in the season when you suffer from little shivering.

Nice stylish Mickey Sweater complementing with Steel Jewelry

Fact of the matter is that, this sweater becomes very interesting for you because you get the picture of Mickey on the centre part of this sweater. Sometimes, men like to have such type of cartoon design on their sweater. They must choose this sweater so that, they could make their life little cool. Complementing it with Stainless Steel Jewelry

Nice looking Jersey biker jacket

We could see that, the colour of this jacket is black. Most of the celebrities use this jacket while having the shoot of the film. If you want to enjoy the wedding in winter then you must have this matching wedding jewellery because it will change your complete personality when you become the part of any wedding or party.

These stuff become urgent for you to buy during the holidays. During the holidays we have free time to buy them and our shopping could prove to be successful.

Making a Rock Star Birthday Party Theme

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Rock stars can be a fun birthday theme for a child or an adult. There are many different ways that you can incorporate rock stars into your birthday party. The following are some things you can do to give a great “rock star” birthday party.

First, you will of course need rock music. You can put on whatever rock music you like best in the background. If it is a hip crowd that likes to dance, then you could make a space for dancing and put the music on a little louder. If most people would rather the music not be so invasive, you can just put it on in the background. In addition, you could get some sort of a rock concert that you like and have that playing on your computer in the background.

Another fun thing to do at a rock star themed party is to let the guests have a try at being a rock star by allowing them to sing karaoke. It can be fun to listen to the good singers, and hilarious to listen to the bad singers. You can choose a variety of rock music from the different karaoke apps out there.

You will want to put rock star decorations up. They make life size cutouts of different people, and different rock stars are included in that. If there is someone who is popular that you really like, then you could see if something like that is available. Otherwise, you may want to put different rock posters on the walls. You can print things out from the Internet, and you may be able to find some things on websites such as If you have old rock record albums, then these can also make a fitting decoration for a rock star themed party.

Party stores such as Party City also sell a wide variety of decorations that would be appropriate for a rock star party. They have decorations such as cutouts of jukeboxes and musical notes. They sell many other items that can provide decorations for your entire room or house if you so choose.

For your rock star themed party, you can tell people to come dressed as rock stars. This can be a lot of fun, and can often be done with items that people already have in their own closets complimented by a pair of sunglasses. You can go all out yourself.

How To Help Your Child Adjust To Your New House

How To Help Your Child Adjust To Your New House

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While moving to a new place does symbolize the starting of a new chapter in your life, this new chapter comes with a lot of struggle. Ask anyone you know about moving to a new house and they will tell you their fair share of horror stories. Moving is stressful enough on its own but you add a toddler to the mix and you have the recipe for a nightmare.

If you think that uprooting your life from one place so you can start over in another place drains you out, just imagine how stressful it would be for your child. However, just because someone else had a horrible experience, does not mean that you have to suffer from the same.

Here are some ways in which you can help your child adjust to your new house.

  • Amp up the excitement level

To put it simply, if you’re excited about the move then your kid’s going to be excited, too. Our children are smarter than we think and they pick up on everything from our visual cues to our mood swings. If your child sees you being stressed out about the move or cribbing about your new home, they are going to develop the same attitude. If you’re happy about the move, your child’s going to be happy about the move. Get your child excited about the move by highlighting all the wonderful things that are going to happen in their lives by moving to a new place. Perhaps they are going to get neighbors with children the same age as them or their neighborhood is going to have an ice-cream shop, whatever the case may be, you need to make your children excited for this new journey. You can only paint a pretty picture for your children if you yourself are stress-free about the move. 90% of stress about moving to a new place comes from the actual moving part itself, and having the option of getting help from professional movers can take a major part of that stress off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus on helping your child out and making the move pleasant for them.

  • Bring back familiarity in their lives

Children often get anxious in new surroundings and that is why they find it hard to adapt to new surroundings. Moving to Miami from Orlando, for example, can be a huge change for a child. When that happens, it’s imperative that children be shown that there is still familiarity in their lives even if the surrounding is new. From day one, keep your children hooked on to the same schedule they had followed in their previous home. Furthermore, make sure to let them incorporate pieces of their old life into their new home. Let them sleep with their old bedding on their new mattress or drink from old sippy cups. They need some thread for clinging to their old life while they try and assimilate into their new environment. This will also help you keep calm instead of throwing a monumental tantrum when your child’s comfort blanket gets lost while moving.

  • Make their new environment pleasant

Expecting your child not to have any meltdowns or bursts of anger after uprooting their whole life is asking for a miracle.  They will cry, they will whine and they will blame you. It’s upon you to redirect their angst and sadness into something else. If they are sad about leaving behind friends, find some new friends for them in the neighborhood. Treat them extra special to signify the importance of this move, from getting them new toys or incorporating ice cream during meal time. Peace in your new house depends upon your child’s happiness and if ice cream for lunch is what makes them happy, then let that be it. Part of making the new environment pleasant for your child means letting them think that they still have control over their lives. Involve them in decisions about the house even if it means asking their opinion on kitchen tiles. Children often feel angst at having such a dramatic change occur in their life without their approval so things like these will make them feel like they’re in control again.

People often say that the two most anxiety-inducing parts about moving to a new place are the reactions of your children and the actual part of moving your stuff. While your moving can be taken care of using external help, the former is going to be entirely your own responsibility.

What Are The Top Travel Options You Have In Menorca?

What Are The Top Travel Options You Have In Menorca?

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A Cala Galdana vacation is hard to top when it comes to relaxation. Situated on the incredible Spanish island of Menorca, this resort is commonly considered to be one of the most beautiful coves in the Western part of the Mediterranean. It is nestled between high cliffs and waters that shelter the cover from the wind, the sweeping bay that offers an amazing setting for a relaxing and calm holiday escape.

While on a Cala Galdana vacation, many people find almost everything they require in nearby access, with great access to restaurants, entertainment, and other amazing activities directly available on the site. But, for those who are interested in dividing their leisure and beach time with some sightseeing, there are several other means the visitors can get around the island. For bikes to buses to car hire Menorca, it all can be a great pleasure of adventure.

Take Buses

The main bus station you will find on Menorca are in Ciutadella and Mahon/Maó, visitors can easily find bus connections to several villages, sights and parks across the island. Taking an afternoon trip to either of these places is quite easy. If you plan on visiting Mahon for lunch and sightseeing, you can hop on the bus to Mahon early morning and get back by evening. There are several buses running every day to Ciutadella with a travel time of around 35 minutes, making it a great short trip from Cala Galdana. Vacationers can certainly find more bus details at the Menorca Guide website.

Car Hire

Quite of bit of the island can be seen by bus, but if you intend to do some research beforehand and stick to your schedule or do not want yourself to be stranded anywhere for longer than you hoped, you can opt for car hire Menorca services. Car hire Menorca offers you the freedom to create your own schedule, and be a bit spontaneous with your route. Menorca is not a very big island, which allows the drivers with an opportunity to see a lot of landscapes in a relatively short period of time. Moreover, there are several beautiful vistas and coves not on the usual routes for the public buses, and the only way to reach them is by car or foot.


While you are enjoying your stay at this delightful resort, you will enjoy access to some of the great outdoor activities, including cycling. As it is a hill area, it perhaps be tough to get very far if you are not an experienced cyclist, but cycling around offers you with a lot more options to explore the nearby coves.

Why Every Business Need To Invest In Content

Why Every Business Need To Invest In Content

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Content Development is the gold statement in the internet publishing and race to be on top of search engines and the first page of search results. The emerging role of content is affecting top brands, top publishers, and long-standing enterprises. Consumer engagement and approach to influence consumer-buying decisions turned out to be a game of quality content presentation and distribution for reach.

“Content is King”, you must be heard this statement before. Yes, it is true.

Educational content about products and services is a major influencer driving consumer engagement to take action. Writing content for consumers is a vehicle to build an audience rather than quick-hit audience acquisition through advertisement.

People are looking for informative content that delivers rich and intense information about product features, service offering, how to use those products and services.

Informative content is not limited to feature listing and product benefits, it has gone further miles ahead with the phrases like “How to”, “Hacks on”, and “Learn More”. Products and services that rank on the top are those who fill the internet websites, forums, social media channels and email newsletters with those buzzwords “How to”, “Hacks on” and “Learn more”.

Products consumers are always struggling to make the best utilization of their money; consumers are abandoning many products and services with little to none availability of content about product or service around the consumer reach.

How people read the content?

The attention span of Internet users is limited to a few seconds to find what they want. After opening a specific page to read something, that page gets less 15 seconds of reader attention before deciding to leave out.

Most of the web users will have a quick look into the left side of the page looking for their target before turning back.

Majority of the users will have a look at the first part of the page, although they will scroll down, however, their attention span is reducing quickly while they are scrolling looking for information, especially with mobile users.

The good information, that visitors who spend more than 3 minutes reading a page, will likely return back to the same website or page looking for more information.

Among web users who spend the time to read, 20% of users will read 20% of the text, and 10% to 20% of those readers will read the entire text.

People develop opinions about brands, and products names after reading more than 15 seconds.

Storytelling style with well-structured information presentation will get more than 100 seconds of engagement of reading by web users.

How People Read Content Online is an infographic showing a study of people behavior reading and consuming content.

Content First or Design First?

Neither is first. They both should move the hand in hand. Putting the content before design takes business teams nerves to come out with clear and focused words towards their goals. If a business has not defined its goals of the content for their website, a design comes handy to spark the ideas and generate more words to fill out gaps.

Developing content is tedious work for writers who do not have a proper foundation of targets to achieve, a design sketch or mockup definitely will spark writers to have a vision and framework for their content. Regardless of constraints imposed by design sketches, good writers are able to work within design constraints and innovate.

On the other side, waiting for designers to come out with good design is waste of precious time to be on the market, those months of delay can be utilized to generate content, drive traffic to the website, and establish engagement with target audience. The endless process of design revisions could delay time to market while pushing designers with effective content to fill out their design and gain more understanding of content strategy will improve design revisions; developing content and design is not a joyful process, it a process full of frustration between content writers and designers.

How Millennials Consume Content?

Millennials trust recommendation from strangers, they read their peers generated content, they read comments; they read reviews before making a decision to buy something.

Millennials have abundant time beyond elders, unlike elders do; millennials prefer to read digital content.

The fact of millennials are not reading is not true; they prefer reading digital content rather than watching the news on TV. Millennials are consuming YouTube videos more than elders are, they consume material with stories that stroke their interest, material that build their skills, material that help them to make an opinion about a product or a service.

Millennials consume content differently, they are searching for content and skim through it quickly; and then they will search for other relevant content that supports the first, and so on. They develop their decisions based on their peers’ (known of strangers) recommendations from social media channels and then support it with material from the web.

Millennials are clever and innovative, do not underestimate their skills; they are native internet users, unlike transformed users who have the skills to read printed material.

Microsoft is turning Minecraft content to business generating revenue

Content is a revenue generation stream. It is not hard to believe that fact when you read about a giant making hundreds of billions of dollars investing in one of its products and convert its content into revenue generation stream.

The story of Microsoft with Minecraft content started as a hobby and turned out to actual business with an established marketplace. They hobbyist community started by enthusiasts to host readymade Minecraft jobs for others to consume; turned by Microsoft into the marketplace for selling those jobs. Microsoft claims that it is its responsibility to ensure the safety of its predominantly young audience and avoid alienating its Minecraft community members. The fact is they are focusing on increasing their revenue through guidance and control of results.

If Microsoft is envisioning solid cash flow coming from the content, they will not put efforts and invest money into developing a special marketplace for this type of content.

Small Business must have a content marketing strategy

A large portion of customers would learn about a company through an article online.

Several examples illustrated in Andrew Gazdecki article demonstrating small businesses who were able to make leap difference and success by focusing on their content development and marketing strategy.

Small businesses can build themselves faster by developing content. In a world of tough competition, content is the foundation for small businesses to establish themselves as an authority in their field. The big player is efficient in this game, but a small business can compete with less cost and time.

Small businesses can achieve the game of content by:

  • Establishing a blog, the blog can host stories about products, how to use the material,
  • Independent Web page with an owned domain name, small business should not rely on making their pages on Facebook, Linkedin, or other free services.
  • SEO and Keywords
  • Social media presence

Small business content building tips:

  • Segment audience and write for each segment
  • Define topics, and goals for each topic then write
  • Decide business objectives, to drive engagement, to educate users, to increase lead generation
  • Use content delivery channels, Omni-channels is the keyword for packaged delivery channels on one box
  • Create content and publish, do not stop
  • Measure results, track most consumed content, study behavior

Email Marketing with Content

Email is a big player driving customers to websites, it is one of the best ways businesses use to connect with their audience. Email traditionally used as a channel for sales instead of sharing brands’ content, however email remains number one tool to stay in touch audience.

Enriching email newsletters with focused statements driven with “Call to Action”, and good visual presentation of content coupled with images and videos, is important to urge readers to take action.

Email marketing is permission-based of the consumer consent approval to receive marketing and informational emails. Email is the tool that provides marketing teams with clear intention about consumer willingness to receive more information. More than that, consumers are requesting more information when they sign-in into newsletters offering extra products and services information communication and updates for the consumer benefit.

Mixing good presentation with content in email, by keeping it simple, including relevant visuals, and using branded color scheme, along with tags; is necessary to make a constant and immediate impact on email readers.

Some tips offered email communication to drive more people into content:

  • Be focused on consumer pain about products and services
  • Use images (but wisely, don’t overuse)
  • Put content on email ahead of design, beautiful and mobile responsive emails are nice, but the content is more important to driver engagement
  • Personalize emails to earn trust, readers must believe in your work by putting their name first.
How To Survive An Economic Depression

How To Survive An Economic Depression

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While an economic depression is unlikely, the only way to survive one is by acting now. The unemployment rate is well below the 25% rate we had for the great depression of 1929. There are also other factors to consider before the US economy went into a deep recession or depression. However we all need to start preparing for it now just incase the US went into a depression. Below I have outlined some basic but effective steps that will prepare you for an economic depression.

Have cash in the bank. Now is the time to start saving as much money as possible. The FDIC insures up to $250,000 per depositor, per insured bank. You can start saving money by following the steps below.

Pay off all your debts and only have one credit card, from a major bank, for emergencies only. Look into debit consolidation so that you can lower your monthly bill and interest.

Look into a part time job to supplement your full time job. If you like writing, consider writing for a few different websites like eHow, Associated Content, Bukisa, etc.

Look into joining Costco or another wholesale distributor. Buying in bulk will save you a lot of money in the long run. Also go online and look for coupons that will save you money on individual items.

Grow a garden and plant your own vegetables and fruit. For the winter months have enough vegetables packaged and frozen; also look into to preserving fruit. With the price of produce on the rise this will make a big savings in your budget.

Revaluate your job career to ensure that your current job will be around in the future. You may want to consider another career that will be around in the future, like Health Care Industry, IT jobs, etc.

When your doctor writes you a prescription, insists on a generic brand drug. You can pay as little as $4.00 per prescription for generic drugs.

Make sure your home is energy efficient. With the cost of heat fuel and electricity on the rise, a more energy efficient home can save you thousands.

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

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Based on a kid’s opinion of what makes the best summer family vacation, it’s all about the swimming pool. Well luckily water sides and bunk beds can both pair nicely with the best luxurious touches parents look out for in a resort they plan to spend their family summer vacation. Here we have compiled the best summer vacation places that will thrill you and your family members. All the cultural displays, foods and wines, best landscapes, hotel openings and resorts. Each destination listed here has tons of family-friendly things to do, whether the kids are into rock and roll emporiums, baseball stadiums, amusement park, or surfing beaches. Once the destination has been decided you can book all those activities, attractions and tours right on Avis Rome Airport online platform.

Ready to have a fun filed family summer vacation then you should have a look at the best places we picked out for you and make your decision.


Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

It’s known that no fewer than 1000 people in history have ever treaded the land of Helsinki. After the grand opening of Hotel St, George inside a former newspaper factory the beautiful city has become one of the best places in the world to spend a family vacation. The design shopping is better than Copenhagen and Stockholm combined with lots of amusement park in the cities for kids to have fun the city also the magnificent art works by Ai Weiwei, no wonder the world has started giving the Nordic capital the attention we always known it deserved. Summer is the best time to visit as one of the best airline in the world, Avis Rome offers free Helsinki stopovers.

Kingsmill Resort

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer
Located at Williamsburg, Virginia in the United States Kingsmill resort was built with families in mind. The resort is just miles away from two of the country’s most popular amusement parks (water country and Busch Gardens Williamsburg USA). The resorts is known to offer its guest with relaxing spotsfrom the chaise lounges to the hubbub of the parks with a luxurious river pool that features sandy beach and a water side. The resorts welcomes kids from ages 4 to 12 for day long programming that includes water games, activities on the marina beach like valley ball competition and sports.

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

Located at Orlando, Florida in the United States Waldorf Astoria is a luxurious stand out resort among other hotels in Orlando. Shares the same boundary with Disney Park the Waldorf Astoria was built with families in mind. It has a kids club that engage children from ages 5-13 everyday on different activities in and out of the pool, field games, and in the evening on Fridays the event of the day is the bonfire exclusively for adults only.

There are many other places that family can spend their summer vacation like Vista Verde Ranch, Sun River Resort, Osthoff Resort, Aulani Disney Resort and Spa, San Anthonio Texas, Charlotte North Carolina and the list goes on.

Best Places To Spend Your Family Vacation This Summer

Summer vacation doesn’t start on arrival of the destination, it starts from when you enter the airport and Avis Rome Airport is one of the best Airline service provider there is to tour this beautiful vacation resorts.

Why You Should Invest In Business Process Automation Software

Why You Should Invest In Business Process Automation Software

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Every now and then, businesses need constant improvement and excellent tools that can ensure smooth operations with less time and errors, and that’s what the business process automation is all about. When you have processed and powerful business process automation, the productivity in your business is likely to grow, gradually.

Investing in a BPA is surely ideal for you but make sure you choose the best version of them. Database automation like BPA consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and utilizing software applications in the entire organization.

Here’s the list of factors that qualifies an upscale BPA software that is worth to invest in.

Time management

Unlike the manual process, automation software responds quickly in order to complete the tasks and provides accurate results. It enables the constant workflow ensuring the existed work is done, and another is aligned to be completed. This is great for comprehensive productivity. So, when you have speedy productivity, you save precious time to plan accordingly and grow your business.

Improvement in tracking, monitoring, and reporting

Often, businesses need to take decisions ensuring the right strategies and tactics to represent their business to their clients. It also needs accurate and up-to-date data and information and that can only be defined through a reliable Business Process Automation Tool so that business can comprehensively, monitor and analyze the existing data. This also helps management to regularly report with existing data and information that is processed by BPA.

Less human errors

Processing different task manual can be a little time taking, and more of that can consist of unnecessary errors. Tasks with potential errors only increase the labor and fuss, also leaves a wrong impression on your clients. But, when you have enhanced BPA implemented in your workplace, it enhances the accuracy and quality of the tasks. Also, BPA abolishes most of the significant errors that may take up a significant amount of time to be rectified.

Decreased workload

Implementing business process automation diminishes the manual workload to a greater extent and enables employees to focus on enhancing their skills and make themselves ever ready in the competitive market. It not only eases the process and tasks but also enables you to gather data from different resources and systems.

Reduced cost

When you have enhanced BPA mending all the business operations this eliminates human effort that largely disables errors in tasks. But, in case an error occurs, the automation hardly takes much time and resources to rectify the mistake, this ensures reduced cost.

Summing Up

So, if you are planning to implement a BPA in your business, make sure you are comprehensively researching, comparing and then owning a reliable and easily integrated Business Process Automation software.

Cut Health Costs With These 5 Food Safety Suggestions

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Living healthy means following a balanced diet that supplies essential nutrients for bodily functions and exercising regularly to improve muscular and cardiovascular strength. Authority Health is a top resource with insightful tips and suggestions on how to maintain great overall health. That being said, avoiding risks associated with diet is also dependent on the ways in which we store and prepare our food as well as where we source it from. Following these few simple tips will help you minimize the risk of foodborne diseases and thus save you expensive trips to the doctor.

Cut Health Costs With These 5 Food Safety Suggestions

1. Willingly Wash

Wash your hands regularly. This should be an ingrained habit already but if not, be sure to instill the habit. If you have young ones that are not routinely washing then now has never been a better time to implement regular washing periods. Ensure that you and your family wash with warm soapy water 20 seconds before and after handling food. This will kill off toxic bacteria. If you have stubborn children then offer them rewards for regular washing such as a sweet treat after supper or a monthly trip to the drive-thru.

2. Keep Surfaces Clean

This is another consideration that is often overlooked. Maintaining kitchen hygiene plays a pivotal role in ensuring that harmful bacteria does not spawn and spread to areas where food is prepared. Make a habit of cleaning countertops and chopping boards immediately after use. If you do it then and there, chores won’t start piling up in the future. Maintaining a clean chopping board is vitally important. Bacteria from uncooked meat can live inside the cracks and cuts of chopping boards and diseases like salmonella can start to form. It is wise to have two separate boards; one for meats and one for produce. You might also want to consider the type of chopping board that you are using. Plastic boards are easier to sanitize but form deep grooves where bacteria can hide while wooden boards require more maintenance but are not prone to deep surface cuts. Check out this handy resource for tips on how to care for your wooden chopping board. Be sure to clean countertops with a powerful detergent. If you are worried about using harmful cleaning chemicals in the kitchen, then you can easily and cost-effectively make your own surface cleaner.

3. Defrost The Right Way

Do not let frozen foods thaw on the counter. The center of the food will remain frozen much longer than the outer portions of the food. The unfrozen parts will reach 40 – 140 degrees Fahrenheit long before the center and it is at this temperature that bacteria multiply extremely fast. The best methods for defrosting are in the refrigerator, microwave, or in cold water. Some perishable goods may indicate which is the best method so, be sure to read packaging labels for any instructions. These methods will ensure that the entire portion of food is defrosted to the same temperature. Once thawed, cook the food immediately to prevent the formation of bacteria in foods sitting at room temperature.

4. Cook Away Toxicity

Always cook meat to the right temperatures to eliminate any toxic bacteria. While it may feel warm on the outside, a food thermometer will help you assess the internal temperature of food to minimize potential health risks. A general rule of thumb for temperatures for specific meats can be seen below:

  • Roasts and steaks – 145 F (degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Poultry – 165 F
  • Ground Beef (Burgers) – 160 F
  • Ground Chicken – 165 F

5. Eat Local Produce

Sourcing produce from local farmers can make the world of difference to both the taste and health qualities of your dishes. Mass consumed meats are often prepared using ethically questionable methods and store-bought vegetables may not retain the freshness and subsequent nutrients of their locally grown counterparts. Opting for fresh produce from farmers will sustainably support the local community as well as be a source of nutritional foods that have not been tampered with. This minimizes the spread of harmful diseases from contaminated foods, for example, the listeriosis outbreak in South Africa.

Following these few simple steps to ensure that you prepare, store and source food correctly will inhibit harmful infections and diseases from spreading and causing health troubles for your family. This will save you plenty of money in the long run!


Top 5 Marinas in Croatia

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With more than 60 well-equipped marinas to choose from, Croatia certainly has no shortages of good places to dock. However, quality varies from one marina to another depending on a number of aspects such as convenience of location, number of berths and quality of service among other factors. To help you pick out the best places to park your rented boat, here’s a list of the top 5 marinas in Croatia.


1) Marina Punat

Regarded as the best marina that all of Croatia has to offer, Marina Punat has 400 dry berths for vessels not exceeding 10 m in length and double that figure of wet berths for boats less than 45 m long. This 50-year old marina situated Southwest of Krk Island on the small town of Punat has continually integrated emerging technology to become the go-to place for first-rate boat repairs and other maintenance works. The Marina has won a pair of accolades to attest to its superiority namely the Blue Flag and Yacht Harbor Associations’ award: the “Gold Anchor”.

2) D-Marina Mandalina

Šibenik is a popular sailing attraction in Croatia and the convenient location of the D-Marina Mandalina next to the historic Šibenik center and a pair of national parks- namely the Krka waterfalls and Kornati archipelago- make it an advantageous docking point. The parking spaces feature 50 dry berths and 428 wet berths of which 79 have been customized to take in superyachts. In terms of credentials, this marina’s track record speaks for itself having been only the second marina in Croatia to collect five gold anchors to add to the Blue Flag.

3) D-Marin Dalmacija

Sandwich between the cities Biograd na Moru and Zadar in Sukošan town, this marina is literally the biggest in the country boasting 300 dry berths that can accommodate super yachts not exceeding 80 m and boats below 40 m in length; a further 1200 wet berths make up the enormous capacity of the D-Marin Dalmacija. Onshore, you’ll find a fuel store, beach club, restaurant and bar among many other essential amenities.

4) Olive Island Marina

Olive Island Marina is a little more conservative than the other occupants of this list featuring just 25 dry berths for vessels not exceeding 24 m long and only 225 wet berths but it still ranks among the elite of marinas. It is situated on the secluded haven that is Sutomišćica and was voted the “best little marina” in the country about four years ago. The marina’s breakwater provides added capacity to take in 50 m long vessels and the upside with this docking point is that it allows pets and is pet-friendly.

5) Marina Kornati

There is a reason why Marina Kornati is never missing in a top 3 ranking and that’s because of its great location next to a number of notable attractions– e.g. Telašćica and Vrankso lake nature parks- and the world-class services offered. Regarded among North Dalmatia’s biggest nautical centers, this marina is herald as environmentally friendly, clean and safe as evidenced by its award of the prestigious Blue Flag. A further sign of excellence is the fact that it regularly hosts one of the most notable boat events in Croatia i.e. the Biograd Boat Show.

Croatia is blessed with a great many marinas but if you are in search of perfection, you are sure to find it within this list.