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How to Help Your Child Learn Guitar

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Many parents share and nurture their child’s dream of becoming a musician. Kudos to parents who sign their kids up for music classes, take them to lessons, help them choose a good instrument and motivate them to practice every day. It can be tough balancing music with chores, schoolwork, family life and social activities, so for parents to support their kids’ ambition is a big deal.

The guitar is one of the best instruments to get kids started on music and sharpen their cognitive skills. If your child has shown interest in learning to play guitar, here’s how you can help him or her do so.

Choose the right guitar

Guitars come in a variety of sizes so kids of any age would be sure to find one that they would find comfortable to play. In general, short-scale or 3/4 size guitars are recommended for children because these are smaller and would therefore be easier to hold. If the child is nearing his or her teen years, they can already give full-scale guitars a try.

There is a wide variety of acoustic and electric guitars for kids that are built well, easy to play and offer good value for money. These starter guitars for children would do nicely until it’s time for the child to move up to a guitar that would meet their advanced needs or preference for a particular genre of music.

Become their first teacher

Even if you have zero prior knowledge about guitars, you can easily learn the basics so you can be your child’s first teacher. This will ease the way to more formal music lessons in the future. Once your child knows the basics, he or she will become more confident when attending music lessons with a group or taking instructions from a guitar teacher.

Some of the guitar fundamentals you can learn and subsequently teach your child are the following:

  • The parts of the guitar
  • How a guitar works
  • How to take care of their guitar
  • How to hold the guitar properly
  • Developing a good rhythm
  • Basic guitar chords
  • Playing simple songs they are familiar with, such as nursery rhymes and some pop songs

Incorporate practice time in their daily routine

Children learning to play guitar need to understand the importance of practice, so make sure you help them set up a regular routine. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour every day for practice and give the child a quiet environment conducive to playing music.

Ask your child when he or she would like to practice guitar – before or after school? Before or after dinner? Let it be the child’s decision and they would be more willing to take up their guitar to practice.

Keep the music going at home

One way to inspire kids to learn music and improve their guitar playing skills is to give music a constant presence at home. Listening to and talking about classical or instrumental guitar music, folk tunes and other forms of music lets children know that music is appreciated at home. You can also attend concerts, watch videos of guitarists performing or documentaries about musicians or bands to inspire and motivate your child to learn.

Those are just some of the things you can do to help your child appreciate music, learn to play guitar and enjoy practicing. Support and encouragement are great motivating factors for children learning music, so we hope you keep these things in mind when helping your child become the best guitarist they can be.


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If you fall into lawful inconvenience, it is critical that you enlist one of Denver Colorado criminal defense lawyers to guard you against injustice. As a rule, a defense lawyer has the aptitude to ensure your rights. If police, agents, or examiners need to interrogate you and a defense lawyer is absent, it could result in you inadvertently ensnaring yourself in a wrongdoing. If you have wound up engaged in a criminal circumstance and are addressing whether you should procure a lawyer, here are five conditions in which you completely should.


If you have been in any capacity embroiled in a wrongdoing, you might be inquired by the police. This can be a dubious circumstance if you don’t have the foggiest idea what you are doing. A criminal defense lawyer will give you the essential exhortation to ensure that you are secured. The advice you will get from a criminal defense lawyer isn’t to talk with any questioners as you may accidentally say something that could result in the police connecting you with the wrongdoing somehow or another.


If you have been accused of a wrongdoing, enlisting an expert criminal defense lawyer is the first thing to do. At the point when this circumstance happens, agents and investigators will probably need to talk with you secretly. The authorities can’t confine you from having a lawyer present, and having a lawyer present amid these gatherings will guarantee that you don’t utter a word that could additionally involve yourself. A lawyer will likewise secure you in specific circumstances. If the officials need to lead a lineup or have an unfortunate victim or witness take a gander at photographs, your lawyer will guarantee that these are done in the fitting way.


If your fundamental rights were abused amid the examination of the case, a defense lawyer can guarantee that you are secured. This could incorporate such occasions as a search being warranted without an appropriate warrant being exhibited or reasonable justification being set up. Your legal advisor will have the aptitude to make the best possible contention in court. Shielding yourself could result in you being dealt with unreasonably, however a criminal defense lawyer might almost certainly contend that the proof gathered in such a way is unacceptable in court. This could conceivably result in the indictment coming up short on the measure of proof important to continue with the case.


If you are thinking about going to trial to guard yourself, you will need to counsel a defense lawyer first. Your legal counselor will talk about the entirety of your choices with you and will give a special proposal about whether you ought to go to preliminary or acknowledge a plea deal. Evaluating the qualities and shortcomings of your case, your attorney will probably prompt you on the best way to continue. A defense lawyer can likewise enable you to settle on your choice by advising you of the results connected with going to preliminary, for example, what the sentence could be. Essentially, your lawyer can inform you on the outcomes with respect to conceding, for example, being denied future work.

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Top Tips For Capturing Best Photographs Of Your Dog

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Pets are a stress buster for their owners. If you are a proud dog owner, then you must have their unconditional love showered on you. And the owners find their ultimate excitement in clicking delightful pictures of their pets in poise or in action. But it is quite difficult to get your dog to strike a pose for your camera. Professionals like Mr. Dography who are experts to make their shots look like perfect despite the heave-ho going behind the camera.

However, the first timers who are still struggling to get take one good photo of their lovable yet most active pet dog need some pro tips. In order to find a way for amateur dog-cum-photograph enthusiasts, some important tips are shared in the following section.

Keep yourself calm

It is true that for taking the perfect shot you are stressed already, but you are wrong to think that your dog cannot sense that. He can very well since the tension building inside you and it affects him gravely. And the signs of which get reflected through their concerned eyes and flattened ears that will not look good in a photo frame. Therefore, calm yourself first for clicking your pet in his happy mood.

Set the background

A good background setting is what you need to complement the adorable doggie of yours. It makes the picture extra appealing and adds a professional touch to the image that you have clicked. Remove the cluttered and unnecessary stuff from behind and choose a nice background that shows no disorganization.

Catch their expression

Almost everyone has come across the phrase “puppy eyes”. Therefore, you cannot miss out on the talked about eyes and their expressions while capturing pictures of your dog. If you want to be a true professional like Mr. Dography, then focus first on the dog’s eyes. It creates extremely engaging photos that frame natural expression of your animal and instantaneously connect with the viewers.

Select a bright light

Choosing a bright light is the key to clicking a good picture. It is more significant while framing your pet because their reflective eyes are the pulse of these photos. Therefore, avoid dark backgrounds and rooms instead use a good quality camera with editing features that bring out the best of your dog’s pictures. Apart from just sitting and standing, you might have to do some stretching, bending and crawling to get the perfect lighted shot.

The love that dog owners have for their favorite animals is tremendous and it is rewarding since the feeling is reciprocated in the most overwhelming way. If you enjoy every moment you get to spend with your dog, then frame them for long-lasting memories. You can contact a professional dog photographer if you are still not a pro at clicking pictures of your pet.

Top Things To Consider While Hiring A Concrete Contractor

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It is important to look for a reliable concrete contractor using diligent effort and observation. There are various questions which you need to ask in order to chalk out the criterion for finding the right concrete finishing contractors Essex. Keep in mind that the more knowledgeable you are, the more equipped you would be to find the right contractor.

An experienced and competent contractor in your area is what you should look for. There may be several options to choose from. You can begin your search by looking on the internet. You need to make an effort to look into the details of the business and ask them the right set of questions. There are different things you need to inquire from the provider.

  • The length of time they have been established in the business

Typically, it is worthwhile to hire a contractor having at least 5 years of experience in the industry. This would indicate that they have a stable business and can be relied upon. The last thing that one wants is someone who would not be able to live up to expectations in the crucial time of construction. On the other hand, if you have an experienced contractor by your side, you would be able to get helpful insights for the project.

  • Insurance and updating of knowledge

One requires choosing a contractor who is duly insured and bonded for carrying out the work in accordance with the government regulations. Contractors should also have worker’s liability insurance for ensuring the protection and safety of the workers and your property. Competent contractors keep themselves updated with the ongoing requirements in the field through having regular training and attending seminars. It would ensure that they would be making use of the most cost-effective materials, products and techniques while rendering you the services.

Finding a good contractor:

  1. Ask around

One of the other highly reliable methods of finding a trustworthy concrete contractor is by asking around to your friends and family members for giving recommendations.  If someone you know has recently used the services of a good concrete contractor, it would make sense to ask them for recommendations or services to avoid.

  1. Due diligence

After having a list of reputable concrete contractors in your area, you should make some effort for determining their reputation in the market through conducting research on the internet. You can also directly reach out to their earlier clients by getting references to form the companies to know about the kind of services they provide.

Only after you are completely satisfied with the services they provide in terms of quality, timely delivery, and budget, you should opt for a service of concrete finishing contractors Essex.


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Visit to Radiology

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Most of us don’t like undergoing medical tests.  We worry about the results and if the tests will hurt.  Radiology is usually pain-free and quick.  
Diagnostic imaging in New Jersey at Woodbridge Radiology provides its patients with a great experience.  The staff greets each patient in a friendly manner and puts them at ease.  Then they explain the procedure to the patient.

Preparing for the Exam

Each patient is given a private area to change clothes and to safely store their belongings.  Once changed, the client is directed to the imaging room for their testing.  Some patients simply lie down on a table and let the machine do all the work.  If the system is noisy, they are given ear protection with a screen to watch while they are waiting for the machine to finish.

If they are taking an X-ray exam, the patient will have to experience a different imaging room.  This exam requires the patient posing in one or more positions while a picture is being taken.  Some of the poses seem silly, but none last more than a few seconds.

Finishing the Exam

One of the filmings is complete, the patient is usually asked to wait to make sure the technician obtained a usable exam.  This seems slow, but if the images are not clear, they will need to be repeated.  If a new image is needed, doing it now will save the patient another trip to the office.
Once everything comes out, the patient is told to dress.  Then, the patient is directed to the office waiting room and is ready to leave.  Patients are asked if they have any questions and are told when their test results will be available for their doctor.

Other Considerations

Occasionally, some tests require dyes.  This requires an IV line if the patient does not already have a IV catheter inserted.  Some dyes make the patient feel slightly warm, but the dye is usually finished before the patient is aware of any changes.  Once the dye is complete, the rest of the visit remains the same.

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Spirulina: A Boon for Vegetarian

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Spirulina is a micro-alga in nature
that has been consumed for centuries because of its innumerable health
benefits. Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae, a plant-like organism that
grows in warmer waters. This type of algae can grow in freshwater, springs and
salt water.

Spirulina, which contains an array of
nutrients, has been consumed for centuries as a healthy food source. This algae
is found all over the world and has a long history in many different cultures
from the Aztecs to ancient Africans. People throughout history have consumed
spirulina as a whole food; however, it is often dried and ground into a powder
or packaged into tablet form.

What makes it a special ingredient for
vegetarian population?

High in
Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

contains omega
3 fatty acids
, including EPA and DHA. This alga is at the bottom of the food
chain in salt water and freshwater environments. Its omega 3 content
contributes to the omega 3 content of the fish that feed off of it. A great
alternative for the vegetarians, who do not prefer consuming fish oils for
omega-3 fatty acids.

Source of Vitamin B12: 

your body cannot make Vitamin B12, you need to provide it from the external
sources. The only issue that the vegetarians face is the sources of Vitamin B12
that usually comes from the non-veg food. Spirulina provides vitamin B12, which
makes this non-animal source of B12 great for vegetarians, as non-animal
sources of this vitamin are few.

High in

has very high protein content; over half of these algae are made up of protein.
In fact, protein makes up about 60 to 70 percent of Spirulina’s dry weight.
Furthermore, it is considered to be a complete protein as it contains all the
essential amino acids. This makes it again a great source of protein especially
for vegetarians.

Rich in Iron
and Vitamin C:

best way to avoid anemia is to improve the consumption of iron rich food.
Spirulina is a wonder herb, with high amount of iron per serving and is
absorption is also much superior than compared with any plant food. In addition
to iron, it also has significant amount of Vitamin C, making the absorption way

Abundant in
Other Vitamins and Minerals
: These Blue – Green Algae
is also high in vitamins and mineral. This algae absorbs minerals from its
environment, so the exact amounts of minerals varies greatly in spirulina,
which is cultivated all around the world.

Packed with Antioxidants: Antioxidants present in Spirulina makes sure to
protect us against the heart disease, cancer and common cold and flu. It also
helps in effective ageing, making your skin look youthful and glowing.

GNC being committed to
spreading health and nutrition through its genuine supplements brings to you Spirulina
. It is rich in
omega-3 fatty acids, iron, chlorophyll and protein. This supplement is
completely safe for consumption unlike other forms of spirulina.

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PTSD – Occurrence and Overcoming it

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No individual is prepared to overcome a traumatic event. The body and mind are in a state of shock after the experience. The events may be replayed time and again, recurring nightmares and feelings of edginess are very well documented. There is a certain disconnect with the immediate world as the person is shaken up.

For individuals having resilience, this state of shock and horror will wash out with the passage of time. They can sort out their feelings, thoughts and process the events and then move on. The symptoms can decrease over a period of time, be it days, weeks or months.

In the case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the memories of the disastrous events may not phase out that easily. People do not tend to feel better each day. As a matter of fact, they are often coping with it on a day to day basis. Battling with trauma can be severely debilitating and insights from the scientific community have revealed a lot of useful research that can assist in coping with the effects of PTSD.

Who can become a victim of PTSD?

A common misconception is that PTSD is more of a threat to soldiers or those belonging to the military service. No denying that it poses a risk to them, but PTSD can also develop from the events which feel threatening or daunting to a person. It can occur in any person, be it at home or wherever.

Natural disaster, child abuse, rape, domestic violence, neglect and terrorist attacks or car accidents and many more such events can also lead to PTSD. Apart from that, commonplace incidents can also throw a person into PTSD which can range from bullying, medical procedure and some playground accident. This common myth that only life-threatening events can cause PTSD couldn’t be further from the truth. PTSD is simply because of perceptions or the reactions of a person traumatized from a particular incident.

There is a key difference between the victim of other traumatic experience and PTSD. The victims of PTSD have unwanted symptoms that keep on returning. It intrudes their ability to think properly and focus on the tasks at hand. Rather, they tend to have recurring thoughts about the experiences without their control over it.

Red flags of PTSD

PTSD is, in particular, a form of the stress-related disorder. It is diagnosed usually by the healthcare professionals with a guidebook, called the DSM. The degree of indescribable trauma experienced by the individuals can be helped with proper treatment. The DSM guidebook lists down 4 common symptoms of PTSD:

The DSM lists four clusters of symptoms:

  • Hyperarousal
  • Avoidance
  • Terrorising flashbacks
  • Damaging or harmful thoughts


Certain victims of PTSD may simply be overly active, edgy or always on alert for no particular reason. They may experience anxiety, are unable to say no or become busy for most of the time. They may even overreact to a balloon popping.

It is as if the self-defence mechanism is constantly activated. In addition to that, during the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ situation, the senses become hyperactive in order to determine a line of attack.


For the victims of PTSD, avoidance is one strategy, using which they can deflect overwhelming stress. Another method is to dissociate or become numb to a considerable degree.

Unhealthy Thoughts or Feelings

The individual suffering from PTSD may become withdrawn from his reality. They often lose interest, ability to enjoy or are unable to fully focus on the task at hand.

Terrorising Flashbacks    

The flashbacks are sensations, reactivated memories or emotions that make the frightening event all the more real and disturbing. These flashbacks can be triggered by a related event, causing huge distress to a person.

Flashbacks can occur in the presence or the absence of conscious memories. It can occur in a case where a person can recall a memory at will, which is called explicit memories. It can also occur when memories are formed early in childhood, these are called implicit memories.

Brain and PTSD

According to neuroimaging studies, there are certain changes in the functionality and structure of the brain when compared to the brains of individuals without PTSD. As per research, there are changes in the following parts of the brain:

  • Amygdala
  • Hippocampus
  • Ventromedial prefrontal cortex

PTSD and Hippocampus

Hippocampus is the portion of the brain that undergoes major changes. It oversees memory as well as the capacity to differentiate the present from the past. It stores the memories, but can also reactivate them in a response of particular stimuli. It is reported that hippocampus of the PTSD survivors is quite smaller in comparison which explains the brain’s lack of ability to distinguish past from the present. It also explains sudden panic attacks or flashbacks.

PTSD and Amygdala

The ventromedial PFC and amygdala work in synchronisation. This portion of the brain is responsible for self-awareness and emotional responses. It becomes smaller in size and its ability to work out the ‘fight or flight’ decreases quite so. This also explains the overreaction to harmless everyday events.

Treatment of PTSD

Recovering or treatment of PTSD is all about comforting the mind. It is a process that is different for each person.

Similar to the changes in the brain after the traumatic incident, the therapeutic process can rewire the brain, which helps in resolving the trauma while also repairing the ability of the brain to function properly.

Mindfulness or Mindsight

The human brain changes after these experiences, but new mental abilities can be acquired with some effort.

Mindsight is a process that allows a person to be more informed about the dynamics of the mind, without being overwhelmed by them. It allows the victims to switch off the autopilot of knee jerk reactions.

As is the case, it is necessary for the PTSD survivors to understand their suffering and the mechanism behind it. This will make them feel less alarmed and mitigate their overreactions. It will also allow them to live a fuller life.

Author Bio:

Elicia Wilson is a writer by the day and reader by the night. She holds an MBA degree. She has been working a digital and social media marketing specialist. Before stepping into digital marketing, she had gained 5 years’ experience as a creative and web content writer and had been working for online assignment help UK for 3 years. For the love of writing, she writes as a freelancer for several blogs and websites in her spare time.