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Why it is not Recommended to Overload your Vehicle?

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While packing your car for a road trip, it is very easy that you get carried away, regardless of whether it is for a weekend or for an increased time period. Apart from your bags, you may also have to take your camping gear, bikes, coolers and the last minute pieces which can squeeze in everything within your car. But did you ever consider the way in which you can surpass the carrying capacity of the car?

Before going out for a road trip, it is natural that there are several things that you may wish to take so that you don’t have to fall in trouble in the middle of the trip. But given the weight carrying conditions of the roads and states you’re traveling to, do you think you will need Kimax onboard truck scales to measure the load?

Overloading your car – Reasons you should never do it

When you drive your car, it is dangerous to overload it. Do you have any idea about the things that may happen if your overload your car? Here are few points to take into account.

  • When you put on excess weight, this can make your wheels bulge outwards or the tyres can even heat up, thereby increasing the risk of a sudden blowout which can become a fatal accident.
  • Overloading can lead to diminished effectiveness of the brakes and this can lead to big accidents.
  • The traction/suspension control won’t be able to tackle highway speeds in an effective manner. The suspension system will get stressed and with time it will eventually get weaker.
  • Overloading could harm your ability to properly steer the car at a straight line and also to bend it safely. This could also cause serious damage and the driver can even hit a tree or a pole or anything else which stands as an obstruction to the speed.
  • A sudden jolt or a steering change could lead to a spinout.
  • Due to excessive weight, the cost of gas can rise extremely high.
  • In case the back seat of the car is also packed too high, the rear vision can become blurred. In case you break down too hard, you have to remember that the gear within the car is traveling 70 miles in an hour. Hence, think twice before overloading your back seat.
  • Insurance will never cover any sort of damage that has been caused due to an accident which was caused due to overloading.

What are the penalties for overloading?

Monetary fine is usually the penalty for committing a truck or a vehicle overload as this is an illegal offence. The maximum that you will be asked to pay will entirely depend on the size of the overload that you make. The penalties may range from $4270 to $10,750 for severe risk accidents.

Therefore, when you’re planning for a road trip, make sure you distribute your luggage in such a way that it doesn’t lead to overloading and penalties.

Road Safety Barriers And Their Influence In Vehicular Accidents

Road Safety Barriers And Their Influence In Vehicular Accidents

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If you ask us, it’s an incredible feat of modern humanity that we can all safely drive on our roads. Each car represents an individual at the head of a several ton metal brick traveling frequently at deadly speeds. The fact that there is a universally agreed upon system that functions well enough that the vast majority of road trips is truly just short of miraculous. Of course, the use of the word ‘majority’ in the previous sentence is entirely intentional and serves as a reminder that unfortunately sometimes accidents do happen. Thankfully, just as much human effort, though, and care has gone into making crashes as safe as making cars themselves safe.  In today’s article, we’re going to briefly outline the major types of safety barriers and their influence in vehicular accidents. This article serves as an entryway for the layman that has possibly asked themselves “Why are road barriers that weird W shape?” Ask no more, simplified answers lie below.

The Big Two

The two main types of road safety barriers are the flexible barrier and rigid barrier. While their primary difference lies in their name, each barrier serves a similar function: That is to slow down a vehicle in crisis in a gradual manner that reduces the impact forces experienced by occupants. A human body that’s in a car traveling 80 mph will feel less destructive force if stopped gradually over a larger distance and time instead of into a direct wall. The survival chances are much improved. Additionally, any road safety barrier strives to keep a vehicle in crisis on the surface of the road where it’s designated to be. For instance, a road barrier between two lanes traveling in the opposite direction would be designed to keep any car that crashes into it on the correct side of the road, greatly reducing the potential overall damage of the crash. How flexible and rigid barriers are in their material composition. Their material composition determines the manner in which they gradually slow a vehicle in crisis. Flexible barriers contort and warp the grip the vehicle and keep the crash as contained as possible. In the case of rigid barriers, they’re made of a sturdier and much heavier material that’s shaped and angled to create a crash situation where a controlled slide gradually brings a vehicle to a halt.


The portability of road safety barriers directly affects their function and form. When choosing a road barrier system to employ, the first question you should ask yourself is whether you want to have the ability to move the barrier or not. Typically, flexible barriers are not designed as portable and therefore are practically out of the picture. However, you do have a small variety of rigid barriers to choose from that are interlockable and portable. The primary question is just how portable you want those barriers to be. The stereotypical rigid barriers that most people are used to seeing are modular concrete jersey barriers and hollow plastic barriers that are designed to be filled with water to add rigidity and mass. Obviously, you’re not going to be able to move concrete jersey barriers easily while hollow plastic barriers can be deployed easily by humans. A final consideration to take into account when deciding what portable barriers to using is the class of vehicle they’re likely to be stopping. Concrete jersey barriers the better choice if you’re going to be encountering a lot of heavier class vehicles.


Regardless of the type of road barrier that you choose, you need to be aware of the maintenance and upkeep that is required to keep them safely functioning. Any road safety barrier should be regularly inspected for a wide variety of possible defects that can arise over time. For instance, if you’ve deployed a steel flexible barrier on the edge of a road overlooking a deep canyon, then you should make sure that the barrier is checked for possible damage over time due to the elements or even the tiniest of crashes. Even a small dent in a flexible barrier can greatly decrease its effectiveness in an emergency situation. Of course, not all barriers require the same amount of maintenance and cost less to upkeep over time. Concrete jersey barriers, for instance, are built much sturdier and are not expected to suffer faults from the elements over the years.

Ultimately, the job of the road safety barrier is to help save your life in the case of an emergency. Bringing out-of-control vehicles to a safe stop is incredibly important and some of the brightest minds that mankind has to offer are constantly working to improve road safety barriers. Their direct impact in saving lives should be lauded and we now drive on roads that are safer than any time before in history.

Improve Your Life With Honda Activa 5G

Improve Your Life With Honda Activa 5G

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Honda is one of the very few brands that never lead their customers down. Honda has been and still is a super hit brand all around the world. It never stops amazing the audience with its latest techno usage, stylish and functional design and uniquely luxurious features. The popular brand has earned much appreciation with not just its cars but also with the 2-wheelers the company is pro at. India is a country with a great population which leads to never-ending traffic jams. With so many people on road, reaching your destination seems like a tough job. In such situations, possessing an Activa comes to a great advantage. You can ride it through steep and narrow roads, in between the jammed traffic. With no doubts, a 2-wheeler has various benefits, especially if you have the very new honda activa 5g.

The new activa has been recently launched to the market and is already a popular product not just among the youth but has also been loved by the older generation. The low-maintenance 2-wheeler is easy to handle and smooth to drive. There are many more benefits of the brand new activa that will make your life way easier.

  • New LED Lamps: The honda activa 5g has come up with some new and distinct features such as the new LED lamp and Position lamp. The lamps have been designed to give a brighter view on the road as compared to the lamps used previously. These stylish lamps look like a shiny tiara over your brand new activa and add to the royal and classy look that the activa has.
  • Analog and Eco meter: The Company has also added and customized the analog meter along with the Eco speed indicator. The analog meter has been digitalized and given a new shiny look. The elements used even in the meters of the activa are pleasing to the eye and adds to the look.
  • Lock switches: The other features include a unique four-in-one lock switch. The ordinary counterparts of this activa have a lock that kick-starts the engine and the other lock opens the compartment under the seat. But not in this honda product. The brand has successfully designed a unique lock that has switches start the automobile and the seat compartment right in front for easy finger movements and handling.
  • Increased storage: While speaking about the seat compartment, the new honda activa 5g has around 18L which also has a mobile charging socket. You can now store almost twice the previous version and plan longer trips without any struggle. Additionally, the designers have also added a hook at the rear. You can now carry bags in the front hook and also at the rear back.  
  • Clic Mechanism: One of the best features that have been added is the click up-lift of the midbody. It gets super easy to service your activa with just one click.

The new and unique features added in honda’s brand new activa give it an edge over all the other scooters and 2-wheelers launched earlier. Customers have found the product very comfortable and easy to use. The garnish and the metal body make this scooter irresistible. Get one of these to make your life fun, exciting and easy.