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How to Help Your Child Learn Guitar

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Many parents share and nurture their child’s dream of becoming a musician. Kudos to parents who sign their kids up for music classes, take them to lessons, help them choose a good instrument and motivate them to practice every day. It can be tough balancing music with chores, schoolwork, family life and social activities, so for parents to support their kids’ ambition is a big deal.

The guitar is one of the best instruments to get kids started on music and sharpen their cognitive skills. If your child has shown interest in learning to play guitar, here’s how you can help him or her do so.

Choose the right guitar

Guitars come in a variety of sizes so kids of any age would be sure to find one that they would find comfortable to play. In general, short-scale or 3/4 size guitars are recommended for children because these are smaller and would therefore be easier to hold. If the child is nearing his or her teen years, they can already give full-scale guitars a try.

There is a wide variety of acoustic and electric guitars for kids that are built well, easy to play and offer good value for money. These starter guitars for children would do nicely until it’s time for the child to move up to a guitar that would meet their advanced needs or preference for a particular genre of music.

Become their first teacher

Even if you have zero prior knowledge about guitars, you can easily learn the basics so you can be your child’s first teacher. This will ease the way to more formal music lessons in the future. Once your child knows the basics, he or she will become more confident when attending music lessons with a group or taking instructions from a guitar teacher.

Some of the guitar fundamentals you can learn and subsequently teach your child are the following:

  • The parts of the guitar
  • How a guitar works
  • How to take care of their guitar
  • How to hold the guitar properly
  • Developing a good rhythm
  • Basic guitar chords
  • Playing simple songs they are familiar with, such as nursery rhymes and some pop songs

Incorporate practice time in their daily routine

Children learning to play guitar need to understand the importance of practice, so make sure you help them set up a regular routine. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour every day for practice and give the child a quiet environment conducive to playing music.

Ask your child when he or she would like to practice guitar – before or after school? Before or after dinner? Let it be the child’s decision and they would be more willing to take up their guitar to practice.

Keep the music going at home

One way to inspire kids to learn music and improve their guitar playing skills is to give music a constant presence at home. Listening to and talking about classical or instrumental guitar music, folk tunes and other forms of music lets children know that music is appreciated at home. You can also attend concerts, watch videos of guitarists performing or documentaries about musicians or bands to inspire and motivate your child to learn.

Those are just some of the things you can do to help your child appreciate music, learn to play guitar and enjoy practicing. Support and encouragement are great motivating factors for children learning music, so we hope you keep these things in mind when helping your child become the best guitarist they can be.

4 Tips for Managing a Top Notch Golf Course

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When it comes to what makes a given golf resort great, it’s all about the quality of the course. It needs to be beautiful, challenging, and safe, of course. However, it also needs to be well managed and properly maintained so that it continues to be a treasured oasis to its patrons. Keep the following tips in mind to ensure your resort’s course is everything it’s cracked up to be.

1. Design your greens with care.

According to the United States Golf Association, greens that deliver the experience every golfer is after take a set of factors known as the Big Three under careful consideration: speed, slope, and firmness. Fast greens and appropriately firm fairways are absolute musts. Balanced irrigation and reliable drainage are especially important points to consider when designing greens for that reason.

2. Keep the rough in mind as well.

It goes without saying that the rough is probably every golfer’s least favorite area of the course, but that hardly means it isn’t important. It’s fine to keep your course’s rough on the natural side to help conserve limited resources, but proper maintenance remains essential. The only thing a golfer hates more than getting stuck in the rough is winding up stuck in a rough that clearly isn’t a priority to the owners of the establishment!

3. Secure the right management.

Even a resort with a positively beautiful course is destined to fail without the right resort golf club management resources in place. You need talented staff and management professionals looking after not only the needs of your location, but the needs of your clientele as well. The goal is to create a wonderful, well-rounded experience that your visitors and members can’t resist coming back to, and five-star management is critical when it comes to creating that.

4. Make safety a priority.

Today’s golfers are concerned with more than simply having a good time while they’re out on the green. They’re increasingly aware of concerns like safety, so your clients definitely need to know that it’s of the utmost importance to you too. Make sure your course has a plan in place when it comes to possibilities like lightning or other forms of inclement weather. Look into ways you can design your course to be as safe as can be as far as these concerns as well.

Great golf courses are more than just places to enjoy a round or two. They’re part of a well-rounded experience that keeps people coming back over and over again, so be sure to plan yours accordingly.

Things Golf Course Managers Could Do Better

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As with any other type of business, golf courses need to treat their customers great for them to keep coming back. Loyalty in the golf club business is essential for success. While not all customers deserve to be treated like royalty, all staff members should keep in mind that each customer helps to pay their salary. Below are some of the top areas that resort golf club management employees could consider improving on with the help of companies like

Customer Service

While this may seem like a given, many golf courses could stand to improve their customer service skills. Many courses, especially ones that are busy municipals, seem to still fall short when it comes to the treatment of their golfers. The better you treat your golfers, the more likely they will come back time and time again.

Food And Beverage Options

Most golf courses are not going to serve restaurant-quality food and drink options. Many facilities do just fine, however, serving simple foods like hot dogs, hamburgers and cold beverages. The area where management could improve upon with regards to food is the quality and the price. No one wants to spend $10 on a cheap, store-bought hot dog and soda. If a facility cannot handle offering quality food at affordable prices, they should consider outsourcing to a vendor.

Be Open About Course Conditions

Whether it is the fairways or the greens just being aerated, overseeded or filled with disease, it is best to be upfront about the conditions of a course before your customers play or pay for the round. Great facilities will offer customers discounts when their courses are below their normal standards.

You don’t have to run a luxury golf course to have exceptional customer service. For any caliber of a golf course to be successful and remain open for years to come, the customers need to be treated well and want to come back. The best golf clubs get help in offering great customer experiences with the help of a trusting management company. Golf management companies can monitor all areas of the club to ensure it is running efficiently.

8 Ways You Can do Essay Writing without Investing Too Much of Your Time

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A human being is a social animal. We want to spend our lives with other people. We want to talk, sit, walk, eat, laugh, and emotional touch with another human regardless of same gender or opposite though, the learners as well. They also wish to enjoy life and young age. But studies and burden of writing an essay won’t allow them to do the same. If they ignore all these submissions, they could spoil their career, though have a worthless life.

On the other hand, the students demand to generate skills within them that can lead to achieving their desires quickly. They want to learn natural methods, following them can lead to composing an essay without investing too much of their time. Here are some of the suggestions for such a pupil.

1)    Set and strictly follow a timeframe

Usually, students are not disciplined to establish a frame of time for each segment for completing an essay. It is crucial that allocate time to every part and strictly follow it. There are various apps available that track and intimate you the set deadline.

2)    Start writing with a fresh mind

The regular practice of almost every learner is that he/she comes back from the institute and then start scripting the material when the brain is already tired, how it can construct a nice write-up. Therefore, either take a short nap or wake up early to initiate the job with fresh thoughts.

3)    Turn off the mobile & TV

New technology where beneficial of numerous acts, it is also caused of time wasting. Mobile is one of the significant time destroying technologies. Youth indulged themselves in it and wasted the life in useless apps. Even the WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. lead to distracting the intentions.

4)    Type instead of Write

Use the computer and start typing what an undergraduate wants to present. In the end, a learner has to submit either through email or by hand typed form. It means that the ultimate submission will be completed in the way of computer written method. Therefore, avoid handwritten material and don’t waste the paper.

5)    Accessible notes & books while composing

Before beginning, make sure all the required notes, diary, books, handouts, and related documents will be available for you. If you wish to save time this is mandatory. Otherwise, the author has to leave his seat, stand up and find out the required material hence, time will be wasted.

6)    Use online tools

There are hundreds of online tools available nowadays for assistance. You can take help of them. You can check language, grammar, appropriate structure, prepositions, etc. from there. Not even this, duplication deduction and reference generation can also be done through such online mediums. Limitation of word count and checking it also process via those websites.

7)    Consult with Experts

If you are facing any problem, you can consult an essay writing services. They have educated, dedicated and skilled full people who can grant better advise. They can guide for the selection of topic as well. The experts can help you to submit the essay paper before the deadline to gain good marks.

8)    Limit Extra activities

Several pupils decide an action suddenly. There was no prior planning. Avoid such habit because it is a significant time wasting exercise. Force yourself to complete the task before putting yourself into another outing or activity.

Checklist for Choosing the Appropriate RTO

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It goes without saying that investing in your own education is an important thing and while enlisting on an RTO isn’t that expensive it’s still not a minor investment. This is especially so because it requires you to invest resources, time and effort in order to pass. For this reason alone, it would be devastating if you were to make a bad call and pick a non-legitimate RTO, whose certificate no company or organization is going to take seriously later on. With that in mind and without further ado, here are several things you need to know in order to choose the appropriate RTO.

1. Are they government registered?

The first thing you need to do when checking out the RTO that you aim to enlist in is the question of whether they are government registered, certified and verified. Even though you may assume that they’re legit, before you check their RTO number on the website (a five-character number) and look it up on the website of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training website, you won’t know for sure. If their website isn’t listed there, chances are that they aren’t a legitimate RTO and you shouldn’t consider enlisting with them.

2. How much do they charge and do they ask for money up-front?

This is a serious issue that you also have to address right away. First of all, you may not be able to afford their services and, even if you do, what if there are some complications. For instance, paying the entire amount up-front and not passing the course may seem especially unfair. Moreover, some businesses insist that you pay up-front and then present you with some extra expenses in the end. Due to the fact that the cost of this training has to fit within your tight budget, this can be a problematic practice, to say the least. This is why it’s far safer to look for RTOs that allow you to either pay later or pay when you pass. The latter is a particularly student- and budget-friendly option.

A word of caution, it’s also quite possible that you might be drawn in by a price that’s too good to be true and, in that particular scenario, you might be looking is suspicious, to say the least. Most commonly, these aren’t real RTOs but money grabs. Another way to recognize them is by the fact that they sometimes offer a 100 percent pass rate. This should be an immediate red flag and something to stay clear of.

3. What kind of education are you going to receive?

This may sound like a bit of an abstract question, however, this mostly consists of you asking for the specifics about the RTO in question. For instance, you need to inquire about their reputation in the VET field, as well as check if they use the RTO training resources and materials that you have access to. All of this doesn’t take much time and mostly consists of reading reviews and comments, as well as talking to one or two people who already took this course.

4. How quickly can you get the desired qualification?

The next thing you need to ask yourself is the issue of how quickly can the RTO provide you with the qualification you need, which is a huge issue when you’re in a rush. Sure, on paper, rushing to get qualified is never a good sign but what if you expect an opening for a position in a company that you’ve always wanted to work in or want to use a window of opportunity to migrate. In both of these scenarios, you would have a deadline by which you have to get a qualification. In that scenario, you need to look for RTOs that allows you to download your certificate in the form of PDF as soon as you pass.

In conclusion

The interesting thing about the above-listed set of requirements that an RTO needs to pass lies in the fact that this is a check that you can perform in a single day (an hour really) if you give it your best. This means that there’s no excuse for failing to do your part of research on such an important topic.

Why We Need to Tell the Youth That It’s Okay to Start Over

Why We Need to Tell the Youth That It’s Okay to Start Over

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People in their teenage years are often pushed and rushed to make decisions about subjects and things that they do not even have the mental capacity to understand. What this does to their brain is that it causes them to speed up and make decisions that they may or may not regret in later life. One such thing is being forced to pick a career when they can merely even cook a meal for themselves.

While this may work for people who truly love what decision they took in the early years of their life, it has also caused many people to feel unhappy and confused in their waking lives in the later years of their lives. For instance, if a person opts to study and practice engineering, only to realize that they would prefer to become a doctor instead, it may be too late to change their mind then, because they would have spent too much money and time on becoming an engineer. Even if they have time and money to start over, there’s always going to be thousands of people who tell them it’s a waste at this point.

Adults Start over All the Time

There are so many adults who understand that starting over is exactly what they need in order to become content with their lives in general. This is why it is truly sad to see that the youth is often told that they only get one chance and one shot at any in life. Not only does this cause the brain to experience bouts of inadequacy at the thought of starting over, but this is also one of the main reasons why people are depressed and unhappy with their lives.

However, there are so many successful people who were not successful at all until they started over. They only gained recognition, riches, and fame after they started over. A person is bound to learn only from their mistakes and shortcomings. The fact that schools and society do not acknowledge this fact is certainly not a good thing.

One personality, Guy Quigley, actually started over multiple times before he became a filmmaker, entrepreneur, businessman, and author that he is today. Guy Quigley moved to several places to find his true niche, initially business in London UK, then Cattle ranching in Zambia central Africa and on to the Pharmaceutical world he developed the well-known common cold franchise know as Cold-Eeze®, thus establishing the United States marketplace for the use of zinc lozenges. He took his Company public where it was remarkably successful and ran it for 20 years. He was a finalist in the Ernst & Young Philadelphia Entrepreneur of the year and over the years his Cold-Eeze® product received numerous awards. He also wrote some iconic books in the process of doing so. Although the first books that Quigley wrote dedicated to his daughters, he soon found the therapeutic properties of writing were too good to leave behind and so, he continued writing. Guy Quigley also formed a media production company called, ThunderSmoke Media LLC, along with his actor son Jody Quigley.

If We Did One Thing For Our Whole Life, How Boring Would It Be?

It is a psychologically proven fact that doing the same thing for the rest of our lives would not just be boring, but it would actually be enough to make a normal person feel like a robot or like they have nothing going on in life – the only exception being a person who loves what they do daily. It is important and completely normal to feel indecisive about something regardless of what this may be.

Thus, it is important to teach the youth things that would help them reflect on their problems and their mistakes rather than make them feel inadequate about it. For a positive change in this world, it is important to teach the youth that it is alright to start over in life.

Online Law Degree: An Authentic Guide for Potential Grad Students

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Planning a degree program right after high-school is one of the most challenging phases of any student’s life. Why? Because, it challenges them emotionally, mentally and financially, and least to mention, tests their wisdom and foresight. Many students, especially those who have to carry out multiple part-time jobs to make their ends meet cannot afford to go to universities as full-time candidates. For them, the concept of virtual universities and degree programs are very much real!

Partnering With A Credible Online University Is Absolute Essential!

So, if you dream to pursue a career in law without surrendering your current job, an online degree program will work best for you. Getting an online law degree is not impossible in today’s world. All you need to do is to find out and partner with a credible university from which you wish to pursue a career in law. A little background research about the university may reveal vital aspects of the university, which may ease you decision pertaining to selecting a degree program.

A Brief Guide to Choosing an Online Degree

With numerous universities offering a wide range of degree programs in various fields, the potential grad students are likely to face problems in their course of selecting a degree program. This is why, you need choose the right online law degree program for maximizing the potential gains from the degree. For picking the perfect major, you need to think about a particular subject in law that is of your interest. Plus, do some career research, compare program lengths, and scrutinize the university to its core prior to getting on board. Accreditation, technical support, financial support, ex-students’ reviews, and other similar aspects can help you determine the credibility and reliability of the university.

Potential Benefits of Selecting an Online Law Degree Program

Earning a degree from a reputable university would not only be a valuable addition to your CV, but it will also help you become an attorney and pursue legal careers in several other industries such as business, healthcare, criminal justice, and more. Besides offering you a lucrative career opportunity, online law degree also helps you advance your career in legal counselling, or any particular law-related field and potentially increase your earnings.

How Do Tower Cranes Work?

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Tower cranes are incredibly powerful pieces of construction machinery that are used for some of the most complex, demanding and specialized construction projects out there. Operating them is not an easy feat and requires both special training and a license. Still, before we even come to this, you first need to know how these tower cranes work so that you can utilize and use them properly and to their full potential. With that in mind and without further ado, here’s a brief rundown on all you need to know about tower cranes.

1. What are tower cranes used for?

The first question we have to answer here is the one of what are tower cranes actually used for and the answer is, lifting heavy objects to great heights. Here, we’re talking about items like large tools (acetylene torches, for instance), generators or objects made out of steel and concrete. Due to the fact that these cranes tower (no pun intended) hundreds of feet, they can lift these objects to great heights, thus saving hours and hours of futile effort.

2. What are its parts?

Three major parts of every tower crane are the base, the mast (this is what’s most commonly referred to as the tower), the working arm and the slewing unit (the motor used for swinging the working arm one way or another). As for the minor parts, you have the shorter horizontal machinery arm and the operator’s cab. Depending on the model, the type and the materials used this machinery may be able to lift bigger weights, which is why a knowledge of a single tower crane doesn’t necessarily translate to other, similar pieces of equipment.

3. Is buying a tower crane a good idea?

This particular issue is not one to be responded lightly. Namely, if you’re using the piece of equipment for more than 60 percent of the time, you should definitely buy it. On the other hand, here, there’s more to consider than just the price of the equipment. You also need someone skilled, trained and responsible to operate it. Here, responsibility is perhaps the biggest issue, seeing as how the consequences of mishandling a tower crane can be catastrophic.

For this reason alone, the majority of smaller companies and construction startups prefer to deal with agencies such as Universal Mobile Tower Hire and outsource this task altogether. This way, they get not only machinery but also the personnel necessary to operate it.

4. How much can it lift?

Earlier on, we went into depth to discuss the immense power of a tower crane, yet, its characteristics depend on many different factors. For a standard crane, maximum lifting power is at about 18 metric tons, provided that there’s a counterweight with up to 16.3 metric tons. As for the reach, it goes at about 70 meters (about 230 feet). Still, you need to be extra careful, as well as understand the phenomena such as maximum load and load moments in order not to overburden the crane.

5. How do they remain stable?

The next question that a lot of people ask about tower cranes is what keeps them stable. A lot of people would assume that such a thing can come from support wires, yet, tower cranes seldom have them. First of all, you need to understand that the largest of tower cranes have a concrete pad as a foundation. The dimensions of the pad usually depend on various factors, yet, for a standard crane, these dimensions are 10 by 10 by 1.3 meters (30 x 30 x 4 feet). Total weight of this pad goes as high as 182,000 kg (182 tons). When fastened with massive anchor bolts, these cranes become as stable and reliable as possible.

In conclusion

Overall, understanding how tower cranes work may not be a knowledge that will ever find practical use, from the standpoint of an average contractor. Nonetheless, understanding peculiarities about these structures may help you make the right choice of whether to purchase or hire. Moreover, different projects may require different cranes and it’s always for the best if you could compare them against one another. When looking for a way to create a competitive edge, knowledge is always a reliable partner.

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Job

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The competition for getting a job is so great especially with today’s downward economy. As an applicant you must stand out from the rest. Everything about you must be excellent. From how you fill out your application, to the way you answer the interview questions and how you present yourself during the interview. In addition to these the employer will also review your cover letter. A well-written and informative cover letter will get you that interview. Everything about you can be great but when they are comparing your application along with someone else’s yours must stand out so that you can be selected for the interview. The following are tips on how to write a cover letter for a job. Following the tips is a sample cover letter that you can reflect on when writing your own.

  • To make it look professional always type your cover letter.
  • Make your font between 12-14 so that reading can be made easy (more info on fonts for cover letters).
  • Have your information listed at the top of the letter for quick contacting.
  • Keep your letter short, simple and to the point.
  • You may not know the name of the employer so write  “To Whom It May Concern”, just keep in mind that you address it properly.
  • The first sentence should state what position your applying for and the name of the company or business.
  • The next sentence should be about your educational background and what you currently do that pertains to the job.
  • Start a new paragraph by briefly sharing with the employer what makes you unique. Talk about the experiences you have had and qualities you posses that the business or company can benefit from.
  • In a new paragraph let the employer know that if they want more information how they can contact you.
  • To help your cover letter to further stand out write a P.S. below your name mentioning a resume along with letters of recommendation are attached.

Full Name
Address and phone number

To Whom It May Concern:

I am interested in working as a Service Coordinator for Alta Regional Center. I graduated from Sacramento State University with Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. I have completed 24 ECE units, and have my Supervisory Permit in Early Childhood Development.

For five years, I have been working for the San Juan Unified School District an s an Intervention Assistant in the K-6 grade level. My main role has been facilitating student support groups on areas such as anger management, social skills, and self-esteem. I am currently a Preschool Teacher at Mary Oaks Elementary.

In addition to my interaction with the children I believe I increase my effectiveness by forming positive working relationships with their parents. I provide valuable resources and help them set achievable goals. I believe my education and experiences make me particularly qualified to work for Alta Regional Center.

If you need additional information, please call me at (phone number). I look forward in hearing from you.


John Sexton
P.S. I have enclosed a resume and two letters of recommendation.

Challenges of Leadership in the Global Scenario

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The word Leader comes from ‘ Lord’, which meant, in Old Norse, the course or path of a ship at sea. The leader was the captain, who in Viking days was usually the steersman and navigator as well. Now, whether one is the leader of a nation, of a business, or of an educational institution, one has to keep in mind the fact that the world is shrinking and/or, rather, our world is expanding beyond perceived horizons. In the multi-cultural and cross-cultural environment we work in, dynamic leadership qualities are in order and our perception of leadership qualities are subject to change. Not only are the autocratic, democratic and free-rein leadership styles fast becoming irrelevant they are becoming anachronisms.

Leadership is now, more than ever before, facing several challenges. Never has the world been more interdependent; never before has the behaviour of one individual or group had such crucial consequences for others. Now is the time when all resources available to us must be mobilized to cope with the drastic, all encompassing changes taking place with lightning speed all around us Technological developments have created snow-balling problems in the lives of every human being. Tensions of energy crises are felt everywhere. Adolescents are in turmoil throughout the world. A pervasive sense of fear, confused values and beliefs, alienation felt by many individuals and groups, and the powerlessness of the individual against a power structure too big to comprehend, loom large. The society is in a state of flux and the lack of firmly rooted values is creating a feeling of setting up ones settlements over shifting sands. A society with empowering leadership, not intimidating leadership, alone can counter these problems, and produce and sustain a generation that can stand the onslaught of all perils that besiege the society. A new approach to understanding empowerment is called for to deal with the situation.

What is empowerment? Though the term may mean many things to different people, broadly defined, empowerment is that capacity to feel from within that you are in control of your life and decisions, and given the fact that there are constraints, within which you have certain freedom to think, feel, speak and behave in ways that put you at ease. An empowered person acts purely at his or her own discretion and will, and does not act under traditional dictates, or restrictions imposed by internalized concepts or by others, that cripple ones very right to live as a free human being.

Now, leaders are not working with employees sitting in one office, selected personally by him or her, nor do the employees perform specific assigned roles. With offices spread all across the globe, employees selected by local recruiting agents, or bodies who may or may not understand your organizational vision or goals, and performing multi-tasking non-stereo-typed roles in an environment when leveraging skills has become the need of the hour, a new type of approach towards leadership is needed with cognitive development at its heart. It is an undisputed fact that there is no dichotomy between the cognitive and affective domains The new approach offers the leader the wherewithal for creating a sense of harmony, of order, of sheer joy of living, thus freeing employees from the overwhelming odds of an impersonal society. It also provides a modus operandi for each person to build a sense of her own power as an individual. The leader’s awareness of the cognitive processes that affect our communication would offer a rich store of resources for positive attitude and value building, and impact on the way we relate to ourselves, and to each other. For, this impact alone can bring about empowerment of human beings. A leader realizes that he cannot empower people. He only nurtures conditions that create it – cultivate the conditions of empowerment.

An effective leader constantly bears in mind the impact of communication on empowerment. He is acutely aware of the fact that this approach helps us to search for an understanding in an age when understanding is obscured by upheaval; that it opens to us a range of alternatives, and makes possible the comprehension of the forces that impose themselves upon us and encourages us to examine those forces, evaluate them and change them if required. Such an approach to communication must be based on meaningful study of cognitive processes. Searching, examination and evaluation are cognitive acts that are very crucial to a leader. These processes help the leader to let his employees know that even in a situation where the individual seems powerless there are some choices that are open to them. They help the employees to know there is freedom for us to make decisions about those areas of choice. They help them to know what forces they should grant authority to take over their lives and what forces to reject. These processes bring order to a world of chaos and encourage a sense of autonomy. This process connects the employee meaningfully to the corporate world.

Satraj Singh, Managing Director of FMC- Rallis India Ltd says: “A leader is a teacher but I make sure that I don’t become a preacher. That is an art. I pass on as much as I can through examples, stories. I don’t directly ‘tell’ people what to do. I dare not cite from my personal repertoire of experiences. I don’t simplify to provide all the solutions. I try to make people arrive at alternatives”

An intuitive leader understands that every individual assimilates from and accommodates to, the people or events in the environment. These processes are progressive. The individual also differentiates and categorizes, generalizes and classifies, isolates and identifies several people and experiences. But these processes constitute knowledge. This knowledge is not imparted or transmitted. It is constructed by the individual and there lies the difference. Every individual constructs it in different ways for different reasons. A good leader is able to make her colleagues understand that the consequences of the different constructs vary, and make them see how the cognition and the resultant communication, and empowerment that ensue are interdependent. The leader also helps individuals to evolve ways of effecting intrapersonal and interpersonal communication that could empower themselves and others. A good leader perceives that everyone cannot have every strength and together their strength increases in exponential proportions.

Narayana Murthy, the Founder Chaiperson of Infosys Technologies, knew the strength of the six people with whom he started his Infosys. ” Nandan is good coomunicator, he is probably the best articulator of idea. Raghavan is a great humanist. He is a people’s man. Gopalakrishnan is a great technical person. Dinesh and Ashok are good technical project managers. Above all, they are good human beings. There was a tremendous synergy in the value system” He read the business situation accurately as well. He saw the business opportunity in off-shore development, a concept that was unknown: to create a software supplier leveraging Indian skills and targeted at overseas markets He saw the sustainable competitive advantage.

An empathetic leader realizes that cognitive development of an individual has its origin in childhood. He also does not lose sight of the fact that that the same objects or situations do not provide stimulus for assimilation and accommodation to every person. Every man and woman has, as a child, gone through several experiences and subconsciously imbibed certain patterns of thinking, self-talk and interpersonal communication. Thus, in a given situation, where one person feels totally at ease and empowered to handle, another person feels incapacitated and powerless. That is why we often find that different people operate effectively at different stress levels and the last straw that breaks the camel’s back may be the hundredth for one, while it may be the very third for another.

Sharon Drew Margon who has changed sales paradigm with her book Sales on the Line, which promotes buyer-focused, service-based sales, recounts her experience when she had to ask a corporate client a candid question: “How do you function at work each day when you leave your heart at home?” The client talked about his war experiences, which made him do bad things to good people and how he was led to believe his goodness could hurt people. This embittered person changed overnight and began to develop a humane approach towards the people at work.

A transcending leader finds out what makes the employees feel empowered or disempowered ; the kind of childhood they have had, the inputs they have received; their experiences, whether they perceive themselves to be empowered or helpless; if they feel responsible for whatever happened in their life or if they perceive themselves to be mere tools in the scheme of things that were destined to happen anyway; and if they happen to assume responsibility for the developments in their lives, if the feeling is healthy or guilt-ridden; and conversely, if they feel they are merely taken along a current and have absolutely no power to control the events in their life what makes them think so; the social values they have learned in the cognitive and emotional experience of their social interaction, their awareness about them, the contradictions that exist in value systems. She knows that she has neither the time nor the freedom to delve into the personal histories of employees. Yet, the very recognition that there are individual differences in human responses to situations and these have to be accepted as natural, and there is no room for being judgemental, develops qualities of empathy. As long as the organizational goals are met, these differences should be conceded to. An effective leader impinges upon his colleagues that thinking affects the way a person communicates with himself or herself and the quality of this intrapersonal communication determines his or her own confidence level and how empowered he/ she feels in different situations. She helps employees transcend personal tragedies or inhibiting forces and become self-reliant.

A creative leader realizes that people in a given environment feel in control or helpless according to the kind of communication they receive. The leader recognizes that there are set social and management practices, perhaps very discrete and not directly communicated or consciously thought or exercised, which are detrimental to empowerment of people. In a given situation the range in responses to life varies according to the individual’s sensitivity to problems, ability to identify, and insightfulness, and consequently the coping mechanisms. The leader works on these subtly and redefines the paradigm from which the employees operate so that they feel empowered. Here one may recall what John.F.Kennedy had to say when a reporter asked him: ” Sir, now many people who were your bitter enemies have become members in your cabinet. It is very strange? One destroys ones enemies.” Kennedy replied: “My dear friend, the moment these people became my friends they ceased to be my enemies. Now where are the enemies I have to destroy? He had changed the whole paradigm of peration to be able to perceive this.

A good leader never takes any occasion he gets to communicate with the colleagues lightly and goes unprepared for a meeting or gathering or even a casual get-together. The leader uses every such occasion to build rapport. The feelings may be genuine, the thoughts deliberated and well-planned, but if the medium is not well-formulated, communication fails. Anu Aga’s approach of ‘inducting more humane treatment , openness and sharing which included confrontations and facing upto vulnerabilities, to bring out the authentic person or build one in the process’ shows this meticulous and caring approach that finally proved very effective.

A sensitive leader makes certain that she listens twice as often as she talks. She truly hears what her colleagues want – what they desperately hope to make her understand, appreciate and include within the vision. A leader never allows any barriers to come in the way for people reaching out to her .A leader may believe in hierarchy and there may be a protocol in every organization and insist that people should not by-pass authority. However, the leader also sends a message clear and loud, that any suggestion and grievance can be sent to him or communicated to him if the need is felt by the concerned person. Wherever personal intervention is necessary, she does the needful to ensure that every employee feels that the mechanisms to ventilate grievances are active in the organization and does not feel suffocated.

Russi Mody used the principal management technique of holding regular informal open air meetings followed by tea. Selected questioners are encouraged to even step upto the microphone and speak out their points in public. He gives opportunity for criticism. The humblest worker is free to address the Chairperson.

Leaders should be enthusiastic, energetic and positive about the future. This may not change the context of work, but certainly these qualities do make work more meaningful. A leader should have a dream about the future. He must be able to communicate the vision in ways that attracts and excites members of the organization and encourage the employees to partake in the fulfillment of the vision. Leaders must find some greater sense of worth in our day-to-day working life. This attitude of looking at a job as a calling, motivates colleagues. Intentional modeling is essential for focusing people’s attention, energy and effort on the expected behaviours until such actions become standard operating procedures – part of the daily stream of activities. ” I try to lead by example, by being what I want privates to be. I expect as much out of them”, so says Sergeant Jill Henderson, the first woman to win the Army’s Drill Sergeant of the Year award. She demands of her people what she demands of herself. Leaders should empower employees. The leader should exercise the positive face of power. This requires a great deal of sensitivity to others. Researchers note that the ability to understand other people’s perspectives is the most glaring difference between executives who make good and those who derail. Arrogance, aloofness, betrayal of trust, over-managing, or failing to delegate or build a team are fatal flaws.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. A good leader is aware of his powers, but never uses it indiscriminately. Neither to favour some partisan nor to punish a dissenting voice. Power is used only to delegate, organize, integrate, reward, recognize, and motivate – never to display what one can or cannot do. Building team spirit is the successful and effective way of inspiring leadership – not controling people by power and authority.

An effective leader is caring and shows the human side of a leader by genuinely caring about his people with a warm sense of humor. A leader is one who does not look at the colleagues as clerks, attendants, lecturers, professors , typists, clerks, nurses etc etc. A leader looks at each of them as human beings with a life of their own, a personality of their own, an individuality of their own. They genuinely care to help when a colleague is disturbed, sense when a person is in his elements and when he is not. They show concern in mild unintrusive ways, take out time to talk to the employees and understand their psyche.

An effective leader is fair, honest and consistent in his action and words. Getting extraordinary things done in orgainsations is hard work. To keep hope and determination alive, leaders recognize contributions made by individuals to make the climb for the organization possible. Leaders acknowledge individual merit and this they do consistently. They don’t forget to acknowledge some one’s achievements and recognize another. While celebrating the efforts of the entire group, individual contributions also should be recognized. For that a good leader identifies the inputs given by each team player and gives a pat for that in public. This honest and open admission earns rich dividends in the long run. Not only do you keep loyal colleagues, many more join in.
Gary Hruska, Vice President of Publishing Operations of GTE Directories narrates how a simple penny he gave playfully to an employee with the words “This is a discretionary award for your efforts” was proudly displayed and soon everyone began to crave for this recognition. This was the beginning of the Prestigious Penny Award. The power of acknowledgement is great.

In any effective long-term relationship, there must be a sense of mutuality. If one partner always gives and the other always takes, the one who gives will feel taken advantage of and the one who takes will feel superior. In that climate, co-operation is virtually impossible. To achieve co-operative goals, leaders must quickly establish a norm of reciprocity within teams and among partners. This sense of fairness, if neglected, can be disastrous.

An effective leader accepts criticism sportingly and admits when he is wrong. Even the chairperson’s pencil has an eraser on it. We all make mistakes. That is why they put erasers on pencils. Do not be afraid of admitting mistakes. We cannot be right all the time. The person who is right only sixty percent of the time can be a great success if he is quick to correct his mistakes the rest of the time. The best thing is, people really respect leaders who admit their mistakes quickly and gracefully. It is the mark of a big person. Even Mahatma admitted to “Himalayan blunders”

To conclude, an empowering leader would:

1. Explore certain ways and means of constructing meaningful and effective methods for intrapersonal communication and expunge one of disempowering self-talk.

2. Understand ways and means of devising methods for interpersonal communication that creates a healthy, empowering environment, so that every person in any formal or informal group feels totally in control of ones own life.

3. Recognize disempowering cognitive and communicative processes and social and management practices, and deconstruct them to build a healthy empowering environment.

4. With particular reference to marginalized communities and groups, examine the above with a view to establishing an empowering climate.

5. A good leader recognizes that by categorizing women as a class by themselves with different capabilities, distinct characteristics of its own and slotting them in water-tight compartments men are losing out on the opportunity to find equal partners in their endeavours and this, in turn, affects the contribution that could result from such coordinated and concerted efforts. This is a great loss that intelligent leaders should and can avert by changing the way we look at our equations.

6. A leader is sensitive to and allows individual differences, and, at the same time, integrates organisational needs, group needs and individual’s needs.

7. Integrate task-oriented approach with people-oriented approach wherein the following steps could help could be followed: Plan the Assignment, Brief and Initiate the Group, Help the Action, Provide Supportive Behaviour, Control and review Periodically, Provide Feedback and Information, and Constantly Evaluate and Update.

The basic credo for a good leader should be, as Sudhir Tilloo, the Indian Collaborator for the Japanese giant Hitachi Metals said: ” I need everyone; nobody needs me”

Why You Should Start a 529 Plan for Your Unborn Child

Why You Should Start a 529 Plan for Your Unborn Child

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In the last decade, 529 plans have quickly become a way for parents to help their children attend college. Not all 529 plans are the same, but some of them are high-quality high-class investments which are a great way to save money for your children’s education, even if they have not been born yet. We’re going to look at the example of New York’s 529 plan, and show why opening one of these accounts is a great thing to do.

First, the New York’s 529 plans are managed by Vanguard, which is a high-class high-quality investment company, and it’s a very well run company. Vanguard has one of the largest portfolios of mutual fund investments in North America, and they really have some good choices to pick for mutual funds.

Secondly, there are very low minimums and no fees. You can start with $15.00 to start the account and $15 for any investment. This is very competitive if you put $5000 a year away and only have to spend $15 to invest it, you’re doing a pretty good job relative to a lot of other investment options.

The New York 529 plan is especially beneficial to New Yorkers. Residents of the state can deduct up to $5000 in their state income tax, and the investment grows tax-deferred on top of the fact that they are exempt from income tax as long as the funds are used for an educational purpose.

A lot of 529 plans do not offer a lot of good investment choices. They vary from state to state, and they are certainly not all the same. You should carefully look into what options are available for investments inside the specific 529 plan you are looking at. In the state of New York, there are 15 individual mutual funds from Vanguard that you can choose from. Many of them are very good investment choices. The expense ratio starts at about 0.6% and decreases as more assets are added to the fund.

Finally, these accounts are extremely flexible. You can start out having the beneficiary as yourself, but you can change it to any member of the family at any time. If your children, spouse, or relatives are going through an education, you could withdraw the money and use it for their education without any tax consequences.

Since 529 plan benefits are now permanent, now is as good of a time as ever to start investing for your children’s education, even if they’re not born. The sooner you start the less money overall you will have to put in because of the power of compound interest! Good luck saving!

Important Reminders In Writing A Compelling College Application Essay

Important Reminders In Writing A Compelling College Application Essay

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You already know how to write an academic essay: you start with a presentation, toss in a theory statement, find about three paragraphs of proof, and wrap everything up with a clear conclusion.

A  successful college application essay is unique.

Here’s the thing: your college application essay needs to breathe life into your application. It should capture your real personality, explaining your identity past a progression of grades, test scores, and after-school activities. In any case, that’s not nearly as scary as it appears, because you get the opportunity to pick what to share and how to share it personal statement writing.

Take a moment and consider the college or college admission officers will read your essay. In what manner will your essay pass on your background and what makes you extraordinary? If you had the chance to stand before an admission board of trustees to share a significant story or essential information about yourself, what might you say? The college application essay is your chance to share your personality, goals, impacts, challenges, triumphs, educational encounters, or exercises learned. Also, why you’re a solid match for the college and why it’s a solid match for you. These are the stories behind the rundown of activities and leadership parts on your application.

A standout among the most well-known battles understudies experience is fighting the temptation to press all that they’ve seen, done, and heard into their essay. Be that as it may, your application essay isn’t your biography in 650 words. Instead, pick one minute in time and spotlight on recounting the story behind it.

Admission officers realize that written work doesn’t come quickly to everybody, except with some time and planning, anyone can write a college application essay that stands out. One way to do that is to work well ordered, piece-by-piece. The final product ought to be a carefully planned, original essay that makes you glad. Take advantage of having the capacity to share something with an audience who knows nothing about you and is eager to learn what you have to offer. Brag, then write the story nobody else can tell.

  1. Become acquainted with your provoke

Ease yourself into the essay-composing process. Take time to understand the inquiry or incite being asked.

The absolute most important part of your essay preparation is you need to understand the inquiry or essay incite. When you are done thinking of, you have to establish beyond any doubt that your essay still adheres to the provoke.

College essay addresses frequently recommend maybe a couple main ideas or themes of core interest. These can vary from a personal to trivial, yet all try to challenge you and spark your creativity and knowledge.

Reread them. At that point, read them once again.

Take some an opportunity to consider what is being asked and let it soak in before you allow the ideas stream.

Before you can even start brainstorming, characterize first what is the goal you’re attempting to accomplish. Is this essay provoked asking you to advise? If it doesn’t already, relate the inquiry back yourself by asking, “How does this—or how could this—apply to me?”

Avoid dealing with your current English class essays to check whether the subjects fit the bill. These pieces rarely showcase your identity as an applicant.

  1. Brainstorm

Get your creative juices streaming by brainstorming all the conceivable ideas you can consider to address your college essay question.

Trust it or not, the brainstorming stage may be more repetitive than composing the actual application essay. The reason for existing is to tissue out all of your conceivable ideas so when you start thinking of, you know and understand where you are running with the point.

Reflect. You have years to draw from, so put aside time to mentally gather relevant encounters or occasions that fill in as solid, particular examples. It is also time for self-reflection. “What are my qualities?” “How might my companions depict me?” “What separates me from different applicants?”

Write any ideas down. Though no strategy works best, you’ll be thankful when you can return to ideas you generally may have overlooked.

Narrow down the choices. Pick three ideas you think fit the college application essay incite best and measure the potential of each. Which idea can you grow further and not lose the reader? Which captures a more significant amount of who you are?

Choose your story to tell. From the considerations you’ve narrowed down, pick one. You ought to have enough supporting details to depend on this as a brilliant demonstration of your abilities, achievements, perseverance, or convictions.

  1. Create a diagram

Architects utilize a blueprint. A webpage is involved code. Cooks depend on formulas. What do they have in like manner? They have a plan. The tenets for composing a decent essay are the same. After you brainstorm, you’ll recognize what you want to say, yet you should choose how you will say it. Create a layout that breaks down the essay into areas.

All great stories have a starting, a center, and an end. Polish your stories with the goal that it has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Following this natural movement will make your essay lucid and easy to read.

Strategize. How are you going to open your essay? With an anecdote? An inquiry? Dialog? Or the utilization of amusingness? Try to determine what is the tone of your essay based on your ideas.

Adhere to your written work style and voice. It’s particularly important when composing a piece about yourself that you write naturally and put the words in your voice. By planning the layout of your essay of time, you’ll avoid changing your composition style mid-story.

10 Reasons to Pay for Writing Help Online

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A research paper is an investigation based on some particular topic and its partial relation with some other subjects. Students hate them and turn to custom writing services. Why?

15 Reasons Why Students Hate Academic Writing

The statistics show that there are almost no students who like researches. The main reasons for their hate are:

  1. Too complicated tasks

When students realize that the task is too difficult for them, then they start hating it from the very beginning. The problem is that a student should clear out what’s that and how to cope with it. Sometimes, the topic looks like mission impossible and the teacher should explain where to start, what sources to study, what to investigate, and how to finish.

  1. Writing instead of everything else

When students enter the university or college, they think of possible fun and interesting things they will have there. Unfortunately, researching occupies so much time that there is no time for rest things left.

  1. Exhaustion is inevitable

Except for research, a student also has to cope with studies, exams, and routing work. By the way, researching takes too much time and students have to refuse something. In case a student wants to do everything and at once, exhaustion is inevitable.

  1. Reviewers and editors often have different points of view

A research paper may fail in case reviewers and editors have some other point of view concerning the work.

  1. Styles and other difficult requirements

Each research paper is based on certain requirements like a style, language use, format, etc. Students often get confused. First, they think that academic papers need only solid information and thinking of style and other requirements students get terrified and paralyzed. One more stumbling block is plagiarism problem. The work must be unique and valuable.

  1. Page limitations

Sometimes students need fewer or more pages to write a good research work. When there are page limitations, students either have to reduce the information or to waffle.

  1. Fear in mind

According to Stephen Pinker’s psychology, sometimes students can’t cope with the task because their brains are paralyzed with fear. In case a person stops thinking negatively, there will be more chances to succeed in writing.

  1. Teachers don’t understand the author

A student often faces the problem of misunderstanding. When it happens, a student desponds and fails.

  1. Grammar and lexical demands

It often happens that a person can be a good researcher but is bad at grammar. Academic writing demands good language knowledge. Poor language habits always lead to tiring and irritating rewriting of huge passages.

  1. Boring assignments

The task may be easy but boring. When students lack the desire to write, they endanger themselves to fail.

  1. Bibliography

A well-structured bibliography full of useful scientific sources is a nightmare for every student, especially when the topic lacks investigation.

  1. Waste of time

Those who don’t want to connect their lives with science and researches consider academic writing to be just a waste of time.

  1. Difficult to find something interesting and new

Each paper must include some innovation. The problem is that some topics seem to have no need for an investigation or require solid experiments which can take many years and much money.

  1. Monotonous repetitions

Who likes to reread, recheck or rewrite things? Many teachers make students do that too often and students feel tired and lose interest in the paper writing.

  1. One can remain unknown

A great number of students write academic papers hoping to be published and become famous. Unfortunately, not all students succeed. Possible failure prevents students form writing.

Only those students who want to become professional writers like managing academic papers.

10 Reasons to Entrust Academic Papers to Professionals

In case a student hates academic writing, it’s better to buy the required paper online.

10 reasons to pay for writing help online are:

  1. Day and Night Availability

All responsible online custom writing services work 24/7 and students can order a paper whenever they want.

  1. Give a Hint – Get a Work

As a rule, a student just has to supply a professional writer with a topic or some hint and wait till the order is ready.

  1. No Cultural and Regional Differences

Students from different corners of the globe order papers and want to get researchers based on some particular geographical area. Online writing services do everything exactly the customer wants.

  1. No Plagiarism

Writers hate plagiarism because their works will be banned. They need their job as much as a student needs a copy-free paper.

  1. Deadline is not a Problem

Professionals adore their job and do it quickly. That’s why they cope with the task before the deadline.

  1. No slangs – only authentic language

Custom writers possess excellent language skills and use only authentic language.

  1. Home delivery

Papers are written and send online so that a student can get it when at home in front of the laptop.

  1. Best writer choice

A student can choose the author looking at the resume and portfolio.

  1. Direct connection with the author of the paper

If a student wants to change something, he/she can connect their writer and give directions.

  1. Good or not: samples show that

Free examples of research works are available and a student can see them.

In case a student wants to devote more time to personal needs, it’s better to pay for academic writing help online and enjoy life.

Avail Daikin Air Conditioner Online To Save Your Time And Money

Avail Daikin Air Conditioner Online To Save Your Time And Money

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Daikin is the topmost air conditioning company in the world. This company ensures to provide a wide range of cooling needs for the industrial, commercial and residential applications. This air conditioner brand is backed by means of advanced technology of Japanese AC manufacturer. Daikin provides premium air conditioners for Indian consumers to suit their needs and budget range. Daikin has plenty of models in terms of split ACs with varying capacities from 0.75 to 2.2 ton. You can check out the technical specifications prior to choosing the right one that suits the needs of your residence.

Features Of Daikin AC

Some of the impressive features included in the Daikin Air Conditioner includes of remote monitoring, air purification, quiet indoor operation, dehumidification/humidification, inverter technology, remote monitoring, power chill, 3D airflow and many others. If you are in need of AC for your residence or commercial purpose, it is essential to check the price list comparison to choose the right model which suits their budget range. When you search online, you can get a closer look at the preferred model by clicking the images of each and every product available. Online shopping is your preferred destination for comparing, checking out and buying Daikin air conditioners in a smart way. You are sure to get exclusive and enticing deals while doing shopping online. There are bountiful of options in air conditioning appliances but you must get the one which guarantees quality performance.

Beat Summer With Daikin AC

As you know very well that, Daikin is the worldwide manufacturer of consumer products that ensures to meet customer satisfaction. These air conditioners contribute to the nation by offering a most superior solution in terms of air conditioning. Daikin AC is designed to be highly energy-efficient without any compromise in its performance because it is a really smart appliance. Some appliance also comes with auto restart functionality which protects you from the complication of having to start/ restarts the air conditioner every time when you want. Another advantage of this AC is its silent operation. It will be irritating to concentrate on work when the continual buzzing sound occurs from these appliances. But the silent operation spares your life from such nuisance.

Best Part Of Daikin Brand

Daikin brand gets trust and respect from its dealers and customers. It is one of the pioneering brands in applying the eco-friendly technology in its products. This brand has taken up the mission to respond towards the environmental problems by including green technology in its products. It does not matter whether you want 1 ton or 1.5 ton AC for your household rather you can shop for Daikin brand AC online by seeing its price rate and energy ratings. If your need is higher than the capacity then you can choose high-performance AC manufactured by Daikin. The AC is well-equipped with simplistic functionality and sleek design features. If you do not want to put a hole in your pocket then consider choosing either 4-star or 5-star Air Conditioners which will save money on your electricity cost. Don’t forget to compare air conditioner prices before making your choice to save lots of money.

Effective Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

Answers To Your Research Paper Questions

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During research paper writing, it is natural to have a list of questions. These might include:

  • What topic do I want to write about?
  • What is proper research paper format?
  • Where will I get my research?
  • How much time will it take for me to complete this assignment?
  • Do I need to include graphs or charts in my paper?
  • Where do I start?

Having questions is natural. In answering what topic you want to write about ‘” you try to determine which subject will best fit with your assignment. Many professors will provide details about what they expect and often give you an idea of what they might be looking for. Once you have a subject in mind, you can start searching online, in the library and in print publications to locate some specific ideas that will help you shape your thesis idea.

Research paper format is the standard of how you will layout your writing and format your document. Most academic writing is completed in APA format. There is another format called MLA that is also used. Your professor will give you the formatting option that they want your paper to be completed in. You can also utilize the Owl at Purdue, a resource for formatting that has a template of both of these formatting options.

You will more than likely acquire your research from online publications from online library databases. While you might go to the library to search through some of the periodicals and books, many academic sources are available online.

The time that it takes to complete an assignment is largely based on you and how much time you have for the assignment submission date. You will likely utilize all of the time, since each step in the writing process takes time. Some portions of the process will take longer than others. You will likely spend most of your time collecting your resources and writing your paper. These generally take the most time and are more intense activities.

Usually you have the option to include graphs, charts and other visuals. Visuals do help break up the information and are quite useful if you are sharing statistics or an experiment of some kind. By providing a picture description, you are engaging the reader in the information and they will likely be able to understand the facts you are sharing with visuals alongside your written work.

In starting your paper, you want to define your topic first. Once you have narrowed down your topic, you can start to plan your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the heart of your work. You want to catch your reader’s attention and use your thesis to demonstrate what you will be sharing in the rest of your research paper. This is the most logical place to start when writing, since your thesis statement is required and will give you direction in locating resources for your paper. As example, check out this thesis statement on alcoholism.

Good luck!

Australian University Research: List Of Universities In Western Australia

Australian University Research: List Of Universities In Western Australia

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A lot of Australian universities are world renowned in producing pioneering research studies, including multiple universities in western Australia which have invested a lot of resources into conducting high-quality research projects.

University of Western Australia

The University of Western Australia places strong emphasis on conducting world-class research through strategic investments and by nurturing graduate students to become professional researchers. Currently, the University of Western Australia has identified six research strengths and will concentrate their investments in these areas: plants, animals, and agriculture, exploration, production and utilisation of minerals, oil and gas, fundamental biomedical approaches to health, indigenous knowledge, bioengineering, and neuroscience. The faculty members at the school are highly experienced researchers who are recognized nationally and internationally. Many professors are Premier’s Fellows, ARC /NHMRC Professorial Fellows, and ARC Laureate and Federation Fellows.

Curtin University of Technology

Curtin is famous for its ground-breaking research studies on science and technology. Curtin’s vision towards research and development is that through partnership and alliance, more high-quality research studies can be produced. Currently, Curtin is promoting its Future Fellowships Scheme to attract overseas talents to conduct research in the institution. International researchers are encouraged to apply for the fellowship and they will be evaluated based on how relevant their research topics are to Australia’s national priorities. Curtin’s four area of research expertise are resources & energy, sustainable development, ICT & emerging technologies, and health.

Murdoch University

Murdoch University is home to eight research institutes respectively on immunology, health, resource technology, sustainable ecosystems, animal research, crop and plant sciences, media and information technology, and sustainable societies, education and political science. Under each faculty, Murdoch has established specific research centers to focus on certain areas, such as the labor market, sustainable tourism, screen and sound, biomolecular control of disease, Asia-Pacific intellectual property law, and national plant biosecurity. The latest research published by Murdoch reveals that DNA detectives can effectively help the customs authority to protect its borders from illegal immigrants.

University of Notre Dame Australia

The school provides research funding to the Center of Faith, Ethics, and Society, Institute for Health and Rehabilitation Research, and the Center for Indigenous Studies. The research committee composes of renowned professors and researchers from different disciplines, ensuring a wide range of perspectives when it comes to research policy making. The research office at the University of Notre Dame Australia promotes a welcoming and friendly environment for new researchers and postgraduate students. It also assists researchers in obtaining funding and aid to conduct quality studies.