Why You Shouldn’t Build an Attachment With Your Gadgets

Why You Shouldn’t Build an Attachment With Your Gadgets

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Many of us use technology all the time. Mobile gadgets and various other technological products have become a part of modern day life, and are commonly used in everyday life. Do you even think twice before picking up your phone and checking whether you have any messages or not? Most people spend the best part of their day glued to their computer screens, working away and not realizing the amount of harm that they end up causing their body. There are countless harmful effects of becoming excessively dependent on technology to the point that you feel that you’ve become addicted. Let me list a few.

The Blue Light

Every single screen that you look at emits a blue light. Back in 1979, scientists at NASA were looking for a way by which they could keep their astronauts awake for prolonged periods of time. They realized that methamphetamines were not a viable solution, as it affected astronauts greatly. As a result, they came up with another solution; the use of blue light. Our bodies, by default, are trained to wake up when you are exposed to blue light. This has been the case since forever, and it’s what our bodies are trained to. How many times have you gotten in bed with your mobile phone, and ended up spending a couple of hours simply browsing while you wait for your sleep? The reason for that is simple: the blue light emitting from the screen of your mobile phone can cause serious harm, and as long as you are looking for it, the brain receptors believe that it’s still day.

Silent Killers

Excessive exposure to mobile phone screens can cause serious harm to your body. These are silent killers that can have a major impact on your health and well-being. Continued exposure to your mobile phones can have a disastrous effect on your health and affect your focus greatly as well. Numerous studies have shown that excessive reliance on technology can affect your thinking capabilities as well.

So What Can You Do About It?

After prolonged use of mobile phones and gadgets, many people feel that they are completely dependent on their phones. If you have a phone that you’d like to get rid of or make a switch, you can do so by selling it online. Companies such as offer users the option of selling their mobile phones.

If you want top cash for your smartphone without having to go through a great deal of hassle, you can easily sell it online. All you have to do is to visit the company’s website and input the details of your device. The company will check the mobile phone and then give you an estimate for the prices. You can then decide whether it’s a suitable option for you or not. Selling off your mobile phone is quite easy now, and it doesn’t require as much of a hassle as it used to once.

The Best Technology Gadgets Of 2015

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Today we live in a technology era, where we love to spend more of our time with our most preferred gadgets and modern devices. The upcoming technology and gadgets have totally captured our mind and now we cannot imagine our life without them. If we look back into the past, we will realize that video cassettes have been replaced by the MP3 player and cameras by smartphones. Soon we will experience more wonders of this technology which will give us an experience of living in the fictional world. Most of the work will be done in less than a second and the day is not far when your newspaper will read the news to you, every morning. Such is the impact of technology that has made people smarter. Needless to say, soon we will enter into the robotic age where most of the work will be accomplished by robots, performing surgeries on humans being amongst one of the latest example clearly justifying the arrival of the robotic era.

The Best Technology Gadgets Of 2015

The most important and widely used device of this era is the smartphone. You must have noticed that almost all the people holding a smartphone gives them an opportunity to play games and interact with their far distant relatives through Skype or Whatsapp. With availability of efficient mid-range smartphones, many people can buy them as it falls under their expenditure budget.

These smartphones have enabled them to try most of the things which otherwise they wouldn’t have. They are able to shoot selfies and make videos of some events like immortal actions in their everyday life and then send them to other people, thus helping people become aware of mishaps, well in advance. One of the features worth mentioning is that it is your gateway to enter into e-commerce. By using it, you will be able to handle your business through this smart device.

Apart from smartphones, Windows phablet is seizing the world in its clutches with surprise. Phablets resemble small tablets meeting both the requirements of slate and a smartphone. In the market, excellent budget Windows phablets are available and one can buy according to his requirements. These phablets have a big screen with impressive display system.

Excellent budget Windows phablets have made millions of people enjoy the advantages of phablets and needless to say, with Windows support, they are able to explore and learn new things. It has brought entertainment in the life of people. You can expand its memory with an SD card. It also helps you in sharing files between the 2 devices.

Phone Gadgets – 6 Cool Add-ons that Transform Your Phone

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Most of us are attached at the hip– literally– to our phones these days. As phone technology continues on its path of remarkable innovation, what are essentially mini-PCs grow in use more and more. Why wait for everything to be built in, though? Below we have 6 awesome phone accessories that will completely change the way you view your phone.

The IN1 Case

Pocket and purse real estate is in high demand, so why spare room for a multi-purpose tool when you can just whip out your iPhone? The IN1 case offers up an impressive variety of tools, including blue and red pens, nail file, Phillips head and flathead screwdrivers, tweezers, scissors, tooth pick, and phone kickstand. Don’t worry about ending up on a watch list, by the way, the IN1 is fully TSA compliant.

The iLuv Selfy Case

Step up your selfie game with this quirky case. The back features a slide-out wireless shutter remote that hooks up to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to set up your phone for pictures without the hassle of a self-timer. Take group shots where you can actually fit everybody, or snap a selfie in front of the scenic view you can finally capture all of!

The Prynt Case

Digital cameras might have been a huge improvement overall, but no one can deny the convenience that came with instant print Polaroids. Why not go the extra mile and combine the simplicity of a Polaroid with the ever-present mobile phone? The Prynt phone case contains a built in printer so you can instantaneously print that rocking selfie you just snapped with your iLuv Selfy case, and if the printer gets jammed, repair it with tools from your IN1 case! Doesn’t everybody carry three phone cases?


Maybe you and your phone are completely inseparable. That’s fine, everyone needs “me time” outside of their relationship, but that can lead to missing important calls. This is where Renny comes in. Renny is a wireless speaker that rings and announces who is calling, even if your phone is on vibrate or silent. You can even pick up the call with Renny’s built-in microphone. It hooks to your phone via Bluetooth, with support for two phones at once.


While Chui isn’t exclusively a phone gadget, it’s too cool not to include on this list. Chui is a smart doorbell that sends notifications to your phone when people ring it, showing you who’s a-knockin’. It doesn’t stop there, though– Chui uses recognition software to establish a person’s identity, allowing for tons of customization. It can be set to unlock the door for family and friends, completely ignore unwanted solicitors, or voice specific instructions for the FedEx guy.

Dino-Lite Handheld Microscopes

If you’ve ever wished you could take a microscope on the go, you were born in the right time period. Dino-Lite offers a whole suite of handheld microscopes that hook up straight to your phone, allowing you to explore the unseen world through your phone screen. Find them online at places like for some great offers and information regarding their specs.

Smartphones alone offer a lot of versatility. Gone are the days when all a phone could do was place a call, but base phone models still don’t offer everything. Fortunately, there’s plenty of amazing pieces of technology out there that can up the ante on your phone. These are just 6 of them.