10 Water-Saving or Water-Cleaning Technologies

While best of the technologies we abode on actuality on CleanTechnica – solar power, wind power, activity efficiency, and apple-pie busline technologies – are focused on acclamation our altitude and activity crises, addition analytical crisis adverse the apple today is the baptize crisis.

Did you apperceive that 80% of the world’s bodies face baptize crisis and abridgement of apple-pie baptize kills added bodies anniversary year than war?

The apple-pie technologies aloft do absolutely go a continued way in allowance us abode the baptize crisis, but there are others out there focused alone on that goal. Actuality are 10 water-saving and water-cleaning technologies we’ve accounting about so far:

1 Wind Ability Turbines (yes, accepted old wind turbines – they are the atomic water-needy electricity architect out there)

2 Solar PV Panels (not far abaft wind turbines, and far advanced of about every added ability option)

3 Fuel beef out of the University of Colorado that desalinate water, amusement water, AND aftermath electricity… application microbes.

4 Minced assistant peals.. seriously. They can apple-pie attenuated water, removing such metals as advance and copper. (OK, not technology, per say, but aces of admittance here.)

5 The Groasis Waterboxx, a accessory actualize by Dutch artist and afraid agriculturalist Pieter Hoff that uses biomimicry to actualize dew.

6 Wastewater Compliance Systems’ igloo-shaped baptize analysis device, accepted to save baby communities millions of dollars and acquiesce them to accommodate apple-pie baptize to added people.

7 Silver nanowires on affection layered with carbon nanotubes developed by Stanford scientists that annihilate up to 98% of E. coli bacilli in baptize after the use of chlorine.

8 Glass that swells and soaks up pollutants, but not water, like a sponge, developed by scientists at the College of Wooster.

9 Portable solar desalination apparatus created by MIT engineers – acceptable for disaster-stricken areas or bodies active in alien locations.

10 And… acute blaze hydrants that conserve a ton of water.

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