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Dell XPS 15z

The new Dell XPS 15z is not imply a computer having Windows. In fact this new laptop is MacBook Pro. The size of the screen of this laptop is 15 inches. This new laptop seems to be having similarity with the exemplary laptop of Apple. Even if you would look at both of them, you would get confused in both of them for an instant. Although, the level of quality that a normal MacBook Pro is supposed to have, you may not find in this new Dell XPS 15z but it is less costly than others.

The price range of this new laptop starts from $999.The model of this laptop is Core i5-2410M and the processor constituted in it is dual-core. In addition, the RAM of this laptop is 6GB and long with this, it has been provided with graphic processor of GeForce 525M. In addition, the laptop possesses a graphics RAM of 1GB. The hard disk provided in this computer is of 500GB having 7200 rpm. This new XPS 15z has also been applied with CD and DVD burner of8X. Another great feature of this laptop is that Nvidia technology is supported by it. This feature allows the laptop to get transferred automatically between mixed and sole graphics according to the requirements of the performance. This also helps in extending the battery time of the computer. This new XPS 15z has been equipped with HDMI on the left side. Along with this, there is output for mini display port. Here you would find another port of eSATA  or USB. On the same side, the computer has been provided with two 3.0 ports for USB. In addition, this side of the laptop also features a multi card reader.

A great feature of the port of eSATA/ USB available in this computer is that it has the ability to share the power. This means that it can also charge other portable equipments as well. This charging can be done even if the laptop is off. On the right side of this laptop, it is provided with the DVD burner. Along with this, there are ports for microphones and headphones to be attached to the laptop. There is another port on the border of back side of the laptop of Ethernet. Here, you will also find the port of the power plug. Almost all of the Dell laptops are very well constructed; however this is not the case with this new ZPS 15z. If you wish to upgrade the burner to Blu-ray drive, you would not be able to do it if you have this laptop. This is because the structure of the laptop is too thin for the Blu-ray drive to be adjusted in it.

The resolution of the screen of the basic model of this laptop is 1366 by 768. However, here you have the option to get it upgraded to the resolution of 1920 by 1080. But in order to get it upgraded you would need to spend extra $100. The RAM of this Core i7-2620M is 8GB. The processor of this laptop is dual-core.

On the whole this is a good effort by Dell, however it is hopes that the future models would be more improved.

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