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Key Features Of Web Development

Some of the most prominent and instructive traits of web development are outlined below.



One of web development’s most vital ingredients is the need to nature originality. You should endeavor to develop your own unique website other than striving to duplicate another website, no matter how popular it is. Indeed lack of originality is one of the biggest putdown and client traffic repellents. If they feel your website is a mere copycat of another, they are most definitely not going to visit again.


Site Validation

This is another important feature of web development, what it means is that you have to check your website with a valid HTML validator so as to pick out any errors your developer might have missed. The World Wide Web Consortium has come up with a standard validation mechanism and it is important that you adhere to it so as to ensure your website abides by the benchmarks. On top of that it is also crucial that you validate if your web site is compatible with the major browsers, if it is not you should contact your web developer.


Page Indexing

Page indexing is another key feature of web development, especially when you are adding your website to prominent search engines. One particular point to note about page indexing is that it is better done manually other than using automatic facilities. This is because automated additions are susceptible to search engine tracking.


Banner and Online Advertisements

Banners and adverts are very good revenue earners, but they should be positioned well so as not do destruct the main agenda of your website. An effective web development should be able to come up with a professional way of placing these banners, such that they will earn revenue as well as maintain your website’s posture.


Color Combination

This is another vital web development trait as the color rendition you choose can make or break your site. No web development is complete without an effective choice of color. The website color has to be compatible with the background; otherwise it will be a problem for your visitors to read your content.



One key point you should keep in mind during web development is to limit the number of errors you make as it is quite taxing to redress them later. It is advisable that you use CSS and HTML sheets as they make editing quite easy.

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