Lenovo IdeaPad S205

Tablets are slowly replacing netbooks due to their portability. However, netbooks are still in the running. The Lenovo IdeaPad S205 is one of the good netbooks still on the market. It has a decent 11-inch screen which is not bad for its price. Its internals are also fashioned in a different way. As opposed to the typical Intel Atom processor, this one has an AMD E-350 processor which actually gives a better Windows Experience Index than the Atom. Best of all, it has 4GB memory installed. This is extremely useful and is way better than buying a netbook that has only 1GB and is in the same price range.


One downside of the S205 is its design. The plastic is not very helpful in hiding smudges. There are some netbooks that are of the same price but have anti-reflective tops to keep the device clean. However, for an 11-inch netbook, it weighs a surprising 3.1 pounds only. That makes it lighter than some 10-inch netbooks and almost all 11-inch ones.


The addition of one inch to the screen already guarantees the user the privilege of enjoying a 1366×768 resolution. This makes HD viewing possible. Comfort is also guaranteed when you use the keyboard. The keys are adjusted to be of optimal height in order for the user to feel at ease. The touchpad is also very responsive and has soft mouse buttons for easy clicking.


One of the outstanding features of the S205 is the presence of an HDMI port. Not many netbooks have this as it is commonly made for full-size laptops. Then again, how many netbooks have you come across that have 4GB memory?


The number of USB 2.0 ports on the device is three. This is mostly standard in netbooks but it sure beats those cost-effective ones that have only two. The 500GB hard drive is also a big plus considering that typical netbooks only have 300GB on average.


Regrettably, the Lenovo S205 only has a 48WH battery. This allows it to last up to 5.5 hours. Considering that the screen draws more power and the battery is smaller, it is actually an efficient device. Marketing-wise it would have been more appealing if the battery had a higher rating.


Without a doubt, it is the presence of 4GB memory that makes the S205 stand out as this amount of memory is supposedly for mainstream laptops.While processing power is only slightly enhanced, the price is still acceptable for that added one-inch display and 3GB of RAM.





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