Gears of war 3

Company Epic Games at last has decided to indulge gamers of the whole world free version, in addition to it has decided to let out one version free of charge in addition to already let out earlier. It is expected that addition Versus Booster Pack leaves on the world market on November, 24th and will consist of 5 new cards adapted for work in mode Public Versus. Two of them are remakes of cards which have been let out in the first version, but three others are borrowed paid addition Horde Commander Pack. Founders of project Gears of War 3 have a little afflicted the admirers. It has consisted in the following. Addition Horde Command Pack was planned to publish earlier. All gamers were already going to estimate the new version, but developers have disappointed them and have transferred release for some weeks. Certainly they have apologized before admirers, but the mood has already been spoiled. Developers explained a delay the technical reasons and have promised soon it to eliminate.


Horde Command Pack has informed that she will add in game a little multiplayer characters, and besides there will be three new cards and four types of strengthening for mode Horde. About the price there is information that this DLC will cost 800 Microsoft Points but if you are ready to spend 2400 on Season Pass you will  have possibility to download free of charge, but certainly only after the content becomes accessible to downloading. From novelties the second addition Raam’s Shadow which as is supposed will soon be published will add one more subject scenario in game, on a legend of event of this new plot developed prior to the beginning of game. The exit of this addition is planned for November, 13th and while nobody transferred it.


At last we inform you that project Gears of War 3 shows impressing results. It very much pleases experts both Microsoft and Epic Games. From the moment of release Gears of War 3 there has passed week, and ratings of sale and this game have already passed for a mark in 3 million copies. It is a very good start. For example if we unite quantity sold for the first week after release of the first parts of this version that in the sum to turn out less. Though even among exclusives for Xbox 360 it not the good result. For example this game hasn’t bypassed by quantity of sale Halo 3 and Halo Reach which have made 4 million starts in total everyone. The rating of orders of games in territory of the USA last week headed release for Xbox 360 – Gears of War 3. Others take positions of finalists, but on the second place.

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