Best Way To Catch All Her Lies With Mobile Spy

We should all curse the romantics and their promises of eternal love and happiness. I’m one of those people that throw themselves headfirst into a relationship, unfortunately my wife is one of those people who throw themselves headfirst into lies, lies and more lies. I think about the time I would have scoffed at people who use the mobile phone spy and I think of my life right now and what it would be like had I not used the mobile phone spy – I find the irony painful.

My wife, or should I say soon-to-be-ex-wife, is one of those people that are really good with words. She can wiggle her way out of any situation by either lying through her teeth or creating a bigger fight to make me look like a neurotic stalker who wanted to micromanage her every move. And of course she’s brilliant at covering her tracks; I could never prove she was lying till I found a mobile phone spy that could help me i.e. the iPhone Spy.

With the iPhone Spy I was able to confirm my suspicions that she was talking to other men. I could see all her emails, her call history and even her text messages. I didn’t know what was worse at that point, the fact that I was right about her infidelity or that I was about to lose someone I loved. I sound like an idiot right? How could I love this woman! She would tell me she had to go away for a business meeting but ended up at a local motel with a random jerk she barely knew.

Any decent mobile spy will let you track the person you’re trying to spy on. I could check her location through the iPhone Spy constantly. Still, I was a fool I kept trying to tell myself it was nothing, she probably had her reasons for lying about being out of town. I was afraid of what the iPhone’s spy’s spy call would reveal to me, and I was right about that, too. I heard everything she did, every word she said, heck I heard every word that moron she was with said when I used the iPhone spy. And she never even knew her phone had received my call, the mobile phone spy on her phone made sure that her phone never rang when I called.

My divorce lawyer feels that my case is strong because of the videos and pictures I was able to procure through the iPhone Spy. Sure, the case is strong, but my heart isn’t strong enough to go through this again.

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