Technology that Changed the Business Landscape

Doing business isn’t the same as it was 10 years ago. Technology has made administration and management of business resources easier and safer. This technology has become essential in some industries because it guarantees greater efficiency and protects business resources from improper use. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember what office life was like prior to some technological advances that many companies now take for granted.

Payroll Software for Implementing Employee Benefits and Salaries

Once upon a time, businesses had paper timecards, large filing cabinets that held employee time and payroll records, and the business kept track of insurance and benefits manually. With payroll software, employee pay is completely automated, and paycheck stubs are available online. This software eliminates the large filing cabinets of paperwork, so businesses can save money on office supplies. Although payroll software is an initial cost for the business, it ultimately saves money on business resources involved in processing employee payroll records.

Keylogger Software

Keylogger software has a couple of useful functions. First, it stores passwords, and it is used to monitor children on the Internet. For businesses, keyloggers keep track of employee activity on a workstation by logging each key stroke. A keylogger not only keeps track of passwords, URL addresses entered into a browser address bar, and content typed during production hours, but it also uploads the content to a central server for review. If the employee is doing anything against the company rules, the keylogger can alert the business owner to the issue.

Workstation Monitoring Software

Workstation monitoring software is a little more advanced than keyloggers. This monitoring software takes snapshots of the employee’s desktop and sends those snapshots to a central server. Instead of only reading contextual content, the business owner can see images of the employee’s desktop during work hours. This type of monitoring software ensures the employee is productive instead of browsing the Internet or performing unrelated tasks during work hours.

Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is beneficial for companies that have fleets of cars or trucks. This software includes a GPS system, so the business owner knows exactly where the truck or car is located at any given point of time during the day, and keeps record of the hours of service the vehicle is in use, along with information such as gas volume and fuel mileage. By tracking this data, this software saves money for business owners, because accounts for wear and tear on the vehicle, and improves overall fuel mileage while holding drivers accountable.

Technology helps business owners manage administrative tasks, protect company resources and keep track of business expenses. Additionally, software programs hold employees accountable while sparing employers the headache of having to keep vigil over them. Finally, the Internet and various interactive programs enable many offices to be virtually paper-free, removing the hassle of mountains of paperwork. With these advances, the business landscape has changed for the better, improving productivity and decreasing unnecessary expenditures. This, in turn, increases revenue and lowers overhead expense, making it a winning solution for businesses.

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