Need And Benefits of Integrating Google+ With Google AdWords

Google+, the brainchild of Google has received and will continue on receiving great recognition throughout this year. All online marketers are using Google+ for their social media promotion, and most of the major brands have established their business pages on Google+.

All the major internet marketing companies recommend their clients to use Google+ for online promotion. Moreover, they also recommend it to be integrated with the AdWords account. The lines below give a detail of why a page should be made on Google+, integrated with AdWords, and the possible benefits it could have for an online campaign.

Google+ Page:

The lines below give the main reasons for having a Google+ page for a business.

  • The primary reason for having a Google+ page is the same as having a Twitter business profile or a Facebook fan page; that is to interact with customers, and find new potential prospects to increase the business.
  • The live video streaming feature of Google+ allows a business to interact with its targeted audience via video chat. Video chat is one of the best ways to deliver real time video to your customers. In addition, a company can also arrange conference sessions with its employees.
  • Above all, having a page on Google+ helps a great deal in higher ranking in the SERPs. Google+ being a brainchild of mighty Google is a reason good enough to shed light on its importance in SERPs.

Linking to AdWords Account:

Linking your Google+ account with your AdWords account ensures that you have all the information like, +1s on the page, the website, the search result, and ads performance all available on a single platform.

This linking of both these platforms will make your AdWords account stand apart from all other competitors. With both linked together, a customer can see all the recommendations the brand has received, whether it’s your page, search results, or an ad.

Benefits of Integration:

The primary benefits a business can avail by the integration of Google+ with Google AdWords account are given below.

  • Tests and many other studies show that social extensions have a significant role in improving the performance of an ad. This way with the help of Google+, a business can improve its CTR, Quality Score, Conversion rate, or anything related to PPC marketing.
  • The purchase decisions are influenced by recommendations. With both the platforms integrated, a business can display ads with recommendations from other family and friends.


Although the integration of both the platforms is not mandatory, but the businesses that want to achieve maximum from their online efforts need to integrate Google+ with Google AdWords.

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