User Engagement Myth and Making Sales on Social Media Platforms

The online marketing arena is full of myths, where every process and technique has a myth associated with it. Some of the myths have some truth to them, while all the others have very little truth associated with them. One such myth is the myth of engagement resulting in sales in social media marketing.

Businesses that avail professional services like, link building services, and social media marketing services, want to get the sales out of their investment. However, the myths revolving the sales on social media serve as a hindrance in finding the true sales potential of the platform. The lines below explain the major myths that cause failure in making sales on social media, along with the right way of making a sale on social media platforms.

User Engagement Myths Causing Sales in Social Media:

There are three primary user engagement myths that result in inability to make a sale on social media platforms. The myths are discussed below.

  • The common belief is that the frequency on social media platforms can cause a sail. The frequency does have an impact on the sale but it cannot be the trigger of the sale. However, it’s the other way around, meaning that the more success you get on social media in terms of sales, the more increase in frequency can you bring.
  • The second myth is that people have associated this attribute with efforts on social media that its value cannot be measured. Therefore, the generation of sales cannot be measured whether they are under target, or an achievement.
  • The third major myth is that the Likes and Followers on social media platforms represent the success of the campaign on social media. Although, they are one of the predictors, but only Likes and Followers can never be effective representatives of sales. The Likes and Followers represent the awareness of the brand created on the platform, but they are in no way representatives of marketing value of the campaign.

Right Way of Making Sale on Social Media:

The right way of making sale on social media platforms is by complying with the concept of Direct Response. The greater the Direct Response, the more the Followers will be satisfied and prompted in making a purchase.

The process of making a successful sale on social media constitutes of following elements.

  • The first thing is the creation of content. The content that is shared on social media platforms should be problem solving, that solves the problem of the customers, or shares an experience to which the customers could relate. This develops a sense of relation among the brand and the follower, where the follower then turns into a customer.
  • The second thing is the careful use of call to actions. An internet marketing services provider can help you beautifully immerse the call to actions in the text of the content, so that they don’t give an appearance of a blunt sale, rather discreetly convey the message.


In short, if you want to increase sales on your social media platforms, then increasing the Likes, or engaging the customer is not the way to go about it, rather the emphasis should be put on solving the problem of follower, which would ultimately lead to sales.

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