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How Fast is the Global Broadband Speed Today?

Along with the continued progress of technology, the global broadband rides the same waves. Global broadband connection speed is progressively on the rise. Q1 2012 State of the Internet report made by Akamai, Cambridge, Massachusetts top web service provider, last quarter’s 2.3 Mbps broadband speed is now at 2.6 Mbps. This number roughly represents a 25 percent increase from last years’ figures.

Top Ten Countries with the Fastest Average Broadband Connection Speed

The Q1 2012 State of the Internet report also yielded the top ten countries having the fastest average broadband connection speed. Coming at the top spot is the broadband connection leader, South Korea with an average of 15.7 Mbps. Following South Korea is Japan with 10.9 Mbps, Hong Kong with 9.3 Mbps, Netherlands and Latvia with 8.8 Mbps, Switzerland with 8.1 Mbps, Ireland with 7.3 Mbps, Czech Republic and Belgium with 7.1 Mbps, and Finland with 6.9 Mbps.

Finland, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, and Switzerland’s average broadband connection speed all showed an impressive 30 percent increase compared to the Q1 2011 SOI report.

• Broadband in Australia

Australia’s broadband connection speed is currently lower than the recorded global average speed. But Cisco has made predictions that the global speed will be surpassed by Australia by 2016. It has been noticed that the average speed has been growing and increasing six times since last year. Australia’s average download speed as of 2011 is at 7.9 Mbps and predictions state this will increase 4.6 times in the coming years.

• Broadband in Europe

Based on Q1 2012 made by Akamai, Europe stands to dominate the list of the top ten countries with the fastest average broadband connection speed, seven of which are all European countries. The Netherlands was even recognized to have a high broadband adoption at 67 percent. However, the United Kingdom seems to have a struggle when compared to its fellow European countries. UK broadband speed is down to 3.5 percent since May of 2012 which caused the UK to not be included in European Top Fifteen.

• Broadband in United States (US)

The United States ranked 12 in Akamai’s Q1 2012 with an average broadband speed of 6.7 percent. Though the US was not able to make it at world’s top ten, it has been showing progressive results. The current average broadband speed of 6.7 percent was increased to 29 percent when compared to its percentage from a year ago and a good 17 percent from a quarter ago.

Business Broadband Speed vs House Broadband Speed

You may have come across business broadband and house broadband while looking for a broadband you can avail of. Business broadband and home broadband have some differences but regarding speed, business broadband has been deemed to be the fastest broadband among the two. Usually house broadband speeds range from 2 Mbps up to 4 Mbps while business broadband speeds have the minimum 8 Mbps and sometimes some internet service provider offer higher speed rates. This has been done since for businesses, the broadband speed is crucial to run their websites and commerce, contact their clients and staff as well as send and receive emails, files, documents, images, and more.

Broadband connection speed has always made an impact as well as gained importance to people and businesses. This is due to the increasing activities engaged in by both businesses and consumers online.

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