Check out the Top Mobile Apps to Hit the Store in Future

Mobile Apps
Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are developing each day and with it is developing its applications. Various mobile applications are being enlisted in this article, many of which may not appear to be new to you. The list of apps includes the technologies that are emerging on their own. They are also not widely popular but may come to some help for you. Check out the list of the applications given by Garner; some may appear familiar to you.

Say for example location-based services. Do all users use the same app for locating their friends outside the web world through their mobile devices? Certainly not. There is no single mobile application that all individuals use for the same purpose. Rather there are multiple apps similar to its competing applications.

The Full List of Mobile Apps Entering the Market

Location-based Services

Many services are there which provide similar functionality in finding people across the world. For instance, there are Loopt, Brightkite, Foursquare and so on – each of the services is different in their own aspect. This location-based services is not only related to social networking only, but it also involves offering you any app which when tapped into the GPS of your phone offers you all sorts of services related to this category.

Garner suspects this technology to be the greatest disruptive one in near future.

Money Transfer

This means transferring money through text messages. In the developing nation, this service alike mobile payments has much greater appeal. It is predicted that a time will come in near future when using the debit card will even become obsolete and people will forget making payments with hard cash.

Mobile Browsing  

Mobile browsing will increase significantly in future. Garner says that 60% mobiles these days are used for browsing and by 2013, this percentage will surely climb up to 80%. This implies that even the basic mobile devices will be entering the mobile web in times to come. There will be bunch of mobile applications for these devices as well besides other mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, etc.

Mobile Search

Mobile search is not new for the mobile users but the new technology is supposed to bring revolution to this field. It is predicted by Garner that users will not be limited to the traditional search services like Bing, Yahoo, Google available on the web. Instead they will be eager to experiment with few other search providers having unique technologies. This is a good news for the services such as Taptu which has search offerings specially designed for the basic mobile phones.

Mobile Advertising

Advertising and business promotion through mobile device is not new; it is rather a good way of monetizing mobile content. Very soon mobile advertising will be used by the companies in addition to other business promotion through different media like print, radio, TV and so on.

Mobile Music

How about having mobile musical service for the non-iPhone users? Spotify is one such technology in United States offering mobile music. More innovative mobile devices are expected to be launched in future with this service.

These are some of the mobile technologies expected to hit the market in future…

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