Team NINJA is going to launch new video games

The developer team of Video games NINJA is going to launch two new video games for Play Station Vita. One of them will be another edition of their old popular game Dead or Alive. The new version is for PS Vita and the name of the game will be Dead or Alive 5 Plus. This game will provide the players will provide all the wonderful fighting style of the series of Dead or Alive and the new OLED graphics will make the techniques of martial arts more interesting.

Team NINJAThe players have to take the role of any cast of Dead or Alive. Then he has to choose a location from the world which will be eye catching and there will be a perfect brawler for action. In each stage the backdrop will be changed and that will also change the interaction of the player.

The style of the players will be realistic and sensual at the same time. The details of the players will be lifelike. The control in this game is touch control and that will make the experience of this fighting game quite fascinating. You have to make simple pinches, swipes or taps on the trigger of the opponent and there will be some eye catching moves.

One can play vertically also in the full screen of the opponent by the help of sensor of Vita motion. There will be adequate training for both the novice and the expert players. In the training the main focus will be on the movies and there will be detailed information about the movies which were not available in the previous version.

The second game will be Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus which is the latest edition of the old game Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. The game will be wonderful because the new graphics have been used in this game. There will be new modes in this game and there will be more opportunity of fighting.

In this game the player has to defeat the black spider Ninja who is wicked and who has stolen the statue of demon. The player has to fight the battle from Tokyo and it will end at New York and on the way the player will receive a lot of new ninja weaponry. OLED screen is used in this game for better graphics.

The rear and front touch screen has been used for the control which will surely make the experience of control in this game quite soothing for the player. The motion control of PS Vita will be also there. There will be a Hero mode and the inclusion of it will surely be praised by the players.

Both these games are going to be fascinating and full of entertainment. The graphics will also be wonderful to experience. According to NINJA, a lot of new information about these two games will come into the market within two or three weeks and it is quite expecting as they are going to launch these two games in the beginning of 2013.

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