Has PCP replaced traditional SEO?

Until now, optimizing a website was not a very big deal, and link building was not very tough, but in the course of time came algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin and then things changed entirely. After the introduction of these algorithms things are very different, and now it seems that PCP or in other words proper Company promotion is the safest way to gain more web traffic and get better rankings as well. Many questions whether SEO has died after this huge change, and the answer is that even though it is not dead, yet it has changed radically.

The biggest of the changes is that one has to earn backlinks now instead of creating them like older times. Links like article links are now very beneficial to add a little diversity to the link profile. This stands true for generic press releases as well, which offers nothing more than a few words of meaningless writing. Many optimizers were disappointed after the launch of the new algorithm updates, but to a certain level, it seems that this was bound to happen, as the top search engines always explained the right way of practicing SEO, but rarely a few people paid attention.

PCP SEOProper Company Promotion

As far as PCP is concerned, it is what the name implies. For proper promotion, one has to earn traffic and links, instead of relying on short-term blasts. However, PCP does not always involve a lot of money, all it needs is pure and plain effort and time. A few things can be done with real efforts to enhance the brand of a company and to provide it the desired exposure. Sponsoring an event is one of these things, and getting local newspapers involved in the event is also a good idea.

Blog posting

For the above-mention step, you must have to ensure that websites that gain from the event should consist of content related to your website or business, for linking it back to your main website. Another idea to earn proper links is to do guest posting on different blogs. However, make sure that the blog is associated with the niche of the business. Even after the Penguin and Panda updates, blogs still holds a lot of importance. Posting meaningful and informative content will definitely turn the table to your side and help you earn more traffic through different links.


When applying PCP, advertising is another great method of grabbing more traffic for a website. Placing banner advertisement on blogs and forums relevant to a business helps in attracting more traffic. When placing advertisement on a blog, you can ask about adding a blog post as well. Remember to make the advertisement links as no follow. In this way, Google will not take this as buying a link. In case, one gains a blog post from the site where the advert is being placed, then a link from the same site will be very beneficial. For Google, this is completely legitimate, and it will bring enhanced traffic too.

It is also suggested that none of the tactics should be used all alone and mixing different strategies is the key to successful SEO presently.

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