Limitations Of SEO: Indeed A Cause For Its Failure & Ruining Of Good Will Of Operators

SEO/Search Engine Optimization are nowadays having become an attacker’s paradise. Every now and then people complain about SEO. SEOs happen to build up at an alarming rate but are prone to down-falling. People working at SEOs are even started hating the same. SEO drag public attention from search engines, it does its work in such a way so that it does not get bored from that very search engine.

SEOs are charged because to some people, SEOs are responsible for spam, which is actually a myth. All SEOs are not spam; there are two kinds of SEO, one which happen to work without violating any cyber rules, while the next one does so. The second one is responsible for carrying spam to any page/site. Unknowingly people grumble about both the kinds collectively.

However, there is a 3rd kind which could be categorized into two more groups. The 1st one has this tendency to share links that consists of offers for every other occasion. It kind of draws people’s interest by providing links that would also help one promoting his/her website. It even helps promote search engine marketing. It provides offers, like if a thing is taken, that would help selling another one for free and hence it also provides rebates and discounts etc. But these links are not enough beneficial for a site that belongs to any other person, who wants to draw interest out of the same.

Limitations Of SEO

The 2nd sub category drags attention of the public by sending forms, leaflets online which is meant to be filled up to fulfill their interests. For an instance it provides a one the guidance to update one’s website for free, and also helps in promoting the same through their own websites. It helps one knowing how much secured his/her website is, the quality of the website, the content of the website, the quality of the links on the website that are posted, if any broken link is found, then the same is informed. Profiles on social networks are updated automatically without any internet hazards automatically.

Google is very keen about fake and duplicate websites; it tracks each and every site/link to ensure that the same is not a fake or just a copied matter. Such sites are blocked by Google tracker itself and the website gets penalized.

Some SEOs are a reason for hatred, because they are really annoying and deliberately piss people off. SEOs are hated because many of these actually hacks away the money from people by promising them to provide a service that would be worthy of it. But it turns out to be a fraudulent one, and hence ruins of people’s trust on SEOs.

Even there is a certain type of SEO that sends spam, sends fake links is responsible for copying software’s, pages etc. It is not bothered about anything around it.

All these factors happen to affect the reputation of SEOs badly. People are hard to get convinced about SEOs and thereby causing a huge loss to the operators who actually have a good will and work for the people’s benefit.

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