Expansion Contents of Mass Effect 3 Will Be Launched Soon

Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson the two famous producers of the action game Mass Effect 3 have tweeted for the teasers of the potential of the expanded contents of the game which are coming very soon. They have welcomed expansion content after the release of the game but there are some more things which may come in front of them.

Mike Gamble and Casey Hudson the two producers of BioWare have tweeted two images of teaser about the contents which are still not announced for this action game. As per the first picture is concerned it shows a setting of a Casino. Hudson had made a comment, “The picture looks like a perfect place for R&R.

As per the second picture is concerned, it has displayed a Krogan creature who has lots of armor with it. The weapons are quite heavy as it seems in the picture. The gamble has made a comment under the picture that the creature does not look a guy with whom anyone will try to make a mess.

Expansion Contents of Mass Effect 3

BioWare has teased the expansion of the single player for Mass Effect 3 in the month of December last year. They said, “All the hands are on the deck now for the latest one.” Sam Hulick, the chief composer of Mass Effect has also depicted the fact that he will also contribute to the new content after having no involvement with Omega DLC and Leviathan of the game.

Now all these clear one important fact that the whole team of BioWare now is involved for the perfect launch of the new expansion of the game. Most of the higher authority personnel are getting involved with this teaser time to time and it can be expected now that the teaser will be launched very soon.

However, the two pictures which they have tweeted have created interest for the video game lovers. Especially the armored creature is looking very much interesting to most of the game lovers. Already Mass Effect has become one of the most popular action games and now this added expansion teaser is surely going to make it much more interesting.

The action content present in the game was already quite satisfactory for the most of the fans of this action game. Now BioWare wants to add some more variety in the game to make more interesting. They are now going to add some mystery content with the game so that in Mass Effect 3 the players can experience something new which they have not cherished in the last versions.

Well, for doing so they are using the famous actor of voice and film Mr. Seth Green who is already famous for his acting in the films like Austin Powers and Family Guy. BioWare is going to use his voice to create the mysterious environment in the game. He is performing for Normandy pilot joker’s voice from the very beginning of this game series. The players do not need to wait much as the expansion contents are set and ready to be launched very soon.

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