Degrees That Can Start Your Career in Web Development

Degree programs in web development and design are extensive in most colleges. The career option is not for everyone, but those who graduate from these programs acquire high-earning jobs in a wide spectrum of fields. The median annual salary in the United States for web developers is $91,000. This salary increases with the acquisition of higher college degrees.

College Degree Programs in Web Development

¥ Web Development Certificate Program: A certificate program opens the door to a career in this industry. Students discover the fundamentals of web development through these programs. Concepts offered include multimedia web design and programming. Existing developers utilize additional certificate programs in advanced development concepts to grow within a firm or corporation.

¥ Associate of Science in Web Design and Development: This program is the first step toward achieving higher-education goals. Some colleges do not require that students possess an associate degree to enter bachelor degree programs in web development. However, the program is beneficial from a career standpoint as it allows students to gain employment in the field earlier. The two-year option provides access to programming, web development, and some engineering concepts. Students with higher-level career aspirations than entry level should also complete a bachelor degree program.

¥ Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development: More colleges offer this degree program than others in this field. As a common option the courses are relatively similar. Students receive introductory courses to scores of concepts to include photo and video editing, web page design, and multimedia concepts crossing over many platforms. They acquire knowledge of multiple programming languages such as HTML5, JavaScript, and XML. Production of visual elements which include graphics and movies are also options, which provide for higher career aspirations.

¥ Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Emphasis on Web Development: This program introduces students to a wealth of information technology concepts to include multimedia web design, programming, and engineering. The emphasis on web development allows students to take additional courses to prepare them for a career in this industry. He or she acquires skills related to editing graphical elements such as video and photos used in these designs. Additionally, students are prepared to enter entry-level positions within an IT department upon graduation.

¥ Master of Science in Web Design and Development: This advanced degree program furthers the knowledge of web design concepts. Additionally, it provides students with required business skills utilized within the field. Students entering into this program acquire skills in Cold Fusion and Dreamweaver among other essential concepts. These degrees are beneficial for anyone hoping to acquire employment in government or major corporations within the private sector as it is a requirement.

¥ Master of Science—Information Technology With Emphasis on Web Development: This option adds to skills acquired during the bachelor program. Concepts include progressive programming, animation, and multiple platform designs. Courses are available online within this and most degree programs, which allow students to work in the field while acquiring advanced degrees. These higher-level degrees open further doors within the industry and increase salary potential by at least $50,000 annually.

Students with career aspirations in web design and development choose colleges based on their preferred degree program. Each degree program offers essential skills needed to acquire a lucrative career within the industry. The more advanced the degree program accomplished the higher the odds for the student to generate maximum earnings potential. These students should examine the courses available in the above degree options to determine their career path and selection of college. The median salary for web developers and designers is $91,000 and reflects both experience and educational background.

Author Bio: Ryan Ayers is a writer who produces informative articles related to education. In this article, he explains powerful degrees for a career in web development and aims to encourage further study with an Online Masters of Education Degree.

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