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BlackBerry 10.1 Update To Hit Later This Month


Have you gotten hold of the recently launched Blackberry 10.1? If not yet then you really need to hurry for the latest because its update is on the way and it will definitely make a great impact in the market.
It is clear that the very first blackberry 10 major update is almost ready and this update will be launched together with the blackberry’s second Smartphone which is running a new operating system. The company is currently very busy in the preparation of the new operating system for the blackberry Q10.
The update will apply on both devices which include the blackberry 10.1 Smartphone and the blackberry Q10

What will be the significance of the update?

• This particular update being made on the phones is expected to bring very significant changes that will update the camera to make it perfect and efficient for better videos and pictures. It should also improve the HDR picture mode for better low-light performance.

• The update is also expected to create faster performance of the devices in all aspects so that it will never waste any users’ minutes at all.

• There will also be an update to a blackberry link that will actually allow the users to easily access their personal computers and even the files.

• The update will change the Mnemonic phone dialling for better. It will as well upgrade the blackberry mobile voice system support, the keyboard shortcuts, blackberry balance, type N Go and word prediction.

• The corporate Liable Feature of the Blackberry 10.1 will be updated as well as the cross domain email warnings of the Smartphone.

• The other features of this Smartphone that may as well get to be updated also include the dark theme support, the Out-of-box experience and the smartcard Support.

Now that you already know what to expect from the updated blackberry 10.1, you will be well placed to make your decision on whether you need it or not depending on the features that most appeals to you.

I am one of those who are eagerly waiting for the launch of this already updated blackberry 10.1 since I became a good fun of blackberry Smartphones. Are you waiting to see the updates as well?

Sources has it that the Blackberry Q10 will definitely hit the shelves within the market in Canada from the 30th of this month so if you are waiting for the updates then you should expect them to go live during that time of the month this year.

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