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7 Tips for Successfully Using Social Media to Market Your Ecommerce Site

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool for your ecommerce business, but perhaps not in the way you’d naturally imagine. Correct use of social media requires some specific considerations, if you want to attract people rather than turn them off. Successful social media marketing for ecommerce is a game all its own.

Know your statistics. This is tantamount to coming up with a successful social media marketing strategy. Statistically, less than 30 percent of social media users shop through their social networks. However, more than 50 percent of those people use their social media every single day for other purposes like socialization and communication. Given this data, it is plain to see that your marketing efforts should be focused on communication, rather than sales.

Branding. If nothing else, social media is an opportunity to strengthen your site’s brand. Therefore, your social media presence should make use of all the same branding elements that your ecommerce site does, whether you used a Templatemela template or some other site design. Be sure to include your motto, colors, voice, and logo whenever possible when you reach out in social media.

Provide something of use. Now you know that people don’t visit social media sites to shop. Therefore, if you want to get their attention, you have to give them what they want, which is interaction and entertainment. Make your social media presence fun and engaging by posting videos, hosting contests, and taking polls to get people involved in a personable way.

Make them an offer they can’t refuse. Nearly 50 percent of all social media users report that they would definitely visit an ecommerce site in response to a special offer they are interested in. Therefore, make it a point to post coupons, deals, and promotions with a link to your ecommerce site.

Test your posts. You can use different marketing testing methods (A/B testing and multivariable testing, for example) to determine which of your social media posts are most successful at generating responses, engaging your intended market sector, and sending traffic to your ecommerce site. Use this information to make changes to your marketing efforts as necessary.

Preferred customer status. A great way to market your social media presence (and thus lead people to your ecommerce site) is by offering them preferred customer status for signing on as a friend or follower. Preferred customers may be privy to special offers, or even just insider information. The point is to broaden your reach in the social media sphere.

Respond to negative feedback. Social media makes it easy for unsatisfied customers to spread the word about any of your perceived business misdealing. Make it a point to respond to negative feedback promptly, diplomatically, and publicly in order to turn this lemon into lemonade.

There is a lot more to using social media than starting an account and posting product promotions. Your ecommerce can benefit greatly from your involvement in social media, but only if you do it right.

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