How to Find Customer Service Phone Numbers

In today’s world, getting good customer service can be tricky. Many consumers have noticed a growing trend for firms to distance themselves from their customers.

Increasingly, firms are trying to get their customers to correspond with them via e-mail or SMS rather than actually speaking to them. Some problems can be sorted out this way, but sometimes you need to speak to someone to resolve an issue completely. Understandably, when it is not possible to speak to someone it can be very frustrating for someone.

Why is it so Hard to Speak to Someone?

Sometimes it seems that firms are avoiding their customers. In reality, this is rarely the case. Most firms have changed the way they deal with customers in response to changes in consumer habits. Today, people speak to each other less and less. In their personal and business life, they rely more and more on e-mails, chat or SMS. People do so because these forms of communication are easy to use and to some extent more convenient. Importantly, these new forms of communication are also more efficient.

Many firms have recognized that their customers are very familiar with e-mail, chat and SMS. This has motivated them to provide their customers with the facility to communicate with them in these ways.

However, the other reason firms have done this is that dealing with customers in this way is more efficient for them. It allows them to make better use of their staff’s time. If the shop floor is busy, or a new product is being launched staff resources can be focused there. It means that staff does not have to worry about answering the phone. They can deal with customer issues when things have calmed down and they have more time to do so.

The Best Way to Find the Number You Want

Sadly, some firms have gone too far. They have their phone number on their website, but it is often buried deep on the site and can be very tricky  for people to find and use. However, most firms do still have the facility for people to talk to them on the phone. So, if you want to talk to a firm rather than deal with them via chat or e-mail what is the best way to find their phone number? Oddly, the best way to do it is to go online and visit a website.

The owner of websites like Fast Phone Number do all of the rooting around and find the phone numbers of major organizations and companies. Finding the phone number for M&S, British Gas or John Lewis at is easy.

It really is as simple as keying in the name of the company and hitting enter. There is no need to find the company’s website and root through dozens of pages. Most people can find the number they need within seconds rather than minutes using a specialist phone number website. This makes it much easier to find and speak to someone and get their problem solved.

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