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Free Download Nero Alternative for Mac

If you are looking for nero for mac os lion, then you can find the other alternative application such as Iskysoft dvd creator for mac. Although today’s data storage media or file (data backup) is diverse ranging from the hard drive or the computer itself like a portable flash with a large capacity, various types of memory card, even to the portable storage media connected with cloud computing Direct internet. But in addition to the media as mentioned above, there are also media data backup via DVD and CD were very popular a few years back. Although the process to burn and store digital data in DVD is very easy and there are a lot of free software we can get, but there are some things that we should understand and consider before to burn a DVD for backup our data. Always choose blank DVD with good quality. Although currently commercially available various brands of blank dvd with a very low price, but you should choose pieces DVD with excellent quality, although with a more expensive price. Because the brand of disc fragments middle of nowhere or do not often possess branded protective layer is thin and easy to peel so that the DVD burning results are not read properly or not even read in some time later.

Do you ever heard of the file with ISO format? Yes, ISO format file (. Iso) is an archive file or image file commonly found on CD / DVD. This file format is the standard format used in each CD or movie. ISO file format is useful for making backups and share large files with others. To use the ISO file types there are two ways. First, the ISO files must be burned to dvd. Furthermore, a disc containing the iso file is inserted CD / DVD Room for subsequent read by the PC. Some applications are able to create ISO file format. One of the famous applications is Nero. Nero is a useful application to burn files in a variety of formats to DVD. How Nero application is able to create an ISO file format? Here I present some steps about how to make ISO format file using Nero application. First insert the CD / DVD of Windows that you got into the CD / DVD Room. Then Open the Nero applications on your computer. After that you need to click file then New on the toolbar above to begin the process of making an ISO file format. Then a pop up window will appear. At the window there are various options to adjust how you want to create the ISO format file. Next, select the image recorder to record the files that you want to convert to ISO format file. Drag the contents of the CD / DVD of Windows that will be made to the ISO format file area.

After all the process above, click the Burn Now button to begin the process of making an ISO format file. Shortly before the burn process, you are asked to give a name for the file to burn. In addition, the storage location will also be asked. Next, select the type of storage to the ISO format. When finished, a pop up window will appear that stating that the burn process to ISO file format has been successfully carried out. Check the results of the ISO file format on a storage address that had been determined earlier. But if you are a mac user, you don’t need to worry if you can’t find nero application in your machine because by using iskysoft dvd creator for mac, you can also use it to do the same task and function such as nero. Most people also claim that iskysoft dvd creator for mac os is nero for mac os. Why? Because all of the features that you find in nero, can also be found in this iskysoft application. So do you want to download this nero for mac os to your computer right now?

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