Do You Love Games? Then Love Xbox ONE!

It is finally here and it has definitely been worth it. At last the latest Microsoft console is here, and it is so much better than anything before. The Xbox ONE is the best and most advanced that there is in gaming technology, and it comes with so much more than your average gaming experience.


All in One

This fantastic new console from the makers of the giant success story that is Xbox ONE, is so many great gadgets all rolled into one neat package. The console is known by Microsoft game makers as an ‘all in one system’. It does everything you could need all in one easy to use technology. With the Xbox ONE you get the latest device on the market for gaming, TV and entertainment.

Want to Watch TV? Don’t Move

You will not have problems like getting wires mixed up or plug sockets loaded over with this console. One plug fits all. The Xbox ONE allows you to switch from playing your console game to watching TV without even moving from the sofa. Kinect is used so that you can use voice commands to get your console to work for you. No need for messy remote controls either.

Split the Fun

The joy with the Xbox ONE does not end there. If you are watching a movie and need to urgently use the internet then you don’t have to worry about pressing pause, or even worse, stop. This great console comes with ‘Snap Mode’. This lets you spit up the picture on your screen into two parts. You can use the internet on one part of the screen when your movie keeps on playing on the other part. This great idea is brought to you through connecting again.

Speed and Storage

If speed and a massive hard drive are your thing in the gadget world then you will be ridiculously happy with this new Xbox. You get a massive 8 GB of RAM and an 8-Core CPU. The speed of this device is off the radar when it comes to anything similar on the market. You also get a 500 GB hard drive, just in case you have a few hundred movies you want to store. It also has a Blu-ray drive and an HDMI out port. And of course it works great with wireless internet too.

Control the Situation

The Xbox has not drastically changed is easy to recognize and great to use controllers. The Xbox is so widely known across the globe that most people immediately identify the brand by the handheld controller alone. So they haven’t messed too much with perfection here. The controller with the new Xbox is quite similar to the previous Xbox model, the 360, but it is with some slight changes in layout.

But try and not to get too excited just yet. The Xbox ONE is not yet on the shelves so you will have to endure a waiting period. The genius behind this device promise that it will be on the market in a few months.

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