Experts Fear Obamacare Health Exchange Websites Post Technical Issues

ObamaCare is officially underway, meaning Americans are anxiously awaiting what many believe will be some major changes in what it’s like to be an American today. However, there is still a lot of work to be done, and some experts are already citing glitches in the technological aspects of getting the program off the ground. One area of special concern is the health exchange websites that will serve as the access point for those citizens looking to get enrolled. Will these technical issues hold the movement back?

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What are ObamaCare Health Exchange Websites?

These government sponsored and run sites will be the interface through which Americans can explore their health care options, complete program enrollment applications, and assess their qualification for such programs. The site experience is reported to be more akin to qualifying for a mortgage than, say, booking a flight. In this sense, some people with less complicated family circumstances may have a much easier time using the system than a family with a bulk of special considerations that must be examined. Political experts warn that the user experience may be just as troubled as the health exchange system, itself.

What problems lie ahead?

Based on forewarnings from ObamaCare representatives, it is expected that the health exchange websites will be a bit glitchy. Open enrollment period begins on October 1, and Dan Schuyler, director for a consulting firm directly involved in the development of one of these state-specific sites, has publically announced that “something” will up and operational by the October 1st deadline, but “it will be full of issues, bugs, and technological challenges.” That doesn’t sound very reassuring.

Why the Technological challenges?

The most complex and difficult thing about creating a web-based system to accomplish all of the tasks associated with streamlining the health exchange website user experience is the fact that each state’s Medicaid requirements are different. There is no single, national method of qualification for Medicaid, and that’s one of the most important components of the health exchange website system. Throw in similar challenges associated with insurance subsidy qualification, and you’re looking at a real mess that won’t likely be sorted out for quite some time.

How will this affect Americans? For starters, it’s impossible to know if the bulk of Americans will even attempt to use the health exchange website system. Recent polls have not been promising for ObamaCare altogether. With close to 50 percent of all Americans publicly admitting to opposing the ObamaCare law, it’s quite possible that all of the media fuss over the health exchange technological glitches is just that–a lot of fuss; though we’re sure it’ll create a ton of opportunities if you have the right tech experience!

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