Your Homepage: First Impressions Are Everything

You’ve poured a significant amount of money into marketing your company and building your website. Now, it’s ready to go live and you’ll be directing people through the marketing funnel to your home page. If that page doesn’t convey the right first impression then all of the money you’ve invested will be in vain. Here are some tips to ensure that the home page is sure to be effective.

Include the Right Information

Your home page is your welcome mat. It must convey the right information. Tell the visitor where they are or who you are. Without this information, they won’t know if they are in the right place. Make your navigation simple and clear. If your visitor cannot figure out how to find what they need from the home page, they’ll get frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

You’re not going to be able to put every link on your homepage without making it cluttered. Be selective with the links you choose. People need to be able to see your main products, preferably above the fold. A simple bit of information about who you are, what you’re about and a bit of contact information will answer initial questions. If you are inclined to add miscellaneous information on a navigation bar do so in a way that avoids a look of clutter.

Make it Searchable

Take a look at Amazon is one of the most popular online retailers in the world and brings in a lofty revenue each year. What’s prominent on their home page? A clearly accessible search bar. Duplicate this on your site. If the search bar is obvious, users will be able to find what they need without hassle.

Make the Images Shine

The images on your home page need to be sharp and clear. If you’re using a web design firm, make sure the materials you give them, including your images, are high quality.

Remember bigger isn’t always better when designing a website. If the images are too large, your site will load at the speed of a snail, potentially driving visitors away. It is worthwhile to work with a professional designer and offer quality building products. Let the designer do what he has been trained to do.

Run a Spell Check

Who wants to do business with a company that doesn’t pay attention to details? A site filled with spelling errors is going to drive visitors away and give the impression that your business doesn’t care enough to do final quality checks. Run a spell check and hire someone whose role includes proof-checking. Don’t let spelling errors cost you business.

A unique visitor will stay on your site for a matter of seconds before choosing to stay or leave. Your home page is the one opportunity to grab that visitor and turn him into a customer. Don’t waste the chance. With the right web designing techniques and a professional, clutter-free home page, you will see a greater number of conversions.

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