DEBRA’s Birthday Bash Offers Brain Mcfadden Whiskey And Shoes Of AMY Huberman This Year

The famous Butterfly Bash, which is celebrating the silver jubilee year for exotic charity DEBRA Ireland, is to be held on this Wednesday in Café En Seine. According to reports, several prizes would be showered at the renowned and important Birthday Bash, the most famous being those of the whiskey from Brian McFadden and AMY Huberman. Tickets for attending the Bash are still available.

AMY HubermanThe mega event would see an upheaval with plenty of celebrity presentations to be stored up for the attendants of the party. It also includes a Bressie meet-and-greet at Leopardstown gig, including a costly make-up, which was gifted by Jennifer Maguire, a Republic Of Telly star.

According to sources, the winners of the gifts at the Birthday Bash would be decided by arranging some sort of quiz competition or even through lucky draw of names chosen from the guest book. However, there is no consolidated report regarding the manner of choosing the names of the winners, as for now.

To add to this, Susan Woodcock from DEBRA Ireland, informed that there are even lots of more surprises coming up at the real event and they are in no mood to reveal them. She even expressed her views to a reporter of Herald. Accordingly, that they do not reveal every mystery beforehand. It would eventually mar the enthusiasm and the charm of the party. In order to see and experience the whole show, one must come and see the roaring birthday bash and enjoy the timeout in full enthusiasm.

The organizer also added that the event would be a grand celebration and not only a mere celebrity-auctioning event. In addition, the program would also be enlightened with lively performances by illusionist Shane Gillen and KC from the reputed Today FM. The party will also be charged up with electrifying performances of The Moogs 69 and resident band of Acoustic Groove.

DEBRA Ireland has been building a stellar pack consisting of innumerable celebrity friends for more than 25 years. They had been generously sending innumerable precious and notable birthday presentations for the past few months. However, DEBRA is planning to give all these gifts, including the noted memorabilia offered by various stars.

The Birthday Bash of DEBRA Ireland will be held at the Café en Seine. The eve of 31 July would be an exotic experience with crowd bursting entertainment, along with free beers and cocktails for guests on the very moment of their arrival. An all night band performance has also been arranged throughout the night for complete entertainment of the guests for the party.

Tickets for attending the party are still available at various charity shops of BEDRA Ireland. Enthusiasts are also entitled to get a special offer under ‘buy one and get one absolutely free’. Guests, purchasing a ticket worth 20 Euros to attend the Birthday Bash at Café en Seine or even booking their tickets over the internet would get an additional ticket free of cost.

DEBRA Ireland was established in 1998. Parents of patients suffering from Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), came forward to develop the idea of DEBRA Ireland.

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