Hugh Jackman Said That Effects Of Fame Can Prove To Be Difficult On 17 Years Of Marriage

In a recent appearance at “Oprah’s Next Chapter”, acclaimed actor Hugh Jackman started to gush about his better half and their marriage of 18 long years. Apparently, the actor was quite vocal to speak of his life and even quoted that the effects of fame can sometimes prove to have its difficult spell upon a long duration of marriage. However, committed partners and their sensibilities are enough to guide them through difficult times.

Hugh JackmanJackman’s latest flick of Wolverine series is released last week.

The Wolverine star is married to Australian actor, Deborra-Lee Furness. The duo started dating when Jackman was 26 years old and Deborra was 39. The actor even added that he had become infinitely confident and braver after getting hitched with the Australian actor.

Jackman even went on to explain his statement stating that his wife refers to a syndrome of ‘chopped liver’ behind the cause of certain misunderstandings in relationship. However, he was quick to say that Deb has an exceptional nature of her own and is more outgoing, gregarious and vivacious which helps her to make a room for herself under extreme situations. This offers her the drive to remain steady in maintaining cordial relationship even under extremely difficult situations.

Jackman’s wife, a reputed Australian actor was in the spotlight, completing over twenty-five films when Hugh stepped into the professional world. However, she was eager to give up her blooming career and have a family, to which Jackman readily responded and their journey towards eternity started.

Hugh was simply floored by Deborra at their initial meeting at the sets of an Australian show for the television. Although she was 13 years older to him, they started to see each other and finally married in 1996. The couple has even adopted a son (Oscar) and a daughter (Ava) aging 13 and 8 respectively.

Replying to the question on how he is able to retain the passion in their relationship, the Wolverine star replies that he likes shaking up things and even surprise Deb at any small instance that he gets. He even stated an event of his mischief when he got off his hectic schedule earlier than expected and called Deb, pretending to be at the set. He called his wife and informed that he would be late. That upset Deborra since they had planned for a dinner.

Speaking on the ups and downs of life and maintaining harmony in their relationship, Jackman said that rumors about his gay nature did disturb their relationship a bit. However, Deb has taken that in good strive after some time. However, information and rumors about their relationship being a fake, and the authenticity of their marriage does hurt the couple, mostly Deborra.

In his final words, the Wolverine star made an important remark that he always advice all other couples. According to him, a strong relationship is based upon effective communication that they have maintained over years of their marriage. He stresses that all events – either good or bad – should be discussed openly within couples to remove any misinformation between them.

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