Jenifer Lopez Flaunts Radiant Complexion And Great Makeup At A Recent Event

Jenifer Lopez attended the inauguration of the first Viva Movil Store on July 26. This 44-year-old lady went super glamorous in the opening ceremony took place in Brooklyn, New York. According to the source, this renowned celebrity was looking even more gorgeous that evening.

Jenifer opened the first store of “Viva Mobil”, a new chain of mobile stores that is operated as part of Verizon store chains. As being revealed in the report, Jenifer is preparing open up more stores around New York especially in the Spanish speaking neighborhoods in this summer while she is planning to expand the business in Los Angeles and Miami in the later part of the year. This mobile store, which is targeted at Latinos, allows the customers to find which mobiles their near and dear ones are buying through the popular social networking site, Facebook.

Jenifer LopezWith an elegant white lace dress, the singer was appeared more summer fresh and glowing skin on that event. Sources revealed that instead of showing any sign of slowing down, the singer appeared to glow more in the complexion. Moreover, sources opined that use of perfect make up material would help the lady glowing without showing any type of sign of ageing in the near future also. In addition to this, reliable sources informed that this gorgeous actress is going to tie up her knot with Ben Affleck who is regarded as one of the most handsome and appealing young actors.

The reporters and audiences presented in the launching program cannot distract their eyes from the singer who declared that with partnership with Verizon Wireless she generated her new mobile brand. With a beautiful skintight white floral dress and golden hair that fell carelessly on the shoulder, she posed for the photographers.

The source stated that it is nothing but L’Oreal’s Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 18 that makes her skin radiant and glowing. Looking amazing is nothing new about the business entrepreneur and the singer. As expected, a great excitement is discovered among her fans and followers who wanted to know the secret of this fresh summer look as Jenifer Lopez is not only adored among the fans for her outstanding musical talents but also for her flawless complexion.

The information that Jenifer is using L’Oreal’s Magic Nude Liquid Powder Bare Skin Perfecting Makeup SPF 18 creates interest among the common people especially among the fashion conscious people about the product. To satisfy their interest, reliable sources reported that the exclusive product give a fresh powder like feelings after it is applied. Moreover, the product is designed in a special lightweight formula to offer the users a no makeup look. In addition to this, the product contains SPF that would protect the skin from sun damage. The product does not require difficult activities to use.

It is really quite difficult to sustain such a radiant glow after leading a fast life like Jenifer whose “Enough” is going to release in the UK on Friday. However, she is also going to launch her new album “ This is me..then”.

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