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Brooks Fine Jewelry makes use of new technology as they relocate

Born in jewel business and starting in the old jewelry business, Jeff Brooks has come from far and last year, the jeweler invested in Computer-Aided-Design (CAD) and 3D printing technology in aim of bringing the company in to the Jewelry future. According to Jeff Brooks, the owner of Brooks Fine Jewelry, the new technology is like a bridge between the old and the new world. The new technology can be taken and used in the old way to come up with a product that is completely different. According to Envision Tec 3D printing marketing coordinator Jenna Franklin, Brooks Fine Jewelry has the capacity to create any jewelry piece using the Computer-Aided-Design software.

In just the 3rd year of their business, Brooks Fine Jewelry has entered one handcrafted piece and 3 other pieces that are technologically crafted into the Creative Achievement Recognizing Arkansas Talent (C.A.R.A.T) Awards of the Arkansas Jewelers Association in Little Rock. According to Jeff Brooks, this show will be the company’s best food forward. The company has entered the competition in all the four categories that are available: the best craftsmanship award, the 3,000 to unlimited, up to $1,000 and under $1,000.

In the C.A.R.A.T awards, the Brooks Fine Jewelry most expensive jewel will be the Lady Liberty Ring that has been valued at $5,000 – $6,000. This ring which has a 2.7 carat diamond surrounded by a rose and blue gold was designed by the use of 3D technology so as to incorporate into the ring’s design 50 stars. According to Jeff Brooks, this was done so as to show everyone that the technology is available to both the customers and other Jewelry stores

Currently, Brooks fine Jewelry makes use of three methods to provide jewelry to their customers: the CAD program, a traditional hand fabricated method that was crafted by Jeff Brooks and another one based 15,000 rings database that are pre-made such that each of them is capable of being manipulated. According to Jeff Brooks, the new technology has made the jewel production easier. One year ago, it took 8 hours to craft one ring but with the use of 3D printing technology and the CAD program, up to 12 rings can be produced in a period of six hours. Brooks have now made over 150 pieces of jewels using the new technology.

Brooks Fine Jewelry, originally located on 611 Court Street, moved closer to the downtown in Oak Street after the family purchased eight buildings there. With the relocation to the new area, the company will have access to a bigger storefront where they can display their jewelry and also ample space in the back where the manufacturing and repairing of jewelry can be done. Kathy Brooks, wife to Jeff Brooks, plans to expand the operation of the company by starting to sell in wholesale to other jewelry stores in Arkansas. Kathy also said that they plan to have at least ten jewelry stores in Arkansas to begin with. The company also plans to expand their operations using the rest buildings they purchased.

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