Mistakes We Do On Social Media

Humans have a natural inclination on emphasizing on the good things they do and how close to perfection they are. Let’s reverse  state for the sake of depressive negativity in our soul and explain the mistakes that we do on social media.

Everybody knows that online social media is the de facto communication method for several years, and more and more people discover it, and the people that are on it are adding more content and getting other people to join it. Statistics show that social media usage has grown a whooping 238% since 2011 and it is not stopping in the growth.

This stated, there are a lot of people that do not know about social media and it’s usage much, so they make some natural errors that we will try to get rid of and repair in this article.

So here are some mistakes entrepreneurs do in social media:

Ignoring social media altogether, because they don’t have time to understand its impact. They write it off in the name of focusing on other more pressing priorities — or they misinterpret social media as distractions, silly networks and apps that kids use. Another mistake business owners make is they jump in to all of the hottest social properties without considering the importance of behavior. Let’s stop talking about social media and start talking about how customers can connect, learn, share. Take the time to really think about how you can use social (and mobile) to deliver value to customers and strengthen your brand promise

Talking about themselves too much. Social media is much more of a conversation than anything. A real conversation is a two-way street where people are actively engaging and listening to each other instead of blasting out updates about your newest product or promotion. If you find yourself being too promotional, try being helpful with others in your niche and sharing helpful content not only from yourself, but from other people as well. You’ll find that you’ll start to ‘get’ social media a lot better once you start doing so.

Jumping in but not staying in. If you are going to participate in social media, then you have to maintain a consistent presence. Continually engaging with your followers, contributing to the dialogue, becoming a member of the community. Social media is not a “one and done” vehicle… it’s a living breathing being that you have to commit to.

Thinking that simply having a Facebook page and a Twitter account means they’re doing social-media marketing. A successful social-media campaign requires engagement and dialogue with your audience, and that doesn’t mean one or two “updates” a week. It means participating in discussions and “humanizing” your brand. This is what builds brand loyalty, authority and credibility.


Forgeting the “social” part of social media. Yes, social media is another channel, but it’s unique in that it really allows your true voice to be heard. If used properly, social media can be use to “humanize” your brand. Keep it interesting. Share good stuff. Don’t be afraid to let a bit of your personality shine through. People do business with people, not companies.
So these are the mistakes that most people do, keep reading and keep it up!












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