What kind of Web Developer you want to be?

Web Development sure is a great field to get in if you like problem solving and doing fast production. The only problem is there is so much stuff (useful and unuseful) that you do not know which place to part yourself to, from the e-commerce SEO guy to the deep thinking clever Web Application Software Engineer that is preying for that huge project to get his next salary in a single little week there is a vast amount of work you can do and things to specialize yourself in.

Today, i will present you them so you can choose yourself which to join.

1 – Web Application Developer

This is the one that i tend to lean to more than every other subset of web development out there.

Do you enjoy creating thing with your own hand? Are you the one to feel good when solving complex problems, doing big things, biting more than you chew and still being able to swallow, and take up on a new challenge at every standpoint?

The Desktop environment is not slowly ,but actually pretty rapidly moving and business owners are slowly realizing that they need a Web Application Developer to write the equivalent of their desktop application on the Web.

They are getting really much attention because of the ” move from the desktop to the web ” trend and i actually have a friend that made 22.000$ this month out of it (he is a Ruby Web Application Developer)

Amazing field, with amazing money, and i would recommend it to the problem solvers out there. You will enjoy building huge stuff and being the big guy while getting a nice paycheck doing something that you are passionate about.

Anyway, enough about this great subset of Web Development, let’s get to the other one, which is:

2 – Web CMS Plugin / Theme Developer

We talked about a big paycheck for Web Application Development projects but we forgot to mention that Web Content Management System Plugin and Theme Development is actually the most profitable online niche right now. Thousands of Blogs and Websites based on WordPress, Drupal etc, now are becoming semi Web Applications thanks to the CMS’s making it available for developers and designers to modify their functionality, and add up more functionality to them.

As i have seen on the freelancer websites, a WordPress Plugin Developer can get himself around 700$, 800$ in a week easily ( Not so bad for someone who only writes PHP code huh? ). For me, it seems really really boring to write functionality for CMS’s but may be a good option for you if you are in for the profit or do think you are going to enjoy it.

3 – Front-End Developer

These are the guys that dress your website in nice clothes and link the back-end functionality with the front-end one (for example the submit button sending information via AJAX to the back-end controller, the front-end guy does this).

Most Front-End Developers have a good feel for UX design so they are really looked for in the Web Development market.

Thanks for the read and keep it up!

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