How to make it look almost no furniture

Few furniture can really make a big change to how you home looks. The living room featured here has taken the concept of low furniture to new heights!

To get this kind of a ‘almost no furniture’ look, you need to have a fantastic floor first. It can be wood, tiles, stones like marble or granite etc. Since the floor is a part of the furniture that will be on constant display, it needs to be perfect and sleek, and this one in the picture really looks great. The large LCD screen has been placed on the floor at one end of the room close to a wall. Next to the screen a sculpture — head of the Buddha has been placed on the floor. Here you can use any artefact that is not very tall. A CD rack and a tall soundbox stand next to each other on the other side of the LCD.

A bright yellow carpet lends a certain character to the otherwise monochromatic look the room has. You can place a dhurrie that is very colourful on the floor under the sofa to get a cozy look.

The dining area has been cleverly done up. Traditional chairs have been replaced completely with cushions. The low dining table makes the room look very spacious and large.

Two floor lamps and a couple of ceiling lights make the room look bright. Sheer curtains let in ample natural light. White/ light coloured walls enhance the sense of space in the room.

Furniture that is closer to the ground does end up making the room it is placed in much larger than it is. Why just a living room you can use this concept in any of the rooms at home. From platform beds to low sofas home decor has got lower. Many sofa sets available in the local markets, are just a few inches off the ground (like the one in the picture). The simple straight lines of the sofa here, make it look simple, yet chic.

Most Puneites live in small flats and that is the reason why even a little space available anywhere, becomes very precious. Thanks to these short sofas the ceilings of your homes can appear to be much higher than it is.

Low furniture can be housed in any room and can be mixed with any style. However, it looks aesthetically appealing to have seating arrangements that are of similar heights if not exactly the same.

The first reason to opt for low furniture is that your house will look minimalistic and classy. Second one is that you will have much more space!

Good pieces of furniture give a completely new look to your home. From classic Italian styled lighting to simple mattresses, a range of items are required for home décor. However, to do shopping within budget, shopaholics can use furniture coupons and save up on money that can be used for more shopping.


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