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Tips to improve your home security against burglars

The home is our places of feeling secure and relaxing. Right here resides our loved ones, our possesions that we have collected in the years, our memories, our sense of security, and almost everything that we care about.

We also have our favorite toolsets, our motocycle, bicycle or car. Now we are sure that you do not wish that the security it offers to you and your family will not disappear, and we do not wish that for you either, so we are going to write an article on how to improve the security of your home.

So here we go:

1 – Install a good alarm

There are many kinds of alarms from the one that calls the police to the one that becomes so loud that causes a heart attack in the burglar succeeding in protecting your home.

If you have things that are really valuable in your house, we recommend you to opt for the one that calls the authorities ( there are security firms that provide these kinds of alarms, that when fired call the security units of that firm to your house via the dispatcher ).

2 – Secure the windows and make sure they cannot be easily opened

I have seen this mistake being done too many times. The guy buys some cheap PVC window that has a not so perfectly functional handle, and one night the burglar puts a piece of copper through, pulls the handle down and gets in like he was getting inside his own house.

The fix to this is to buy one of these windows with locks on the handles. That way the burglars will be unable to open the window using any method. The people who live in apartments should not worry though. You are too high for burglars to get in through the window.


3 – Get a good garage lock

One way to cause a good burglary is to install the wrong garage lock, or getting a low quality one. You are simply saying the burglars “Here, come to my garage, rob my car, my motocycle, my toolset that i show to my friends to sound like a mechanic and my My Little Pony toys”.

My suggestion when choosing for a garage door lock is to install one that is controlled remotely. I know no possible way of breaking those garage locks except by cutting the door with a saw ( not the most intelligent attempt to robbery for sure ).

4 – Stash your stuff somewhere inaccesible

Another great measure is security by obscurity. Simply take your credit cards, your bank statements, your house documents, and generally any sensible piece of information and stash them somewhere that the burglars will not find so soon.

5 – Keep a gun

If there is the kings castle rule in your town, use it in your advantage. Do not think that a burglars life could compare to your family’s life. You can use it just to scare the burglars and you will discourage them to get in other houses in the neighboorhood.


Thanks for the read and keep it up!






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