Customer Accuses Payless Car Rental Of Playing Fraud

Customers at Payless Car Rental services are accused of charging for services that are not rendered. Gary Davalos the harassed customer urges people to read contracts thoroughly before they sign up.

Gary Davalos was utterly surprised when he was given a customized bill that was surprisingly double than what was expected. He confesses the fact that he had rented cars several times before from other companies but never suffered for the unprofessionalism and dishonesty of anyone. His experience tells him that there are a number of places in the contract that one cannot just browse quickly because every time it is signed one is charged.

Payless Car RentalOn arriving at the Sky Harbor Airport, he reached the Payless Car Rental, of which he has read a great deal online. They offered attractive packages. The agent on arrival explained certain rules and regulations related to the collision insurance option. The options were readily accepted by him. Later he was asked to sign at various places on the contract sheets.

Davalos says that he did not open them until he had reached home. In addition, he trusted the agent saying that he did not go through every item thinking that they contained all the items that he had asked for. On the contrary, when he opened the file that was give by the Car Rental agent he was astonished to find a $400 bill instead of a $200 bill as expected. In addition, an unusual adds on charges that he never asked for. Davalos instantly called the company demanding a refund of the paid amount. that he was refused. He informs the media personals that the receipt include charges like, Renter Liability Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Roadside Service Plan, Supplemental Liability Insurance and Consolidated Facility Charge. He was angry with the agent particularly for deceiving him into the deal. He accuses him of making money at the expense of the innocence and ignorance of Davalos. He probably helped the company to make some money as well but unfortunately, they lost a client.

A thorough research shows that the company’s face book page is fraught with complains about the faulty and deceitful services that it rendered. Evidently, it is not just Gary Davalos who faced this situation. Other customers are similarly harassed and mislead. Interestingly, most of the complaints were related to cover charges. In an interview with CBS 5 News, he mentions that the agents have a tie up with the company. The extra bucks that they earn off hand are shared by them.

Payless Car Rental is purchased recently by Avis. When asked to comment on the recent issue, he refused to make any comment initially. He later said that after going through the contract details of Gary Davalos he found that he had signed at several places. His customized billing was strictly according to the charges that were levied on him. Gary himself has signed beside each of the services that he has asked for, which definitely indicates his acceptance. It is always advisable to look and understand the entire contractual clause before one signs.

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