Email marketing firm ranks celebrities with the most power on social media

Elite Email, a leading company in the world that offers digital marketing tools to medium-sized and small businesses and has been helping its clients to achieve quality email marketing outcomes, has ranked celebs with the most power on the social media in 2013. Robert Burko, the CEO of the Elite Email, said the ranking reveals how the celebrity’s role has changed with regards to do with influence, indicating that the virtual hype is at the place it is. The list was released by the company in an attempt to show how effective the social media was in bringing of brands and people to life, helping the businesses to grow and building awareness for products. The celebrities themselves are considered a brand and those who have tapped into the social media have recognized the power of linking at a more personal level with their fans.

Elite EmailElite Marketing, which is famous for its email marketing services, just released a mobile marketing tool ad it set to launch a new tool, social page builder, which will enable the customers to incorporate their marketing strategy for digital marketing across all the 3 channels. According to Mr. Burko, using the social media to build brands is not new but the small businesses do not have the resources like those the large organizations have in order to get it right. The new page builder tool will help these businesses to brand themselves through the use of fully customized tabs, several design templates and drag-and-drop features that will enable them to enhance their user engagement. Elite Email is one of the few companies that are now offering such a technology in an integrated suite with their other online marketing tools.

In the ranking done by the email marketing company, the pop music starts appeared to have the biggest following. It is no accident that the ranking also contain some of the people who performed at the MTV’s Music Video Awards that was held recently. The top celebrities are: Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, kate Perry, Shakira, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Cristiano Ronaldo, Selena Gomez, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Some of the celebrities like Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are achieving millions of fans and followers daily. From the data, the celebrities with the most fans are the young ones between the ages of 19-40 years. The older celebrities have little or no presence in the social media with exclusion of Tom Hanks (57) and Ellen DeGeneres (55) who were among the top 20.

Email Marketing CEO pointed out that some of the most popular celebrities lacked even a website, blaming their agents for the missed opportunities. Morgan Spurlock, the documentary director for One Direction, said during a show on CNN that the band was a machine and it was all about visibility. Currently, the band is ranked number 13 on the list but it is gaining popularity very fast. Miley Cyrus is also another celebrity on top of the list at number 11, particularly after her controversial performance during the VMA awards. The research data was scoured from the social networks while searching for the most admired celebrities.

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