Kenshoo takes search engine marketing algorithmic bidding to new heights

Kenshoo, the worldwide leader in the digital marketing technology and engineering of solutions for online advertising, social media and search marketing, has unveiled its latest ActiveCluster technology. This technology, integrated with Kenshoo Local and Kenshoo Search, lessens the data requirements of keyword conversion for algorithmic bidding by over ten times. This technological breakthrough will now enable marketers who run advertising campaigns in lower volumes to tap in, for the first time, into the algorithmic biddings. It will also enable the increased effectiveness of algorithmic bidding for the marketers running the larger campaigns.

KenshooThe ActiveCluster technology uses a more exclusive and vibrant approach when measured up to other technologies that are currently on the market. The technology makes use of new and more intellectual ways of keywords grouping in order to come up with better prediction in relation to the value of individual keywords. This is according to Moti Meir, the vice president, Research’s head at Kenshoo. Meir adds that with the keywords being grouped based on all the available information about those keywords, the latest Kenshoo’s algorithm that are powered by ActiveCluster now have the ability to be more effective when bidding, even in cases where it involves low volumes of data.

With the data requirement conversion now lowered, the technology takes away a possible barrier for the marketers who expect to make the most of the algorithmic bidding in an attempt to improve the results of their campaigns. Furthermore, unlike in other market solutions where the keywords are grouped into folders manually and based on a single trait in order to create sufficiency of data, the ActiveCluster technology from Kenshoo groups the keywords automatically using all the data that is available and then reassesses the data each and every day so as to ensure that they achieve the best possible performance.

Bryan Boettiger, the Co-Founder and the Chief Strategy Officer of Parallel Path said that with the new technology, Kenshoo will go on with its track record of originality and it has now delivered another spirited benefit to search marketers. He added that algorithmic bidding provides an incredible advantage in the marketplace today and the ActiveCluster technology from Kenshoo will now make it more effective and accessible than it has been possible before for them to deliver leading ROI in the industry on behalf of their customers from Fortune 500.

The new ActiveCluster technology will be used in combination with the other four models of algorithmic keyword from Kenshoo: Bid to CPC, Bid to ROI, Revenue to Product Targets – which is a bespoke model used for Product Listing Ads -, and Bid to Position. All these models from Kenshoo dictate the way in which an algorithm is supposed to bid on the a variety of keywords in order to achieve the required position on the results of the search engine page, the returns on investment, or the revenue for a precise keyword. With the new ActiveCluster technology from Kenshoo, each and every one of these policies is now easier to get to, more precise and effective than ever.

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