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American Giant Brings The Most Demanded Hoodie Back

Reliable sources informed that last December, Farhad Manjoo, Slate tech writer revealed his opinions about the signature product of their company. He opined that the heavyweight hooded sweatshirt is probably the greatest hoodie ever made around the world. It is informed that American Giant was unable to fulfill the demand as the received a huge orders. Most strikingly, in comparison to most of the multinational companies that are selling garments made in Bangladesh, American Giant offers exclusively America-made sweatshirts.

It is worth to mention that the clothes they are offering is handful to wear over years. They are well designed; durable and good looking that one can wear over decades and even can pass to their kids. In addition, they are cost effective and are regarded as affordable apparel.

Most strikingly, almost nine months later, American Giant states that they have reached the turning point to fulfill the backorder. Recently, the company informs that the sweatshirts are headed out the warehouse to fulfill the demand of numerous customers. Moreover, they also inform that they expect to ship the order within days, in case, buyers put their order online.

According to reliable source, the buyers have to pay $89 and additional tax in order to buy the exclusive hoodie.

Founder and CEO of American Giant, Bayard Winthrop, opined that with the belief that the power of the internet would enable in radical vertical combination, he began the business. He also believed that in order to connect directly with the customers, online marketing and sales is the best effective ways.

The main concept that acts behind American Giant is taking the effectiveness of the cost saving services by cutting down various middleman in the area of marketing and distribution and putting those proceeds into the product.

In the words of Winthrop, consumers are moving quite quickly behind the brands in order to get connected to the brands directly as well as bypass the traditional systems of distribution. He further stated that online business results in rapidly flattening environment of the consumer. However, he expressed that the hoodie become so popular as they are made in America that is proved to fulfill the demand of numerous people.

Reliable sources informed that the main problem faced by American Giant is that they lack the physical capacity to fulfill the huge demand. They depended on the single company located near San Francisco. However, it is informed that customers who had backordered the items previously, would get their preferable one within this month.

However, Winthrop stated that the problem is caused due to the lack of efficient and talented labor who can handle the performance of knitting very well. H also stated that they would follow the go-slow strategy, as they do not try to compromise with the quality of the product. To illustrate this, he expressed that six weeks ago, more than 1600 sweatshirts got rejected for stitching glitches.

It is really great to know that American Giant has finally found the factories that would fulfill the demand. Winthrop is of the opinion that they are now able to fulfill the demand even if it is ten times more than the previous year. However, if the demand is ninety five percent greater, the customers have to face almost the same scenario.

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