Digital Exposure starts a video service for fashion catwalk

Digital Exposure has leapt in to provide a service that is in demand – the catwalk fashion videography. This service is at the moment available to all the fashion retailers with an aim to strengthen their eCommerce sales and build their brand recognition by using online video. According to the company, there are superior and certain benefits to making us of video to display the fashion retailers’ clothing and other apparel products. Above all, it is a very effective online marketing an eCommerce tool which helps to increase the sales and reduce the instances of returns.

catwalk fashion videographyThe crucial point of this is that fashion video helps the prospective customers to see the clothing and apparel from all the dimensions. This is almost impossible when using still images, even if the photography is good. With the different angles of the catwalk videos, people can see how the clothing will fit. The issue of fitting is one of the major reasons why items that have been bought are returned. The addition of a video element to showcase fashion items and clothing that are on sale has actually been of more benefit to the online retailers. It helps to lower the returns from online customers and at the end of the day; it helps the retailer make more sales. Apart from that, fashion online business gets the chance to provide their images for campaign with more “life”: the images are more interactive and interesting when using video and this tends to increase the on-site sales.

Sometimes back, the high cost of advertising on the TV only allowed the more established brands to promote their business by use of video. However, the internet now makes it possible for even the newer and smaller brands to broadcast video content promotions cheaply to the public through online medium. Several fashion retailers are now creating video content so as to boost both their online and offline businesses. This opportunity to promote their business and be branded through online video is already proving to be a success.

According to a survey that was published by Pew Research Centre, almost 75% of the Americans have, in their lifetime, visited a site for sharing video. The survey also found out that more than 25% visit sites for sharing videos daily. Truth enough, several fashion brands have by now gone viral in the online world through the use of video marketing. The main idea of this marketing tool is to create efficient videos that are brand-building, interesting and valuable enough to share.

Digital Exposure is conscious of these statistics and it also understands the importance of fashion retailers going online with promotional videos. This is the reason the company has invested in providing quality advertising videography and photography services to its clients, particularly the videos for live fashion catwalk. For the company, video and product photos are an immense way of advertising and this has paid for them as they are able to effectively attract people and promote the fashion business. The company has been specializing in the product photography and advertising photography since 1991.

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