Best Six Shocking Moments Of The Summer

With the arrival of the chilly air in the nation, it is evident that most of the individuals are eagerly waiting to welcome their favorite onscreen shows on the upcoming season. Before bid adieu to the summer season, several sources have gathered information to find out the most shocking and sizzling moment of Summer and also revealed the top six striking incidents of the last three months.

The critics as one of the most striking event that at the same time rocked and shocked the viewers consider Twerk move of Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. Miley Cyrus, who is former star of Hannah Montana is famous for her foam finger straddling and tongue heavy performance. However, it is worth to mention over here that Cyrus was enrolled in the 2012 list of Summer also but this year she was listed for an entirely g-rated different reason that makes the critics as well as the viewers amazed and at the same time reveal the impact of the time.

Best Six Shocking Moments Of The SummerHowever, numerous analysts of the respective industry opined that the most moment that giggled and gasped the viewers is undoubtedly the one when vampire alter ego of Alexander Skarsgard’s showed his whole package in the finale of True Blood season. This raises the inevitable question in the mind of common people that whom they would see naked for the next time.

In the final event of the PLL’s summer, when the viewers come to know that Ezra is the supposed captain of Team A, it is informed that they face a wide range of emotions that include anger, shock, fear, heartbreak, confusion and most importantly the sense of utter and complete betrayal. However, after the discussion with Ian Harding regarding the bad intentions, it is evident that most of the audiences are feeling pretty excited about the new twist offered by Ezra.

It is remarkable that there are numerous shocking moments over the past five seasons of Breaking Bad. However, it is significant to note that the Hank v. Walt showdown in this summer was really extraordinary. The alpha-male challenge in the last five minutes is believed to leave the viewers breathless after they realized that the always-cunning Heisenberg is not going to break out the series safe and sound.

According to sources, Orphan Black is regarded as the most buzz worthy show. However, latest incarcerated drama, “Orange is the New Black”, which quite obviously is the most discussed series of the Summer. Other than offering the reasons behind the requirement to watch, the reviewers also offered dedicated service to rank all of the “Orange is The New Black” inmates from top to bottom.

It is believed by most of the people that in the first post-rehab interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lindsey Lohan did not reveal entire true fact of her life. In the statement, Lohan informed that she had tried cocaine 10 to 15 times in the entire life. However, the most shocking moment came when it is found that Lohan’s highly projected break brought subpar ratings for OWN.

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