Minneapolis – The First Midwestern City for Car Rental Services

In America car rental services is also termed as car sharing. We often do not wish to take out our own personal vehicle. Alternatively, we feel relaxed to hire some car for spending leisure time with our families and friends.  It is in recent news that car2go North America LLC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler North America will soon launch its unique point to point car sharing model in Minneapolis on September 14 this year. This will make the Midwest City the first one to feature the car2go.

It will be launched initially in a number of 300 vehicles that will be available on share basis in the metropolitan Minneapolis area. The service will be provided for 24 hours a day and seven days in a week. Registration for applying for the vehicle opens today and for this one must visit the site Minneapolis.car2go.com. This is a revolutionary model and offers flexibility and convenience to the Minneapolis’ existing modes of transportation.

Car Rental ServicesCar rentals like the car2go will provide another way for the residents of Minneapolis to move around the city without relying upon their own personal cars as said by the Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak. He further added that this is going to be very successful and will provide people from all neighborhoods to access to all the parts of the city.

With the launch of this unique facility the president and CEO of the car2go North America Nicholas Cole said that the Minneapolis has a vibrant and progressive culture that creates a community of residents who are accustomed to new innovations. This will also complement the existing transport system in the city and is also the best option to connect the residents and visitors to many places and events that are very unique to this city of lakes.

The service area covers approximately 55 squares mile which mirrors the boundaries of the Minneapolis city limits. In this area the members of car2go can pick up and drop the customers to their destination in a short span of time.

The registration line is open from today and the registered member will receive a membership card which will allow the members to get the license to drive in any area. However, the stocks are very limited as only 300 car2go vehicles are available initially. The registered person in the United States have the ability to use all the 300 car2go program in all the eight US car2go locations including the Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., Miami, Austin, Denver, San Diego, Portland and Seattle. The members can use for as long as they want and where ever they want.

It is one of the fastest growing car rental services with 400000 registered members worldwide. The city is leading in car sharing program and will soon become the leader in the global market for point to point car sharing services.

It is expected that Minneapolis will soon be in the 11th number in car sharing services in North America region and 23rd position in the whole world.

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