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How To Choose Prescription Glasses For Your Kids

It is understandable that buying spectacles may seem like a daunting task, as one needs to be very meticulous here. However, even more daunting seems is the task to choose prescription glasses for your kids. Safety is the biggest concern when dealing with kids. Therefore, Qui has prepared a guide that should help you choose prescription glasses for your kids.

What Kids Prefer?

Kids usually have a habit to imitate their parents, elder sisters and brothers, well, in short; their elders. Therefore, plastic frames with rectangular glasses are what these kids prefer these days. Seeing their elders wear similar glasses also encourage them to wear it more often which is helpful for their eyesight issues.

Moreover, popular icons on the TV and media tend to influence kids a lot. Therefore, they may usually prefer a prescription glasses frame like that of their favourite popular icon.  For example, the very popular Harry Potter’s glasses have become somewhat a trend since the first launch of its first book and movie. Most kids these days would want to wear similar frames; therefore, when choosing prescription glasses for your kids, you may want to get them something similar to their favourite TV star.

Safety & Durability: Two bigger concerns

Young kids would simply prefer a frame that appeals to them in their look. However, for elders, other concerns take the lead. Concerns like safety and durability perhaps.  Therefore, it is essential that parents choose a frame that ensures the child’s safety and will last a longer time.

You may have to look for a certain safety features when choosing prescription glasses for your kids. These would include flexible materials that allow the frame to withstand accidents. This is to ensure that the frame will not break away in any accident – in case the frame is dropped on the floor or if something heavy is placed over it. Moreover, look for spring hinges, to allow frame to be bent without being broken.

The best materials used in kid’s glasses are titanium and stainless steel – it is advisable to look around for glasses made from these materials.

After sale services

It is an acceptable fact that kids tend to be rough with their glasses, hence, it is essential that you look for companies that offer after sale services for kids glasses. For example, after sale warranties – they will ensure that the investment you made in your kids glasses is well spent.

Proper Bridge Fit

It is essential to note that the kids’ noses are not fully developed yet as compared to the adults, and therefore, glasses may slip. Plastic frames do not find a bridge to prevent from being slid down; however, metal frames will not slide down.

You must make sure that the glasses will not slip down when you are making a choice. Therefore, please thoroughly evaluate each option.

It is important for glasses to stay in place and not slip down because the kids tend to develop a habit to look from above the glasses and worsen their eyesight issues.

Thickness of Lenses

If your optician prescribes for strong lenses that are thick, then you should go for small frames to reduce the final lens thickness.

Do not Compromise Quality for Price

It is not safe to compromise quality for price when dealing with such products that are health related and especially for kids. It is understood that kids may be tough on their glasses and may indulge in a lot of playful activities and therefore, may encounter minor accidents where their glasses might fall down. Keeping these scenarios in mind, one must realize that quality of the glasses should be the top most priority. Quality will automatically enhance safety.

Also, children tend to watch TV a lot, so a frame that has higher quality glass will provide better protection from multimedia screens.

You may invest in a cheaper frame but the fact that it might not last long will mean that you will need to pay for a replacement and in doing so; you may actually end up paying more than you would have.

Josh Max Qui is an online expert blogger. He is 22 and currently studying Business Administration. His interests include research and writing, which he usually indulges himself in. Here, he has written an extremely well-researched piece on how to choose prescription glasses for your kids. He provides a perfect guide to buying spectacles online for your children.

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