The Timeless Glamour Of The Natural Stone

Natural Stones Trace Their Origin To The Earth’s Age Itself!!

When the earth was in the initial stages of creation, the heavy minerals were pushed inside towards the core of the earth, as a matter of fact. As the time evolved, the layers of earth underwent several transformations, and the inner crust was pushed out in the form of volcanic eruptions and erosions. The molten matter hardened with time, and the natural heavy minerals solidified as rocks.

These big rocks are mined today to extract the precious minerals and metals trapped inside.

The Timeless Glamour Of The Natural Stone

Cherished through the Civilizations:

The true value of the natural stone was first realized in a great measure by the Egyptians. They erected their monuments, primarily the Pyramids out of these stones. The Great Pyramid, known all around the world, was built using massive granite blocks. In later centuries, they constructed the famed Temple of Dendur, which consumed the limestone. This ritual of using marble and limestone is being followed till date in Egypt.

After Egypt, the other civilizations started using these precious stones for magnificent architectural purposes. The Temple of Artemis and the Parthenon are the famous sights in Greece. The huge marbled pillars are the reason these structures are being studied and appreciated by the tourists across the globe. Today, the large pools and baths in Greece are all lined with the marble stone in various sizes. In Rome, granite is more prevalent. The ellipse shaped structures with tiered seating called ‘Coliseum’ are famous in Rome, with the arches. These are made up of granite stones. The Romans also import the granite from Egypt for such structures and other monuments.

In Asia, the use of marble, especially turkish marble and granite is very well evident in Indian Temples. A few places have preserved the palace artifacts in the museums, which have massive thrones and furniture used by the then rulers in Indian states. They are all adorned by the marble carvings. All the modern temples today are utilizing the granite and marble blocks in abundance for flooring as well as structure erecting. Taj Mahal is a masterpiece which is formed entirely of marble, and is a world heritage site to watch.

The Natural Stones Today:

With the advent of newer technologies, it is far easier to extract the natural stone than it was in the past. This has facilitated in accumulating more of these stones with a varying colour, shape, size and texture. The stones are molded in various forms, and can transform to various modified looks. It can be made to suit any special architectural demand today, be it the durable floor, or the stylish ceiling, or the colorful background on the walls. Out of many natural stones, the three varieties however are preferred for any constructional need:

  1. Marble
  2. Granite
  3. Limestone

Out of these, marble again tops the list due to the multiple natural colors in which it is available. The cost of the marble is lesser than a comparable block of granite. It is also a preferred choice when the durability is considered. Limestone is comparatively lesser in use, but is still a budget friendly choice amongst many.

The homes today typically make a selection based on the combination of all the three types in various proportions. On one hand it provides the style, the durability and the trendy look, on the other hand, it offers a genuine feel of possessing an aesthetic and valued creation of nature. From the core of the earth, these stones have travelled a long way through the millennia, where each house is proud to be adorned with this precious mineral in some way or the other.

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