Are There Healthier Ways To Bring Pre-Prepared Foods Into The Home?

September 20, 2013 Food No Comments

Modern families are always on the go. Forget about home-cooked meals and dinnertime around the table; sometimes it’s difficult even making the time to microwave a frozen dinner, or even run through a drive thru. Perhaps the worst part is that pre-prepared options like the aforementioned aren’t exactly what the body needs in terms of nutritional content. Are there healthier ways to bring pre-prepared foods into the home? The fortunate answer is, “yes!” Here are some great options you should consider next time you’re tempted by the fast food convenience trap:

Meal Planning

Sure, this will take you some time and energy, but it can also save you a lot more than that down the road. Sit down over the weekend and plan the upcoming week’s meals out. Grocery shop for everything on your list and pre-prepare what you can, to be stored in your fridge or freezer for a quick, easy, and healthy dinner later in the busy week.

Are There Healthier Ways To Bring Pre-Prepared Foods Into The Home?

Mail Order Food Companies

The web is full of places you can go to order gourmet foods and meals from the comfort of your office, home, or even mobile computing device and have them shipped, fresh, directly to your location of choice. Check out sites like (you can click here to check them out),,,,,, and to find a wide array of delicious and healthy options that your family can enjoy without the headache of food prep.

Food Delivery Services

There are numerous smart phone apps that allow you to browse menu offerings of restaurants in your area, order for takeout or delivery, and even pay for your food with just a few keystrokes. Explore apps like GrubHub, Seamless, and Eat24 to find local healthy restaurant options that you can partake of when you’re in a pinch.

Grocery Store Delivery

Many grocery stores these days offer both delivery and curbside pickup options for their customers. Using these convenient services, you can order healthy deli sandwiches, bakery items, and pre-made, restaurant quality meals that only need some reheating before serving.

Diet Meal Plans

If you prefer shopping solely from a “safe” foods list (in terms of health consciousness), then you might want to considering enrolling in a diet meal plan. Explore websites like,,, and meal delivery to find a plan that will work for you and your family.

As you can see, there are many routes you might take to eat healthier while also avoiding the conventional pre-prepared route of fast food and frozen microwave dinners. Enjoy the convenience of pre-prepared meals without compromising your health (or your taste buds!) by following these suggestions.

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