Anthony Teng Spread Awareness Through His Participation In Composting Program

When it comes to environment each one is expected to participate for the betterment of the surrounding. Recently, Anthony Teng of Princeton High School has done an exemplary work for his community. He has spent his summer by working for the Sustainable Princeton, an association spreading awareness to reduce the deposition of waste materials in the locality. They encourage the residents to separate organic materials from the inorganic one’s, collect, and transport them to huge composite sites.

Anthony Teng Spread Awareness Through His Participation In Composting Program

Anthony Teng was always interested in doing something different. Like others, he was not keen on constructing benches. On the other hand, he was also eager to try out Eagle Scouts projects. It was then he realized his knack to do something for composting. He immediately contacted the members of Sustainable Princeton. He had already participated in gardening and composting during his elementary school. Therefore, he was already familiar with this sphere. Heidi Fichtenbaum, one of the members of Sustainable Princeton designed a compost bin with a discarded object. Wooden shipping palates are regarded as abandoned but she made a usable item with it.

Both Heidi and Anthony wanted people to enjoy the benefits of bin. However, as per the rule no project can be done without the approval of Eagle Scout project. Anthony’s next move was therefore to seek everyone’s participation. He sent mails to all the principals and garden co-coordinators of Princeton. They gave their wholehearted support and participated in the movement. Janet Pellichero, recycling coordinator for Princeton informed that they have already completed the project for 750 homes in Princeton now but by the end of 2015 there project is expected to be enjoyed by at least 2000 homes.

Anthony visited number of stores like, Sam’ Club, the Whole Earth Center, Small World, and many other business centers. From these places, he was permitted to collect pallets. The volunteers worked hard to collect theses items and deliver them to the work sites. Some drove the truck while some picked up the pallets. All the elementary schools of Princeton participated in this movement.

Anthony comments that the resultant heap was the largest that he has ever seen. Some other places also received the benefits of the service, which were initially not a part of the program. Anthony is glad that the entire project encouraged the schools. The school authorities informed him that they are interested to adopt this method for teaching their students or they will provide them training for composting. The authorities are hopeful that this will prove fruitful to their students.

Anthony Teng made a website to promote his idea. He up loaded photos and videos for the project completed. The site is extremely well informed and number of proposals at hand. His main motive is to encourage people to choose any one of the project and do it with them as a part of Eagle Scouts project.

Hence, we can see that the responsibility for the cleanliness does not depend upon the elder members only; rather, everybody has a bit to perform. It is a collective effort for a common cause.

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